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The Red Lion awakens!

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1The Red Lion awakens! Empty The Red Lion awakens! 07/11/20, 06:23 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles Shi

The Dungeon would collapse, it was claimed! The Strong-willed woman Ani had claimed it's truest treasure while others had walked away with gifts. From the site of Lagi however, it might have looked as if he was robbed of his chance to attain its power by one of his own, a Reim Fanalis who went by Knuckles Shi. A former Unity Corps member who had left Reim in search of Lagi, its former ruler.  Driven mad by emotions and memories of his mother the Fanalis had attacked wildly until a foe had faced him down! Unknown to the fanalis this was the very man he had set out to find! Unfourchantly, Knuckles had fought a man which he could not contest with.  Presumed dead at the fall of the Dungeon, his ruhk did not return to the flow. Instead, the black ruhk warrior was only beaten down to near death.

The challengers had left as fast as they had come, only Knuckles had remained.  He was not himself however, some memories had evaded him, and his body different. He had been reborn from the defeat he had suffered, a new youthful body.  Near his body when he awoke was a yo-yo, it was massive in size. A glove, a sword, and a shield. Retrieving these items Knuckles would stand up to his feet and look around. What had driven him before no longer existed, he had no ties to Reim, no ties to the Unity Corps, and no ties to his closest friend Ganbo.

This was not the same Knuckles who had entire the Dungeon but a reincarnation of sorts, perhaps his gift from the Djinn.  One image was burned into his mind, however, and a fire he could not ignore. He knew for a fact he needed but one thing to feel whole and that was Revenge on the man who had bested him. Only his face was familiar, to him. He recalled names like Neph and Jahan and even A woman with a spear.  It was time to find this man whoever he was and find out which of them would truly be the best and strongest among them.


The Red Lion awakens! Po58dGP


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