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Muddy Sunday Morn [Job/Belit]

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1Muddy Sunday Morn [Job/Belit] Empty Muddy Sunday Morn [Job/Belit] 30/03/21, 11:37 am

Adamas Regas

Adamas Regas

Job Name: Gang Problem
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: The citizen scared going outside the city because there’s a violent street gang, help the city guard to wipe the gang and they will give you a reward.

Enemy Info:

Enemy Name: Thugs (x4)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: 1 C-Tier
Abilities: Thugs can deal C-tier damage with their knife.
Furious Cut - Thugs attacks by cutting with their knife, dealing C-Tier damage
Punch - Thugs use their knuckle to punch to infict D-Tier damage.

Blown westward, a foul cloud, laden with rain, parts its massive haul on the banks of Reim's shore. Inland it did press, its drizzle sounding like canon fire across the region, and washing the common folk indoors. Those with wits did well to keep beneath their roof, no matter how it wept, while the foolish and brave wade into this muddy Sunday morn— and there was none more errant in his bravado than the young Regas.

Country bound, he had taken, with haste, to run errands in Reim's slums at dawn's misguiding light, albeit his luck to be stranded in this heavy rain. The fraying cloak he tugged around his shoulders did little to weather the storm; so, soaked head to foot, he plowed through the muddy streets. However, in this constant downpour his goals blew of course  and his flight strayed. Cold and driven dizzy, the boy took respite beneath the market's pavilion. Though, its rickety supports drew question to its structural integrity, it proved to be sound enough to muffle that never-ending pitter-patter.

Adamas sighed, his agitation made apparent in his ruthless wringing of that drenched towel he called a cloak.

WC: 193 / 1000

Belit Astarte

Belit Astarte

The striking rain against her body was starting to honestly annoy her, she was tired and the weather was bringing down her mood each second it continued. The slums didn't help in that regard. Some might have given her weird looks or questioned why she was in the slums in the first place. Considering her clothing and proud bearing, she might have as well been noble.

Her thoughts were interrupted with a sigh as she pushed back the hood on her head and closed her eyes for a moment letting the rainfall on her tan skin and moisturize it. Clasping her right hand tightly she would shake her head and the mane of her rich hair fluttered around.

"Why does it always rain these days, as if the world itself is weeping for the loss of life..."

She pondered for a moment or two but continued down the slums. No soul was to be found, or at least that's how it seemed. In her peripheral vision, she could notice a shadow or two, though she couldn't smell them considering the rain she had a good guess they weren't the helpful type nor looking for directions.

Moving along the street she took, she did a sharp turn into one of the slums and bumped into a hooded figure. Her reaction was half surprise and half worry. Did she just run into an ambush? Her hand moved towards her abdomen as the other did a quick pulling motion on the figure's cloak.

Revealing yellow locks of hair she exhaled quickly and pushed the figure closer to the wall, as the stomping of feet went past them. Waiting for a bit and listening for a second or two, she could hear a bdump bdump bdump sound coming in front of her. In the heat of the moment, she apparently had squeezed the figure and herself close to one another, and that was said figure's heartbeat. Letting go quickly she rubbed her cheek and cleared her throat.

"I am Belit, you must be the contact, or well I guess better-said partner for this job?"

Giving a grin she would adjust her weight from one leg to another as she placed a hand on her hip. Her other hand making the dark locks from her front be moved to the back where they usually rested.

"Wanna share any info you have on those rats before we go flushing them out?"



Muddy Sunday Morn [Job/Belit] Belit_2


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