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The Worst Trio of Thieves!~ [Profession, Job ; Solo]

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Job Details:

Assignment Name: Peculiar Petals: Damn Thieves!
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Magnostadt
Assignment Rewards: 50 XP / 3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Asha, Florist Skills, Part I Completed
Assignment Overview: Asha finally got together everything and began her work on scouting out a place where she can start her business! But first, she has to deal with those damn thieves who stole her blueprints. Heaven knows why?

Enemy Name: Lock, Shock & Bolt
Rank: D, D, D
Needed damage to take down: D (for each)
Description: Lock, Shock, & Bolt are neighborhood thieves in Magnostadt. They're amateurish, and really unskilled, but terribly annoying when they become so difficult to find in Magnostadt. Sniff them out and you're golden!
Abilities: Lock is capable of dealing D-tier damage with his dagger, moving at 10m/s. Shock is capable of shooting a bow and arrow from a distance of 7m away, and he moves at 10m/s. Bolt has a 1m long sword that he is mildly good with, he can also move at 10m/s. The three of them combined can form a 'triangle attack,' where they all unleash an attack if they managed to surround the enemy (C-tier damage).

It was a new day in the epic saga of opening a floral shop! Asha decided that now, after having planned out everything, even specific blueprints, she would scope out just the perfect place in city and claim it so that she may, one day, buy the place (or just 'liberate it') and open the store for the first time! She could see it now--her name in bright, illuminated letters above the building, with tasteful flower petals filling the sky as if it were a festival. Asha was ecstatic and could hardly contain her excitement. She decided to observe all the parts of the city, seeing which got the most traffic, seeing which were probably the cheapest, trying to avoid bad areas...until it became obvious that if she wanted to open her shop, she was going to have to commandeer an abandoned building just outside the main plaza in town to ensure she got some business. She walked around town, detailing walking routes, places that got the most traffic, all sorts of surveying and urban planning to prepare for her big break. Taking a part of the day to relax and pat herself on the back, Asha set aside all of her building plans and store ideas while she sat down to eat lunch. She set her all of her notes and designs down on the table, then going to buy food at the local market, before returning to a table to find her things gone! She scoured around, looking for any trace of shifty people, until she saw three figures walk into an alleyway looking suspicious. She followed them, hoping to gain on them, when the trail got cold. She wandered around, hopping into an empty building believing they may have hid out in a house. She centered, and almost forget all about her original designs, she looked around with glee as she fell in love with the building, which was curiously up for sale.

"This...this is too good to be true! I can't believe this! I NEED THIS HOUSE!" Asha yelled, dancing around the building as if she'd struck gold. It was all so perfect, until while upstairs, she heard the door downstairs slam shut, and three voices speak loudly downstairs. Scared for her life, Asha hid in the closet of the bedroom, hoping whoever lived here would leave and not check upstairs at all.

"What a a lot out of this...oy! give that back!" One voice said. Asha couldn't make out the words, and most of it was either muffled from all the walls and doors interfering with the sound. It was times like this that Asha wished she was born a magician of sound, and that if she understood sound magic at all, she would use it to overhear people's conversations. Asha pressed her ear up against the closet door, hoping it would improve her hearing at all. She wondered if these were the hooligans that stole her blueprints, and wanting to investigate further, she kept quiet and remained 'spying' on them.

"Listen! We got wot we need! Let's jus' skip town and get out of here. We'll live large in Reim! Or Helio'apt--nob'dy even lives there anyhow! These are some good business plans! It's all...wrote out and ev'rythin'!" Asha nearly squirmed at their awful accents, but kept listening. It was appeared that they were the ones who stole her things, and she clutched her staff in rage as the filthy thieves kept talking about taking her idea and stealing it to make money. She listened for a while longer, wanting nothing more than to punch them in the mouths so that their accents did not exist anymore, until the voices suddenly stopped. She waited longer, hoping for the door to slam shut again, but after a long amount of time after, the house remained silent. Curious, Asha carefully opened the closet door, revealing the two people she heard speaking making out in the bedroom. They were a bit preoccupied, but Asha's inner judgmental little demon reared its ugly head, and all he she could muster was squeezing out a noise only described as "disgust."

"Ugh..." Before she could try and pretend like it was a random sound, Asha cupped one hand over her mouth, watching in horror as the two people paused making out and stared at her, looking just as confused as she was.

"Who the 'ell are you?" The woman said, standing up very quickly and walking over to Asha.

"Uh uh um I'm, uh, I'm Asha. Asha Samara," Asha replied. She kicked herself mentally for giving her real name, but continued to talk--one of her many downfalls, "Who the hell are you!?" Neither of the two looked amused by Asha's antics, but being somewhat respectable, they answered her.

"I'm Lock, and that there's Shock. We're married, and we live in this 'ouse. Now, wot the 'ell are you doin' here?" The man named Lock seemed very done with Asha's antics, and revealed a knife from his pocket.

"W-well that's INTERESTING because I own this house! I bought it. You're the criminals here not me! So I sugg--oh okay that's a knife," Asha's plan to make them run out of the house failed, but I don't think it quite came across her mind that these people were a little more unsavory that squatters, "I have to warn you! I am a powerful magician! I could have you on the ground and pulverized within seconds!" The two thieves just laughed and stood over here. Shock tried to grab her legs, but Asha whipped her staff around and knocked her across the face, sending her stumbling into the wall, as Lock came down quickly at her with a knife. Asha activated her borg, and the attack bounced right off, to where Asha decided to end this quickly and subdue the people of ill repute.

"Stop moving! Rkud Aldm!" Asha yelled, watching as four vines brought both Lock and Shock's bodies to the ground, keeping them immobile on the ground. They struggled, but they were not successful, however their yells seemed unnecessarily loud, so after being unable to deal with their crap, Asha whacked them both hard in the head until they passed out. Hoping to get out of the house, she turned around to find a third man--tall, handsome, but a little scary considering he just grabbed Asha and tried choking her. Unable to breathe, and desperate, Asha used every ounce of her strength to summon a vine using Alsif Krmah, and felt the breath return to her body as the vine coiled around the man's stomach, crushing him until he passed out.

"That's for stealing my things you filthy thieves!" Asha yelled, kicking one of the immobile thieves on the ground. Unsure of what to do, Asha decided to alert the police force here in town, making up some grandiose lie that she was kidnapped by these ruffians until she managed to get a hold of her staff and subdue them with magic. Not wanting to bother to launch an investigation, the trio was arraigned and thrown in general, leaving Asha completely unscathed.

"Now...about this storefront..." Asha said to herself, standing outside the building.

WC: 1177/500
Magoi: 160/200

Abilities Used:

Name: Alsif Krmah
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 5 meters
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
A 10 cm vine, 5 meters in length, emerges from Asha's staff at 10 m/s to coil around or strike an opponent for D-Tier damage.

Name: Rkud Aldm
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Supplementary
Class: Life
Range: 20m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Asha brings forth 4 vines to immobilize 4 limbs. The vines move at 15m/s and are approximately 10m in length and 60cm in thickness. Each vine does D-tier immobilization on one limb.


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