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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

Job Details:
Job Name: Be Prepared
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 15,000 Huang and 200 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Diana Corvus | Returning to the Pride
Job Overview: The meeting goes south and results in an all out fight for dominance. Diana must fight against the many who challenge her for her honor. After all the challenges have been dealt with, the clan remains unsatisfied. Due to her brother filling in the position leader in her absence, she must defeat him in a battle for dominance.

Enemy Name: Clan Member x 5
Enemy Tier: B
Damage Required to Defeat: B
Description: A group of Fanalis from the Corvus clan. They're formidable red-headed fighters that would do anything to win a fight.

  • All In: The group attacks as a unit, preforming a combination attack that deals B tier damage for each hit dealt.

  • Grapple: A member of the group holds onto their opponent, restraining them for three posts. This can be broken out of by B Tier strength or higher.

Enemy Name: Apollo Corvus
Enemy Tier: A
Damage Required to Defeat: A
Description: A tall man with an athletic build, stark white hair and garnet eyes. He strikes a close resemblance to his twin, Diana and fights on par with her own skill.

  • Throwing Daggers: Apollo throws two daggers, each dealing A tier damage on impact.

  • Seismic Toss: Apollo throws his opponent over his head with crushing speed and strength dealing A tier damage.

  • Pacify: Apollo swiftly strikes a pressure point on his opponent, forcing their body to completely relax for two posts.

The Salto Obitus or dance of death— A sacred, ritualistic duel often used to rise in leadership within the Corvus clan. Even to utilize it as far as to challenge the Aleph for their crown. The terms are determined by those who are fighting or in more official cases, by the council themselves.

Today, she must fight with her brother to the death for her life and the title of Aleph. It would prove to be a difficult trial for both of them.

After a night that did not last quite as long as the twins would have liked, it had become dawn. The morning sun peeks through the curtains. Heavy eyes struggle to make way from its soft glow. With dried tears upon their cheeks and limbs entangled, they had woke. Never did they imagine the possibility of their last day to be so plain. Yet it was one they would not change.

Diana slipped from their limbs and in quiet steps, went to the room where her mother rested her weary bones. Though her mind was lost, she hoped her words would reach her.

The door creaks open. She smiles at her mother as she enters. Dread flits about her heart like flies to rot, slowly eating away at her ability to speak from it. “Rhea,” she says, kneeling down to her side. It had been a short night. Yet the woman grew more ill as the seconds passed. Taking the length of her platinum hair in hand, she combs through it with her fingers as they talk.

Her mother places her hand on her face, running her thumb along her cheek. “Ah… Aidoneus. You've been gone for so long...” Even with such words expected from her lips, they were hard to hear. Her father had been dead for more years than she could count on her hand. Yet her mother still yearned for her beloved. Diana struggles to keep her smile. "Yes, I am here," she hushes. It was a difficult decision whether to tell her. The reality was an even harder thing to hear from the words of her father.

Beautiful shades of red return to her cheeks. It was the liveliest she had ever seen her mother. "My love, tell me of our daughter. Does she fare well?" Diana shrinks back. The guilt broiling in her gut. "She is…" A painful pause. Her mother looks at her with confusion. "She is..?" It was clear the worry had begun to settle as her hands clasped around her own. "She is doing very well but…" Diana sighs, tightening her mother's hands in her own.

The expression on her mother’s face had begun to wilt. All in a time where she wanted her to smile. But she was not one to keep a guilty conscience.

“The council has commanded them to duel each other in Salto Obitus.”

Each syllable that pried itself off her tongue seemed to weigh down upon her mother. Her lips moved but she could barely speak, her voice rasped in ties. “I will do my best to ensure both of them draw breath by the end of this. I promise you.” It was the most Diana could do or say to lessen her pain. Her father would have done the same. For her fragile heart, such words were enough.

Her mother nods, patting the tops of her hands before laying back down into the comforts of her bed. She turns over, pulling the blankets up to her face. Diana sucks in a breath. A tightness grows in her chest. She manages to get up, lingering by the door to take a last look at her mother.

“I love you.”




Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

The ceremony takes place away from the capital and out in the desolate fields far away from others. In official engagements, the council of elders is present to spectate the battle. They stand off to the side by the great white tree the Corvus refers to as the ‘tree of purity’. While older, their eyes remain sharp and their judgment sacred.

Prayers are given before the battle as a blessing of strength and luck. They believe under the sun is when the blood should run its hottest. Impurity is to be released with fists and cleansed by moonlight.

Every capable fighter in the clan gathered to witness the fight. The sun seeped into their bones, its heat boiling their blood. Tensions were high and every man eager to step into the ring. They would not only be fighting each other but every other who wanted to claim their title. While Diana and her brother were the children of the previous Aleph, they had never earned the title through legitimate means. The only way they had kept it thus far was through respect. Now, with those ties severed, there was little holding up their claims.

Other fanalis surrounded them like a pack of hungry dogs, all parched for blood. The season must have been dry.

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