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Food [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Kitchen Duty
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Reward: [ 3,000 Huang | 50 EXP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In a regional area of Kou, an annual festival is going on. They're looking for anyone willing to help out. They could always use some help in the kitchen. Someone needs to make and serve the food.


Over the course of meeting the blacksmith, Mori learned some information about the happenings within the city and why his workshop was so dirty to begin with. Apparently an annual festival is happening within the town and they’re in dire need of munitions so a whole bunch of rush orders were put in. He’s been clambering to make them up since the day they were issued to him and unfortunately he couldn’t get his moneysworth until the actual orders themselves were finished so he couldn’t ask for any more work out of Mori, however he did suggest that Mori head into town and see if he could help with any of the festival pre-activities before the event itself started.

Following the blacksmith’s advice, Mori would head straight for the main city, and it was bustling. Mori found it jaw-dropping to see so many people within the same place, so much so that their shoulder-to-shoulder bumping almost left every single one unphased; within his temple, that was sure to lead to a fight between the hot-headed monks. The blacksmith had suggested that Mori visit one of the various inns in town who had been hosting the festival’s food services for work and his next meal. It didn’t necessarily take long as about three of the inns were the first thing Mori saw at the outskirts of the town.

Pushing his way past the citizens, his massive backpack, almost as big as a twin-sized mattress, was getting caught on every single person that brushed past him. Rustling his way through the crowd, he’d have trouble pushing his way through to one of the inns, “The Jade Dragon.” On the outside of the inn, there was noone loitering besides the common passerby maybe leaning against the wall. Mori was always told that inns were bustling with success, so he couldn’t help but peer within a window of the inn. There wasn’t much to be found on the inside.

“Hey boy, need something?” words would sound out as Mori dragged his eyes from the glare of the sun shining off the window to the direction the words came from. Realizing no one was in the direction he initially turned(the only thing there being a wall), Mori would correct himself and turn his head in the other direction to come into view of a big hairy burly chest. Then, looking up, Mori would catch the face of a mustached yet bald tanned man. He wore an apron, a yellow cloth shirt, and some khaki colored long pants.

“Yeah, I was looking for wo-”

“WORK YOU SAY?!” the bald man almost yelled, before reaching over, almost butting heads with Mori, and grabbing hold of the much smaller young man’s hand and shaking it vigorously. “Why didn’t you say so, come in, come in.” Almost like clockwork, the man spun Mori around and began pushing the young monk through the swing doors that separated the outdoors from the indoors. Mori’s feet would almost drag, making a distinct scraping sound, but he’d eventually get the message and walk along with the mustached man.

Mori, not being able to see in originally due to the glare of the glass, was now able to see the sight to behold. Every single table within the establishment was absolutely layered with food. The festival was to be held tonight, so it only made sense that the inn was prepared, but Mori had survived off of bread and water for the last 18 years, how was this possible! Everything looked so delicious and something within him yearned for him to just go to town.

“I know, right? We’ve been prepping for the last 2 days” The bald man would say with a big smile upon his face, noticing Mori slowly lick his lips. “However, we didn’t exactly clean our mess, and we need someone who’s good at scraping pots, do you know how to scrape pots?”

Mori, not completely unentranced by the beautiful smell that graced his nostrils, would nonchalantly nod, tuning out the last words the mustached man had spoke to him. “Good, because I’ll pay you to finish up what we started!” he would continue before grabbing hold of Mori’s shoulders once more and pushing him in the direction of the kitchen. Mori’s face never turned away from the direction of the food, but as soon as he was pushed into the back room, his eyes turned from glory to defined terror.

It was as if a twister had ran through the kitchen, and Mori then finally understood his place in this world so far, reduced to cleaning. Walking two steps away from the monk, the bald man would grab a pale of water and a towel off of a closeby counter, before forcing them into Mori’s hands.

“I need to get ready for the festivities, but GOOD LUCK!” the innkeeper would say before humming off back into the main hall. Mori, just like that, would hop into action.. maybe his reward for doing so would be a good meal from the display outside………

Nope, just money and exp.



Abilities Used:

W/C: 848/500

Magoi: 160/160
Stamina: 65/65


Food [Job/Solo] HItJnKJ

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