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Tree Of Yesterday [Dungeon Beast Plot/ Menat/Akane]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Be it fate, or by chance, the calming of the plains had a whisper that told one who listened carefully of the eternal peace that rested within their souls. Jiryu found himself there, perhaps he was called to it himself.  His travels are few and far between, but he believed that he was where he needed to be at all times.

"it's beautiful...."

It was quite the place for Jiryu to utilize his magic, an ancient spell, a forgotten relic of Alma Torran.  

"To think that it's come to this, but I always remain an avid believer. Who will answer the call this time? Last time, it was someone unexpected. "

The Shahada, fate's testimony. This would be the second time that Jiryu would have used this spell to call people to him, whether it was for a cause or a certain act that he was trying to complete. This time, he was looking for people who fulfilled the criteria for achieving great power. To awaken their true selves, it required hope, faith, and the valance that made them not afraid of who they were truly were. Most of all, the confidence they contained within themselves in using that power for the greater good.

Tree Of Yesterday [Dungeon Beast Plot/ Menat/Akane] Tumblr_n4vkaeriMc1r4tad9o4_500
"Shahada! My Testament!!! Great Fate, call out to the champions who would resist the will of the contractor and the darkness that threatens this world!"

As the letters made from the purity of white rukh and magoi itself formed into existence and spun around, it suddenly stopped as two letters turned into butterflies and flew out of the forest towards their destination.

Akane and Menat would see the white butterflies from where they were,  if they didn't move away from them as they fluttered closer to their hands,  they would form into glowing white notes with gold lettering in an ancient language,  it seemed to be pulling and guiding them towards where Jiryu was. However, it was a gentle and guiding force, almost as if these notes had a life of its own. Even though they couldn't read it if they didn't learn the language of Alma Torran, it's almost as if there was a neutral understanding of the nature of the magic itself, as well as the warmth they felt in their hearts from being in contact with it.

Whoever was calling out to them wasn't evil, it almost seemed as if the notes themselves were pleading with them.

If both Akane and Menat continued onto the path that "fate itself", was guiding them, they would notice an emerald bed of grass that was encircled by numerous shrubs. Archways overgrown with flowers were scattered throughout the garden, leading visitors of this place to different sections of the guardian. It was beautiful, but one could get lost in such beauty that masked its true purpose of being a garden maze.  But as long as they kept at it, they would find themselves in an archway path that led them to the middle clearing, where Jiryu stood, along with his pet eating the shrubs and giving them a very Llama like stare, except it isn't. It very much liked the plants growing from the blue tree that was behind Jiryu, but it was curious about the two newcomers.

After the staring contest was finished, it rubbed its head on Jiryu as if they had the "ok" from him.

"Seems like he likes you. Which is good, the Shahada seemed to have chosen you two. Greetings, I am Jiryu, a Magi. What are your names?"



A pure sense of euphoria enveloped Menat like a warm cocoon. The events of her time in Kina had only been a short time ago but her mind was focused on something far more immediate and, quite literally, at hand. The golden metal coating her right hand, held together by a turquoise colored cloth underneath, to anyone else, appeared to be just another gauntlet that had seen the passage of time. Not in such a way that is would be rendered moot and useless but in the simple fact it was far from pristine or shining in that brand-new way unused armor tended to.

"That truly belonged to your father Lady Menat?" Akane asked her from above. The Meridian Princess had been sitting off in the shade of a tree on the outskirts of Meridia, studying the gauntlet she had been gifted by the woman who had interrupted her back on the beach with Dalia. She had been told it had belonged to her father some years ago, prior to, and during, the events of the recent civil war in Kou. She didn't remember how she had come to be in possession of the item but as it had belonged to Menat's father she seemed to feel it only right that it be returned to his kin. The gauntlet hadn't been gifted to her alone either. In addition there had been a whip made of solidified, yet still active, lava which she had also been informed had belonged to her father as well.

"That's what the lady told me." Menat responded simply. "I can feel that it was his." She managed to tear her face away from the gauntlet to look up at Akane. "Plus Mama confirmed it when I showed it to her. She said he used to wear this all the time whenever she saw him. I'm just glad I get to wear it now." There was genuine happiness to Menat's demeanor as she spoke about the gauntlet and her father. "I still wish I knew where he was or why he'd leave behind something so important to him."

Unfortunately, as it always tended to do, the subject of her father and his current whereabouts had to be set to the side once again. Fluttering to a stop right in front of Menat and her retainer was a pair of butterflies that seemed to have been molded out of some kind of pure light. This was weird enough but when Menat moved her hand to try and touch one, rather than try to fly away like a normal butterfly, it seemed to dissipate and reform into some kind of letter. The same would happen to Akane with the butterfly before her. The young Princess and her shinobi retainer were both unfamiliar with the language written upon the letters now resting in their hands. "I might need to have mom get me that tutor of Merlin's so I can read this stuff later."

