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Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia]

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Job Name: Rukh Theology
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 200 XP | 15k Huang | Proposed Bill
Job Prerequisites: Magician NPC or PC
Job Overview: Angelus, as a result of what has happened south of the border of Reim, he has employed a magician to help him research the nature of Rukh. Once the nature of Rukh is determined, a paper and proposed bill must be written to Reim politicians that will support Angelus being able to capture, segregate, and punish black Rukh individuals when on the conquest of Parthevia. By detailing the statistics and observations of white versus black Rukh individuals along with existing written information of black Rukh, he will be able to write a Rukh manifesto to go with the bill. It will allow him to perform further research on black Rukh with the help of a white Rukh magician, being aimed as a method for Reim to combat the rise of terrorism and the black Rukh Tartarus nation. Angelus must go out on the streets, and in the prisons of Reim, writing down the backgrounds of people of particular Rukh alignments with the help of a magician who can see the Rukh.

Upon the world of magic, the rukh play and dance. Light gusts of wind furled up the coat of the man today. Perhaps this day is more suited without one, he thought. In this portside city, his birth place, he shall conduct his analysis and study and begin to pen his manifesto that will come to be the crutch of his apocalypse. It yet had a full name proper, but that was to come later. It was far more crucial for him to start to write the military study and pen the paper that will give rise to his policies and political notoriety as a poster boy for the imperialist faction. It was to be an exact antithesis to the republic faction, and wish to dismantle the corrupt politicians and revive the Empire to the former glory that Reim once had. It is a fair noble dream. Yet the republicans stood within opposition. In the eyes of Angelus, they are the very enemy of the prosperity of Reim, for since their ascension, Reim has suffered nothing but embarrassment. From the likes of bloody mass terrorism by unknown entities, to some trying to usurp local governments, or merely corrupt politicians who seek to benefit nobody whatsoever but their own selves, this nation has sadly been reduced to a shell of what was once known as the widely famed Reim Empire.

Angelus: "It is our job, to restore our power, and to exterminate the darkness. It is for that very reason, I implore your help, miss Lestacia. I have been granted permission to conduct this study of rukh, particularly black rukh, and I myself do not know very much so of the nature of them. However, I have seen them with my very own two eyes, despite not being a magician, you see. From the grapevine though I have learned that there are two rukh, and I am trying to learn their nature and how they may effect individuals. May you assist this study? First we are to set out to the streets and observe people."

Inquired the rather soft spoken Angelus. It was unlike him to speak that way. However, for the means of conducting this study, he required a softer voice than his usual. Kindly he tried to look at Lestacia, with warm eyes. However, one could say he may be far more interested by having an expert mage that he could try to weaselly recruit within his ranks than Lestacia herself. Yet, that was to be expected since he had just met the woman. If she proved herself for the cause and resonated with the message of Angelus, she could be an extremely valuable asset, one who he could come to trust and be close to. Anyhow though, he were to open his quite small book that he was to pen his study and manifesto.

A light nod to her, he smiled and were to begin to walk onto the streets of Ariminum, giving her the job to point out the rukh of others when they show. It may come from whoever, a bumbling drunkard who is loathing life, shady characters, the cheery soldiers of Reim, or truly whoever. It had been quite some time since Angelus had walked the streets of his home city but here he also had rather bad memories. Upon his and Lestacia's stroll, he found himself passing by the merchants and stands, and Angelus could see the very spot he once worked as a peasant trying to sell and make profit. However, everyone had been warded off by his dark and menacing eyes. Angelus now walked the streets with beautiful Reiman garbs of luxury, earrings of utter beauty, and his black lipstick.

Wordcount: 617


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Vault111

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Gilgam11



Lestacia, since waking up, had been doing nothing but being stagnant and making Magical Items. She had just finished her present for a specific person before heading out to travel again. She knew she couldn't stay inside the gated city forever. The blonde haired woman had now been in Reim a couple days now, and felt... Overwhelmingly bored. That was until she took up a quest and a boy that looked to be younger than she asked to join her as they were taking on the same task. The task was more specifically up her alley than it was his, however it was Interesting. The study of Rukh and it's properties, she could answer that pretty much outright herself. She had experienced it first hand. Her own teacher, Adrastos, was aligned with it. It wasn't like he could conceal it from her, but she could clearly see he was aligned with the dark rukh.

