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Greatness sings for the Blue Tide [Plot/Nom]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The dead calm that had set over the island nation of Imuchakk had become ominous and wary, even more by the unusual event that laid before the High Chieftan's tent. A massive gathering within the village with voices near-silent as they passed from one another like static flowing throughout the crowd as they all wondered why they had been called. It was then, however, that the tent had opened and the awe-inspiring woman broke from behind the flaps fully dressed as if she had been prepared for war.

"People of Imuchakk, my followers, my chiefs, my hunters, welcome one and all!"
Her voice echoed and crashed like thunder as her powerful lungs helped her parlay her message to them all. "I know things have been quiet, and with changes in the world including our own workforce initiative it might seem as if our great nation is not as important as we might've once thought."

As her words fell upon them some of them began to look around, most of them were Imuchakk like her but there were a couple of handfuls of people from the workforce initiative that would also find themselves in the same relative confusion. "However, for all those worries, I as your High Chieftain can promise that these worries will not take hold and soon our people shall bathe in a glory that no other people have ever known!"

With a slight step she would allow some people to come up from behind her, it would be the man known as Vodarara, along with two others, one was a masked man known as the young chieftain from the east that people called Amorak out of fear of using his real name. Next came a woman who was seemingly half Imuchakk and half-human from the plains, some would know her as Yayafre, and is one of the strongest warriors from the Isles. With these three behind her she would turn her face back upon all of her people as if she were about to lead out a massive hunt as she rose her weapon into the air pointing far into the distant south.

"I have made it my purpose to make Imuchakk the greatest, the strongest because that is what we are, we are the toughest and fiercest of this world." With a breath, she would suddenly let her magoi fill into her vessel as a large bolt of lighting would crackle off it and some clouds would start to darken high above her. "Those lands that fear the true north shall learn true fear as we sail from our home to raid these lands not only so we can bring glory to the mainland, but so we may conquer to gain the resources and the infamy so that none may ever again doubt who are the greatest warriors on the planet, we may not all share the same blood but we all fight under the same frozen banner!"

There were some people stunned within the crowd as they listened to a speech that was coming to its end. It was grand and it was a bit intense though there were many among the young who seemed completely enraptured by what was being offered to them. It seemed attractive to those who wanted glory, gold, or to simply leave their frozen home.

"With the rebirth of the sabertooth warriors, I seek all who wish to join their ranks and become the lead force, but only the best of the best will be allowed, and trust me for those who doubt the human and half-blood behind me, their blood only runs blue."
Her cries were an assertation of dominance over her people, sure she wanted their love and admiration but it was through the strength that she gained power and held it. "Some of our people have taken it upon themselves to follow such goals before my plans were ready, I do not shame those of our people who do, but so long as they fight with us for anyone who stands in the path of our Lapis Wave will be drowned and know a death greater than any rampaging unicorn has ever known, it is time my people, it is our time!"

It was quick after she stopped speaking, a young Imuchakk one likely bloodthirsty and ready for the chance to gain the riches of the lands south of them. He began a chant that soon was followed by an overzealous chorus of eager soldiers.


The cries followed out of the village and deep into the tundra until there was nothing to be heard out in the wild as many of them gathered in the capital leaving the nation silent. However, a great silence would always come before a great storm.

The Amarok:

Dm Notes: Immuchak job update and Settlement special jobs coming soon

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