The letters in the girls' hands began to gently tug at them, pulling them forward as if insistant they come with them. Neither could feel any sense of malice or ill intent from the actions, as odd as that felt to admit coming from a pair of letters that had just moments before been a pair of butterflies. With Menat giving in and allowing the piece of paper to guide her Akane was left no option but to follow behind her Lord as they were lead to an astounding sight. A garden far more beautiful than any Menat, nor Akane, had ever seen before. Shining emerald grass coated the ground as archways of overgrowth and flowers formed natural passageways from section to section. The notes in the duo's hands continued to lead them through the maze of foliage until they came to a halt before a single man, a beast nawing on the shrubbery, and a large blue tree of sorts behind him.

"The Shahada?" Menat quested aloud what the stranger, Jiryu, had said about the two of them being chosen. "I'm Menat, first Princess of Meridia, and this is Akane my personal retainer." Menat would introduce herself to the man that claimed to be a Magi. "I'm sorry Mr. Jiyru but could you maybe explain some of those words for me? Like what is the Shahada or Magi?" The young princess asked.

Hand of the Stream:

Herald's Glaive:

Shard of Solomon:

Akane Shinjo:

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

This was a bit surprising, the two people that he sent for were, in fact, individuals that already knew each other. Most of all, the one with the red hair just so happened to be a princess of a country, with her companion being a container. It was all very interesting for Jiryu, but he needed to stay on task.

"A Magi is a magician that's loved by Solomon's Rukh. We are magicians that will shape the world by summoning dungeons and possibly guiding our own chosen people to conquer them. I honestly do believe that if there was more good in this world, we would have nothing to fear. If they aren't strong enough, I will help them.  We can also sense other metal vessels, things of that nature. I would say that Magi are quite peculiar in what they are able to do and accomplish, but not all of us are good. "

As for the Shahada, he thought very carefully in how he phrased such a sensitive spell.

"The Shahada, It's fate's testimony, an ancient spell from Alma Torran. Its ability is rather interesting, it can always call upon the right person at the right time. I asked it to send me people who continued onto the path of fate with kindness in their hearts. It brought me you two beautiful individuals with hidden potential that hasn't been tapped into yet. It will help you along your journey, but most of all, I would like to ask for your help. The contractor, a Magi of darkness,  is making moves that are starting to get difficult to predict, even for me. He's amassing champions and granting them dark metal vessels, as well as giving them more powerful forms to enact his plans. I want to stop him, I don't want the world to be brought to ruin! But...I need your help.... please........."

He hoped they would hear him out at least.

Tree Of Yesterday [Dungeon Beast Plot/ Menat/Akane] Mononoke_kusuri_uri___medicine_seller_by_mycks_dcn33zo-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3siaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD0xMjgwIiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvMzdhNjdkZGYtYTRlNC00NmRmLWJlYTItOGRmZjgxMjdhMWQ2XC9kY24zM3pvLTJlM2EwOWMyLTE3MjktNDQyYy04YjNkLTBkNDE1M2QyMzBiMS5qcGciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9OTUwIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0

"Don't worry, even if you refuse to help, I'll still unlock your potentials. It will change the very fiber of your beings. It can happen in areas blessed by Solomon, in places like this. I have already set up a spell, but I won't complete it without your permission. It would undo the magic of Solomon and I would bring about your true selves, the forms you were always meant to take without the influence of Solomon's magic. They are called dungeon beasts, beings that came from every story to myth, along with any stories you heard as a child. A long time ago, that's what people were, beings of great power. I can see it inside of you........Lady Menat.... miss Akane."

He looked to Menat first.

" the Forrest... the trees..... you were meant to rule over nature, much like how your mother has the djinn of life at her command. "

He then looked to Akane.

"You are a little more complex, extremely fast...and....lightning...... your command over lightning is second to none..... that is what you were meant to be."

Hopefully, this would be a good insight for them.

"If you would like to achieve such a change, I have cast my spell on the tree behind me. Just pluck its fruit and eat from the tree, and you will change. This is a decision that only you can make for yourselves."



Menat hadn't ever been one to ask a question and not listen to the answer. Typically when she did ask it was always for a reason and there was no less of a reason than finding out what a Magi or this Shahada that had chosen herself and Akane was. She would listen with attention as this man, or Magi she supposed, Jiyru explained that Magi were basically really, REALLY impressive magicians who summoned dungeons and guiding their own chosen ones to claim them in order to help shape the world. Somehow. The mentioning of how Magi could create dungeons and even lead those they deemed worthy to their final prizes really held Menat's attention. It was enough to make her want to ask Jiryu to summon a dungeon right then and there and allow her the chance to take it for herself.

But that was a moment of selfishness that she had to suppress. The Magi had more to explain to her after all. He moved on to explaining the Shahada as Menat had requested. It was an ancient magic from somewhere called "Alma Torran" that seemed to be able to call upon the right person for the given moment. Jiryu claimed he had asked it to send him kind hearted people and that was how he had ended up with Menat and Akane before him. Thus far Menat hadn't felt any reason to distrust the strange man. The aura he gave off was similar to that of the butterfly notes that had guided her and her retainer to him in the first place. So she continued to listen.