"STOP!" She would say almost commanding the boy before he had gotten ahead of himself. She knew she was going to be in for a journey with this specific Quest. "First things first there is something you need to understand. That I, need you to understand. Darkness isn't evil, it's Honest. One... The black  Rukh may be tied to evil people however I've met countless people aligned with the dark Rukh that have been kinder than those I see in White. Two... Light cannot live without the Dark, same goes vice versa. And Three... it is to my understanding you wish to persecute those aligned with the black rukh, well make no mistake I will not stop you, HOWEVER, I ask you heed my counsel and judge people based on their actions and not their Rukh alignment. You can tell a lot about a person by their actions." Lestacia would fold her arms along her chest and slam her staff into the ground.

"You wish to start with the streets correct? If I can give you any advice fighting the black rukh it's this. Like the hardships the person went through, the Rukh is INCREDIBLY resilient. So be careful." Lestacia would grasp Love tightly before Terran would pop up on her shoulder. The green ball of fur would yawn before licking his paw and resting upon Lestacia's head. "That's not a good place to sleep you know!" she say to the tiny creature Smiling before removing him from his resting place. She would cradle him in front of Angelus and as a test would put Terran in full view of the boy. "You said you have seen Black rukh before correct? The Concentration of white Rukh is Incredibly strong here. Can you tell me why?" If the boy could see concentrated Rukh that would make her job ten times easier. Obviously she was referring to the green catlike creature in her arms. If he could see the concentrated rukh, he would notice multiple streams of it flowing in, out, and around Terran. She would give Angelus some time to answer before answering for him.

"It's my pet Terran here. These creatures are unexplainably loved by the rukh, but no they aren't able to utilize it. However, they produce so much Rukh, that you can typically sift out black rukh aligned people with them. Mainly because... Multiple streams are coming through it at once. No matter the Rukh however, this mysterious catlike creature always stays joyful and carefree." She would pet Terran before walking the streets with Angelus. Terran lay slung upon her shoulder, while her companion brooded in silence. She'd smile. She knew exactly how to deal with brooders like him.

Flipping her golden hair a bit she'd nudge his shoulder and give him a smile. "Oh don't be all Broody, Sir Mopesalot!" She'd say teasing him a bit trying to get him to smile. "It may be a job but you're agitating some of the civilians." It was at this time Black Rukh had started connecting towards Terran as he rested upon her shoulder. Lestacia's sweet face shifted to a serious one instantly. She'd give Angelus a side eye look and a nod toward the direction they'd be walking. Following the stream the girl would Lead Angelus towards the slums. Multiple streams of Black Rukh lead into Terran at this point leaving Lestacia a bit lost for the moment. "The concentration of Black Rukh here is Incredibly strong. We'll eventually bump into someone here who's bound to be aligned with it."


Back pack and stats!:


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] B664e2239d9288d904e5a7b121ace37d
   Name: Love
   Tier: D
   Type: Magic Staff
   Magic Type: Holy ( Light + Life )
   Appearance: An gold-encrusted ivory staff measuring 100 CM long. The tip of the staff has a diamond set within a spherical figure with four wings attached to it.

  • Divine Embrace - By infusing magoi into the staff, the staff emits soft light in a 3M radius. The user heals up for D-tier damage, while anyone else who comes into the light will take D-tier damage. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] D4q7Jdn
Name: Sealing Ring
Tier: D
Type: Item [Ring]
Magic Type: Strength Magic
Appearance: A terribly old looking ring that appear to have been worn down by centuries. The magic circle is on the face of the ring which doubles as a seal used to mark wax seals.

