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What It Means to be Free [FOT/Chain/Event]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Finding a camp
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Desert Of Forgotten Souls
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang | 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Aligned with Al-Shamsura
Job Overview: Despite their efforts to kick the nobles out of their lands, some independents slavers still make it in and try to capture old slaves or make new ones. Go to a camp where some people where kidnapped from and investigate the scene

Job Name: Your responsibilities
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Desert of Forgotten Souls
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang  | 100 XP
Chain Reward: 3 Extra event points
Job Prerequisites: Finish the first job
Job Overview: After investigating a crime scene you tracked down the kidnapped people, finding a slaver camp, only one of them looks like a real threat, take him out and free the slaves

Enemy Name: Slave Driver
Enemy Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: A Heliohaptian man dressed in little clothing, wearing nothing more than sandals and a skirt. Incredibly well-toned this slaver fights with a combination of his strength and a chain-whip that can reach over 5 meters.

  • Toss 'em-The slave driver grabs whoever is close throwing them 5 meters to deal B-tier damage after they crash into something
  • Snap 'em- The Driver swings their whip wrapping their chain around a limb and pulling hard to deal A-tier crushing damage to whatever its wrapped around
  • Break 'em- The Slaver grabs a nearby rock with their whip pulling it towards them and punching, creating a 3 meter radius cone that goes out 5 meters dealing B-tier damage to anyone the shrapnel hits
  • Chain 'em- If the Slaver does B-tier damage to a player they will not kill them, instead the slaver will attempt to deal a powerful non-lethal punch with their fist wrapped in chain if it hits they will chain up the player and throw them into the cage with the slave to sell them off.



Job Completed: Finding a camp




Huang awarded, don't forget to claim xp


What It Means to be Free [FOT/Chain/Event] CqM1zND

What It Means to be Free [FOT/Chain/Event] 1ZZ5IgG

What It Means to be Free [FOT/Chain/Event] LO0Knk3

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