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Magic is Strong (Rank up)

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Azazel walked to a room he had been using for awhile for his private studies. It was a empty room that he had found with very few traffic. He held a book on magic he had yet to actually experience before called Strong magic. He took a seat and opened the book, his eyes passing over the words inside that he had learned to read.

The magic was about using your magic as a telekinetic force, sheer will. Interesting concept and it had quite a few ways to work as it could even be used on oneself. A idea sparked as he flipped through the pages and he landed on something that made him grin. Using Strength magic, a mage could fly under his own power. His eyes lit up with passion as he laughed out loud. Oh yes, that was going to be so much fun. He could almost taste the air high above already. But first, the principle to the magic needed to be learned.

He flipped back to the front of the book and went over the principle to strength magic. Using your magic with ones will, you could control the very aspect of Telekinetic magic. But more than that it seemed to be linked to Gravity both more and less, as well as force. It had several interesting capabilities that could be utilized in and out of combat. Now was a good time to try out some of these ideas on a basic level. He put the book down and walked over to the middle of the room where he had cleared out a circle.

Azazel closed his eyes, feeling the magical world around him, his own magic entwined with the Rukh, he added his will to it, focusing on his iron confidence and himself. Opening his eyes he muttered the spell "Flighta" And like that he floated upwards, he laughed, a true laugh much like the young teen he was as he flew around the room. He could feel the mana around him, flying through it. Azazel maneuvered himself to land back on the same spot where he had taken off.

Exhilaration filled him as he had tapped into another magic type. He was one more step closer to achieving the first step to his very goal. Now he had flight down he wanted to try other things as well. He reached out with his mind and the book he had been reading floated up and came into his hand. He chuckled and set out several small objects around the room, taking his stance, he pulled out his staff.

He sent his magic and will through his staff and the objects in the room took off, spinning around the room, he made them dance and flow as if they were under water. He finally brought the objects down to land where they had started and set his staff back on a table. He swept the hair out of his eyes as he grinned. Another magic down and another step to his master goal.

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