  • Forbidden Seal - Upon feeding magoi into the ring, its magic circle will glow. It will then imbue whatever is marked by the seal with a small black magic circle. The seal lasts for three posts after use or the last sustain post before fading, but any attempt to tamper with the seal during that time will cause it to burst with a forceful push of strength magic. The forces aren't enough to hurt individuals, but can push them back up to 3m. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] 350?cb=20160613233757 Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] 350?cb=20160613233753
Name: Essence of the Dawn
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
Magic Type: Sunseer [Heat+Light+Clairvoyance]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: On the outside, it is an ordinary flask that is roughly 20 cm tall and 7 cm wide. During the day, the inside is filled with a warm, fluorescent golden liquid that seems to come alive at the touch. It's warmth reminds you of the kiss of the sun on a summer day or a mother's loving embrace. In the night, the liquid turns blue and cold, shining brightly like the moon.

  • The Wrath of Apollo - After channeling magoi into the flask, keeping the flask upright, the liquid sunlight will drain out and seep into the ground. A pillar of scorching light that is 20 meters in diameter will erupt from the ground underneath the target and deal B tier damage in the form of burns as well as applying the effects of the magic type.
  • The Gift of Diana - After channeling magoi into the flask, turning the flask upside down, the liquid moonlight will drain out onto the surface below, creating an icy mirror that is 15 meters in diameter. It will show any past or present the user wishes to see. However, it will be silent and the user many only look into a maximum of 1 threads per use or sustain.

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] AYCtjHI
Name: Malicious Disk
Tier: C
Type: Magic Item - Spinner
Magic Type: Plague [Life+Lightning+Water]
Appearance: This magic tool is a circular disk that is roughly 18cm in size. It is dark yet beautiful to the beholder. The design is shaped into an ornate array of spikes and gothic patterns. It's main feature is a skull with garnet gemstones placed into it's eye sockets. The magic circle is located on the back side of the item. A sickly air surrounds the tool as if it is riddled with some sort of curse.
[*]Cursed Dexterity - By feeding magoi into this spinner and spinning it, the eyes placed upon the skull will begin to glow a deep red. The ring around the skull center will then begin to spin rapidly, releasing a thick red mist into the air up to 6 meters away from the user. It will then form into a 5x5-meter crimson cloud, that will rain a blood-like substance onto anyone unfortunate enough to be under it. Anyone caught within the bloody shower, will immediately come down with a set of strange side effects, including the following; the inability to focus on a single thing at one time, and losing the ability to speak properly, i.e. delay of speech. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain



Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Carbuncle
Name: Terran
Type: Non-Combat
Appearance: Terran is a green, cat-like animal with bunny ears and a tail as long as its body. The animal is about 0.33 meters in length and 0.18 meters in height. These Creatures are generally loved by rukh which is why you generally see streams of it float around the creature. This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!



It halted Angelus' step, her voice, which called out to him to heed her word of what she knew of the black rukh that she felt was rather necessary to share. Having very courteously let the mage talk on, Angelus stared at her, with a rather ominously blank expression. It were to seem to the patriotic soldier that this young maiden had an ideology farther from the tree that bore his, one that focused intently on specifically the true morality of others rather than merely what rukh they brandished. It was to be one he kept within mind, her ideology. However, the fate zealous man were to be wary of black rukh first, quite regardless of whether or not they bore that of malicious evil. Angelus knew his self to be one of those who may truly be evil, but only for that of the light of mankind may flourish, the light that will lead our fate to prosper. If those of the path of fate did stand to oppose the to be crowned one day Emperor of the white, then Angelus will just have to slay those who rebelled, which he knew to be of that very same fate that guided him. It was fate that has beseeched his excellency to lead, and that white light shall help him crush his opposition, no matter who. Angelus heeded what the maiden had to say to on black rukh, but despite the urgent warning, he made his stride forward without regard for those who he may crush below his feet when treading the path of fate. Angelus were to happen to see the rukh once more suddenly, when the rather informative woman began to cradle what looked to be a whimsical cat like creature that had rukh circle the green pet. It was now his second time seeing rukh.

Angelus: "I can see the rukh. It is my second time ever. It is an intriguing pet."

