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Killing the Assassin [FOT/Chain/Event]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Tracking a killer
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang | 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Be affiliated with Heliohapt
Job Overview: There's a supposed group of assassins taking out the noble's forces, and even some of their family. Search one of the attack sites (A camp, a nobles home, or attack site on the side of a road) figure out where they're striking from and take one of them out

Job Name: An assassin
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang | 100 XP
Chain Reward: 3 extra event points
Job Prerequisites: Complete tracking a killer
Job Overview: You've found a ramshackle hideout within a cave, not much to it as if to make it hard to figure out who lived there. Take him out, or tie them up and return them to a noble camp

Enemy Name: Trained Assassin
Enemy Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: An assassin dressed in white robes with red leather armor, they seem unarmed until you realize they have both a hidden dart gun in their sleeves, but retractable mechanical claws.

  • Premptive strike- The assassin flicks their wrist when attempting to show they're unarmed, this fires a dart out 10 meters injecting them with a painful poison that deals B-tier damage over 4 posts
  • Scartch it!- The assassin makes two powerful scratches with their claws dealing B-tier damage with each strike to do a total of A-tier damage
  • Escape! After taking C-tier damage the assassin will attempt to escape by leaping away 5 meters with a series of jumps
  • Numb or Dumb- The assassin shoots a dart from their hidden gun, this dart injects a numbing poisoning, rendering whatever limb/part of the body hit disabled for 4 posts. (The poison cannot affect multiple limbs at once)

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