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Reach meets the trio (job/plot)

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Job Name:Traveling show Part 2
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward:7,000 huang, 100xp
Job Prerequisites:none
Job Overview: They have caught the suspicion of some of some traveling warriors and must dispatch of the eye sores.
Enemy Name:Traveling warriors x3
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:Travelling warriors armed with swords

Parry:The user parries a c tier or below attack with their swordThrust:The user thrusts their blade straight out to deal c tier damager.
The cult disguised and a troupe of entertainers had spent the past couple of days going from village to village trying to infiltrate them. The goal was to observe the villages and to gather as much intel as they can in order to destroy or convert the villages easier. From their espionage mission they have decided that there were two villages that they could probably convince to join the Flame's Reach. One was one of two villages that were enemies and lived nearby, they would wipe out one of the villages and use that as leverage to convince the other to join them. The other was a village that was made by outcasts of Kou. These were soldiers of kou that served on the losing side of the recent civil were that still had a grudge against the current Emperor. This one would probably be easier to convert as the order would just have to promise them a chance at revenge against Kou and the Emperor.

They were on their way back to the city after visiting the last village, the one with the soldiers. They were going to make plans on how they were going to go about burning the villages and purging them of the wicked and unworthy that live in them. Gilles was excited to spread their touch outside of the city that they have been occupying for the past couple of months. Once they were several kilometers out of the city they would encounter three armed men. These men were all armed with similar swords and outfits. They looks similar equipment wise, however their physical appearances varied quite a bit. One was a short, stocky man who seemed to be a bit older than the other two. The man in the middle was tall and lanky, He looked like he was used to climbing and using his reach to gain advantages in battles. The third was a large, muscular man, one that seemed to have spent most of his life as a weapon smith or something similar. Gilles and the others had noticed this trio from the other villages, it had seemed that they have been following the order for the past few days now. They would grin as they look at the group of 8, who were currently in oddly dress street performer clothes and completely unarmed. "Well lookie what we got here boys." the short man, the boss of the trio, would say as they put their hands on their blades. "It looks like we have found ourselves the infamous Pale Lady that they are talking about inside the city. We recognized you when we saw you in the first village, not many have that pale skin that you do miss. Now we would like to collect the reward money that the city guard has on your head. Now we would prefer not to hurt you but he will if you dont come quietly with us." He would say as the trio draws their blades in near perfect unison.

WC 512/1000



Gilles would look at them almost as if to observe them. They all seemed skilled with their blades, yet a far cry from being called masters of their art. She would grin as this would give her a chance to have some fun. She would look at the others with her smiling, "I shall handle this my flames." She would begin to approach the trio of swordsmen who seemed to clearly be overestimating their control over the situation. Gilles would activate her hair blade, covering her arm in hair that would harden into the shape of a blade. The trio of warriors would look surprised to see someone controlling their hair at will like that. They would begin to circle around her once they realized that the 7 men were little to no threat. What they saw was just a small girl who would be helpless against these 3 trained fighters. She was excited because she was used to being seen this way and she would always use it to her advantage. She could already tell that these three were not flames but fuel, fuel she would give to the great fire that is her god.

SHe would continue to walk up to them slowly trying to figure out how to handle this group while having the most fun that they can. Maybe she would keep them alive to fall asleep to their screams later. She would charge at the large man decided to take him down first, she would swing her blade of hair just to have it parried by the man's quick swordplay. He would then thrust out his blade hitting Gilles in the upper area of her right arm, it was just a flesh wound though. She would gasp and crouch before leaping up and thrusting her large blade into the man's torso, the blade running up and into the man's skull. The other two would look shocked but regain their senses and begin to charge gilles from both sides. Before they could get to her she would cut off two of her fingers shooting one at each of the targets. The morbid projectiles would strike both in the chest killing them almost instantly. She would laugh triumphantly as she had won the skirmish against the trio. She would look at Dusk, who would toss her his sword. She would walk up to the corpses digging into their torsos taking out the two fingers that she had shot into them. She would put the fingers in  a pocket. She would end up reattaching the severed fingers later. She would look at the others and then gesture towards the fresh corpses. "Go ahead and take care of the bodies. If we can sneak them in we will find a use for them at a later date." She would smile as they start walking back to the city again. She would look back at the villages one last time. She had big plans for this area of the country.

stamina 120/170

WC 1000+/1000

Finger bullets
Tier: C
Class: BM
Type: Offensive
Range: medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: loses a finger and can only be used 10 times, once for each finger.
Scaling: 1 more hit for every 10 stamina
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost:20 stamina
Description: The user builds up pressure in a finger of their choice with blood. They will then cut their finger open causing it to shoot off for 8 meters in a chosen direction dealing c tier damage.

Hair Armory:Blade
Tier: d
Class: Body Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hair can be destroyed easily by bladed weapons, acid or flames.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

The user has their hair wrap around their left arm and hardens into the shape of a .5 meter long sword extending from the users arm. It lasts for 1 post and deals d tier damage

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