Declared the rather stoic figure, before writing into his study of the fact that he had just learned that concentrated rukh and the rukh beloved are likely to cause the rukh to come into view for goi. Content with that which he had just learned from the maiden, he were to turn to the street, no longer lying his eyes on the pet now that he extracted what info he required from the beast. Angelus may have been being far too stoic and apathetic, but he was focused on his study and the job rather than having fun. However, the maiden tried to change that. Lestacia had made an effort to tease Angelus to lighten him up. It did bring Angelus off his brooding dark horse he stared at others upon though, lightening him up. It had reminded him of his dearest person to him, Nerilla, his lieutenant that often loved to cheer him up and be his light within a dark world he often subjected himself to. It made Angelus smirk, but nothing more. However, suddenly, Lestacia changed tune.

Angelus: "I have caught wind of quite a few just now. It is all around us, I know they must be. It is a foul stench."

No more pleasant smirks, he grew cold once more. It was here. Angelus had come upon the slums. It was as he expected. Vile minds lurked the slums, with dragging feet and crime to follow. It was then that a flask for alcohol had been tossed out to try and injure Angelus who has been a military figure of notoriety lately. In a cursed and depraved voice, the man who threw the glass cried out loud, trying to spout nonsense to Angelus of how Reim is a corrupt unfair place. It was then that the young man could not help but harken back to his own past when he could barely gather the money to live, until he begun to fight for his right to live and his right to tread his fated path of a to be King. Angelus could sympathize with this man, but he could not tolerate his utterly gross impudence. It was then that Angelus wished to draw his blade, but did not. Instead, he merely pierced the eyes of the man with the eyes of the reaper he was. Angelus had never stooped so low to cast out hatred and malice of that sort for others, even within his darkest of times. It was only to those of the grim dark path he could feel spite for. Angelus were to detail carefully within his study those within this slum that exhibited enmity or other bad traits. It was up to the rukh seer by his side to point others out that may bear black rukh and malice.

Angelus: "Any others.. ?"

Inquired the man, staring at a pair of starving twin boys, who he did not quite know the rukh of. Not far from the boys either, there could be seen a woman who had just come out of a shady house, adjusting her hair. It was not just them though. If one looked close, black rukh could be seen near almost every corner. However, nothing much could be done about this, not yet. Angelus just had to detail the behavior the people exhibited, and their rukh color to see and prove the correspondence to black rukh causing a flux of hate and malice of others. It just may be the only path for the west to combat the dark age that was upon the world.

Wordcount: 921


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Vault111

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Gilgam11



Lestacia would Nod to Angelus, he seemed like an alright guy. He took jokes well and heeded her suggestions. Her Eye's moved about trying to Garner the severity of the situation. Black Rukh was incredibly condensed in this area. Despair and Depravity seemed to run rampant around here. It was almost as if this place was neglected by the local government. She could see homeless children, bodies littered around the darkened alley ways. She was unable to discern whether they were alive or not, however She continued her pace along with Angelus. Deep down on the inside Lestacia's Heart broke. She wanted to help these people, however unless the government paid attention and intentionally gave them Aid whatever they would attempt to do would be for not. It was like Trying to put a human sized band-aid on a large gash.

Lestacia looked to Terran and patted the little creatures had and looked to Angelus. Before she could say anything glass shattered at their feet as an elderly man shouted how Reim was corrupt. "How long was I out for. I thought the Government would have changed after the great war... However it seems things have only gotten worse." She bit the bottom of her lip in nervousness. Part of this was her fault. She had pretty much led those men to their doom. The least she could do was Ease the Elderly mans aching heart. Her eyes in contrast to the glare of Angelus were soft, kind, loving even. She would approach him, not out of pity, but out of the kindness of her heart. "Worry not, for I shall be the light that pierces through the clouds. I'll get to the bottom of this." With that she left the man some money and went about her way on Angelus' side.

"It pains me to see people like this!" She said clutching her staff tightly. "It has been sometime since I've been outside the City of Mondstadt!" It was then that Lestacia had seen another flood of Black Rukh enter Terran. This time it flowed towards the woman but not to her more like... through her. It was then she noticed a man coming for her with a knife drawn in hand. Immediately Lestacia pointed th man out to Angelus who looked to have been itching for some action. "THERE QUICKLY SHE'S IN DANGER!" Lestacia had effectively pointed him out. She was too slow to catch him but Angelus Would be able to! Just before he went Lestacia would touch the man with her staff. "Impulse art: Raikoben! NOW GO!" The Electrically charged rukh surrounded Lestacia's staff and would enter Angelus' body powering him up. "Keep the woman safe, the man behind her is our target." If Angelus Moved ahead Lestacia would follow behind him a bit slower. She could sense more Black Rukh in the area however She would keep silent until after the situation was solved. It would suck to ignore a murder about to happen, clear as day in front of them. "What are the guards doing not patrolling this area? Have they completely forgotten about their people. The poor are people too!"

