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Fearsome is the Owl that shines in day [Plot/NoM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Ephraim looked over the academy, over the gem to which he had dedicated his life polishing and protecting. He was proud, of their ambition and magical acumen. This feeling was plagued by a putrid disdain that had found itself growing within his heart. Their glorious discoveries, their knowledge of magic, they were being shared with the Goi. They had been allowed on the edges so that they could help the great city prosper, and now they thought they had the right to make use of their knowledge? Groups of people were making ordinary men into magical beasts, their innovations were being sold for common use or foreign study.
Fearsome is the Owl that shines in day [Plot/NoM] Fluder_Paradyne

How many mornings had he spent waking up to make this city prosper? This paradise he fought for was being tainted slowly by the greedy hands they had won it from. All over the world people were fighting for the power of kings, the power of magic. The Djinn were formidable that was for sure, but so many of those who were unworthy were allowed to use their gifts. If they wished to take part in their society, they were going to just have to give more. Times were changing though, he needed to be more subtle, he couldn't imprison them or enact killings. Like a rat he had to attract them to their poison.


His owl would arrive, resting on his staff. "Thank you, Moses, a prompt postman as always" the old magician would joke fetching a letter from his beak. While unfurling the parchment he would pat his partner, feeding him a mouse from a cage atop his mahogany desk. While he began to read he would return to the window, taking in the day and breeze.

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While his avian companion would enjoy the snack Ephraim too would be painted with elation. It looked as if his plan was coming along quicker than expected. It was a simple one, to turn the people into batteries without knowing it, their tools would increase in power demand, but not for efficiency or cost, but to steal some of their magoi. For the letter told him of a great discovery. They would be able to send the excess magoi, with the cost of some of it, to banks in order to start storing power. After all, people would pay for their resources, and if they came to take them well that would be another matter altogether.

With a snicker, the old man would say "If the common people wish for an easier life then they shall so have it kyhohohoho!" He did good at following Solomons's will, but was it really what was best for magicians? For the common people for sure, the Goi were weak and simple, they needed guidance. To believe they could lead the magicians properly was absurd. It was time for the people of Magostadt to start following their own paths.

With a bitter tone he would grumble "Even as an old man I don't get to retire."

He did need an heir, but those were worries for another day. Stumbling over to his desk, propping himself with his staff he would go to rest at his desk. He would need to get to work, the duties of a patriarch was never ending.

With those thoughts, a dark bird would flutter from Ephraim, only one amongst a great flock of white. How long would that hold, before long others would wish to join it. For now, it was but a doubt fueled by lifelong hate. He built this home for his people, now he would build a better future for them. Certainly, he was going to need more professors to keep the school running in the meantime. Stress would follow these thoughts as it was apparent he would also need to hire builders. The chancellor had plenty on his to-do list, as the ink would blacken the page so soon would the Rukh of Magnostadts streets.

Dm notes: Special jobs and Magnostadt job updates following

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