The Magi further explained how there was someone referred to as "The Contractor", an evil Magi of sorts, who was gathering champions of his own to provide things called Dark Magic Vessels and far stronger forms. Menat didn't miss a second's breath. Rather than look to Akane her eyes remained focused on Jiryu, a fire of determination burning within them. He claimed he didn't want to see the world fall to ruin, a notion Menat would have to say she agreed with. Regardless of if she was some kind of noble spirit or not the world falling to ruin and chaos was not an ideal situation. Especially with her mother trying to build up their new nation.

It was Jiryu's turn now to ask the duo of Meridian women a question. It was his request, more of a plea really, that they help him to stand against and stop this Contractor. He didn't make them feel as if they were obligated to assist him either. He stated that regardless if they decided to help him or not he would still work his magic in order to allow Menat and Akane to achieve their full potential. From his explanation they were bound to their current forms by the influence of Solomon's magic. Their true forms, what they should have been, were creatures called Dungeon Beasts. The creatures spoken of in stories and myths. That concept was an intriguing one for the young Princess as she thought of what kind of power she could obtain by allowing this man to allow her access to this Dungeon Beast she was originally supposed to be.

He claimed to be able to see what each of their inner Dungeon Beast was. Or at least what kind of power or influence they held domain over. As he studied Menat his first statement about her was "royalty" before delving into how she was meant to rule over nature in a similar manner to how her mother held a djinn of life at her command. For Akane he explained how she was harder to peg down. He explained that he saw her true potential in the form of her speed and was reflected in her control over lightning. She had apparently been destined to have such control over the element of lightning that she would be second to none.

With that information at their disposal Jiryu explained how they were to go about obtaining their true forms. He had cast his magics on the tree behind him and all the two would need to do was to take a bite of its fruit to begin their transformations. Menat herself was the first to step up to the tree, her mind going about what Jiryu had just told her. Standing before the tree that could grant her true potential to her, and to Akane, she stood silent and thought of what the Magi had said about her true form. A ruler of nature not unlike her mother. She had often been compared to her father, whom she had still yet to meet in the flesh, but comparisons between herself and Merrze were far and few. It wasn't the most common thing she had been told.

Akane remained back where she entered the section of the garden maze the small group currently sat. She had remained silent the entire time Jiryu had spoken, her eyes constantly on watch to make sure her Lord was safe and protected. Thus far nothing seemed amiss, Jiryu made no hostile movements towards Menat nor to Akane herself either while the odd beast there with him paid the trio no mind. "I'm doing it Akane." Menat finally spoke up, her eyes still locked on the tree's fruit. "I won't ask you to do this if you don't want to but I want to help Mr. Jiryu keep the world safe and if this fruit can make me what I was always supposed to then I'll use it to help Mama and Mr. Jiryu all the same."

The young Princess reached up, her fingers wrapping around a single piece of fruit from the tree. Before she could pluck it however Akane's hand was around her wrist. Not forcefully but in a manner that told Menat she had made her choice as well. "If this is what you wish Menat-sama then I too will accept my true potential. With the speed of lightning I'll feel safer knowing I can be quicker to protect you no matter what." The two young women retreived a single piece of fruit each before turning to face Jiryu once more. In unison they took the fruit and bit into the piece they each held.

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

With the sight of them, both biting into the fruit's Jiryu's facial expressions softened. He commended their bravery, he was rather amazed that they were willing to go through such things in order to achieve their potential. He would have only hoped that they would be satisfied with it in the end.  The changes were gradual as they bit into the fruit, with the first bite tasting as delicious as humanly possible. Perhaps this is how the apple from the garden of Eden tasted like, it held promise beyond the wildest dreams of human comprehension.

"With the transformations happening to your body, I can promise that you will feel no pain whatsoever. Some might say that the feeling itself is equivalent to taking off your clothes and entering a warm bath right after."

It's what should happen with how careful Jiryu was with the spell, but there wasn't a guarantee that the transformation would be as smooth as he would have wanted. Maybe they did feel a little pain, even if briefly.  But with the transformation process near to its completion, Menat would find herself to be the Spriggan Lord, and Akane would be a Lightning Fox.

"Don't be too alarmed, you are still able to talk. Wow, look at you. I can see the potential of your power here. I do believe that you are the heroes I've been loo-"

Suddenly, Jiryu looked up at the sky and frowned.

"I have to go, I do apologize for my sudden departure. It looks like something very fowl as been aware of my presence and the worst thing that can happen is me endangering you. I will contact you at a later date when the time has come. There will be more heroes, some chosen by me, others rising to the occasion. All of us have a part to play in this battle of fate, it's going to happen. I just wanted to..... have reliable companions by my side when it does. Your highness, miss Akane, please wait in the forest for a while when I depart and get used to your body. I don't want that...thing.... to know of your presence...."

With that, Jiryu went to his animal companion and activated a teleportation spell, quickly leaving the area.

TO BE CONTINUED..................


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