WC: 534

Spell used!:
Impulse Art: Raikoben
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Lestacia must touch a person with her staff for this ability to work.
Scaling: Duration: for every 5 magoi spent it's duration is extended for one post
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 Magoi | 15 Magoi

Lestacia orders the rukh to create a strong Electric Current within her staff. She then places her staff upon a person and their armor as well as weapons will be super charged with electricity for 2 posts. All of the persons basic attacks will hit in a cone 10 meters wide and will do damage equal to the weapons tier.


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] 6ouumjD



How glum the slums were, but the soldier and mage must do this. It was required for the bill Angelus hoped to propose. If he could do this, then he had what he needed to do that, and write his manifesto too. Angelus tried to be patient with the people within these slums, despite the face of that depraved mind that had just cursed him a moment prior still clear within his head. In wait, with his pen unmoving, he waited for Lestacia to lend him info on who bore that of black rukh within these slums. However, that was then that a sudden incident was to take shape. How troublesome. Angelus sighed, but did not dally one bit. It was now or never to act. It was then that Lestacia, without a moment's notice, was to tap the military man who had begun to leap within combat to halt the man whom pursued a woman, trying to drive his knife into her exposed back.

Yet, that was not to happen, for Angelus was to step behind the woman, and protect her. Upon his entry into combat to guard the woman, his coat was to billow behind him from how quick he rushed to combat. Angelus was to brandish his greatsword from his back, and lightly slash the knife wielding man. It was then that the man were to suddenly drop to the ground. It seemed he fainted by the heat of the electric gold greatsword. A man to now bring to the prison where Angelus had made plans to visit for his military study, he was to pick up the criminal by his shirt.

Angelus: "Here, can you write down the subjects of the study, meaning the people of the slums, and detail the rukh they bear, and detail the people too. Sadly, I am now tasked with carrying this buffoon to the prison. As you do that, let us walk to the prison. Once we are there, I will write down the last part of the study. Just point out the rukh of each prisoner there. I am curious what their story may be though. It may help to inquire of their life up to then. Also, thanks for the magic."

Said the man, who was dearly grateful to Lestacia for the help. Angelus' earrings were to jingle lightly whilst he began to travel to the prison. Once there though, he was to lay the prisoner down and report the incident to the city patrol. It was when he did that when Lestacia could take the opportunity to inquire of the men's stories and detail their rukh.

OOC Note: I apologize for the wait but this new round now should probably be our last round I believe.

Wordcount: 417

Fool's Gold:

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] QdGKUzIName: Fool's Gold
Tier: A
Type: Bastard Sword
Magic Type: Lightning
Material: Bronze-Gold Alloy
Appearance: A simple, two-handed, bastard sword of mysterious origin. The material seems to be a bronze-gold alloy, but there's not telling for certain. There are intricate markings running along the cross-guard and half the blade. A magic circle graces the cross-guard, blending in with the intricate markings. The total length of the sword is 130 cm, the blade taking up 90 cm. The cross-guard is 40 cm in length.

  • Golden Cloud - By feeding magoi into the sword, the blade of the sword will disperse into a cloud of gold particles 10m around the user. Due to the conductive properties of gold, an alternating magnetic field can induce a current in it, which generates its own field through the use of lightning magic.

    The cloud may be manipulated into any inanimate object of the users choosing. Such as a wall or reshaping the blade into another form. The objects size may not exceed 2.5m on all sides. The object may be placed within or launched away 10m around the user or on the hilt. It may create up to eight smaller objects that size may not exceed 65 cm each and they may only deal D-Tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain


Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Vault111

Research Upon Dark Rukh [Job/Lestacia] Gilgam11

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