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Defend the Line [FOT/B-tier/Repeatable]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Defend the line
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Desert of Forgotten Souls
Job Reward: 15,000 Huang | 200 XP
Job Prerequisites: Be affiliated with Al-Shamshura
Job Overview:Having been asked to check out the border of the Sea, and Heliohapt you've spotted a mysterious figure, take them out and return with its helmet or whip if you can.

Enemy Name:Mysterious Figure
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat:A-tier
Description:A seemingly mindless person who moves and fights like a marionette they're dressed in all white robes with a helmet made from a gazelle skull and carry a whip seemingly made from a series of spines.

  • Back-Snap- The enemy cracks their whip outwards dealing B-tier damage to whomever it hits within 3 meters.
  • Creepy Cartwheel-They suddenly move like their bones don't matter, contorting before cartwheeling away at B-tier beast speed for 10 meters.
  • Back-blastThe figure cracks their whip outwards sending out 8 pieces of backbone that each do D-tier damage for a total of A-tier damage.
  • Sacrificial Lamb- Upon taking near-fatal damage they will pull out a bottle of oil dousing themselves and setting themselves on fire to kill themselves with A-tier damage and destroy everything they're wearing.


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