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The beginning of the Ooze Overlord. [Training Body Manip]

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This man, basking himself under the moonlight as he sat behind the table inside his room inside the Kogata manor. His eyes, staring at the moon herself, as if he was trying to peer inside it, as if he was trying to see through the soul of the goddess of the night. He would lift up his hand, grabbing the bandage that was wrapping around his forehead before taking it off, revealing his forehead. His finger would make his way to his hair, combing it all the way to the back as he closed his eyes.

Eight could feel his body shivering, but it was not because of the cold breeze. He could feel something touching his chin but it was not real, he knew, it was just… the reenactment of what he felt. That barbaric woman used her hair, controlling it and touched his chin. But no, he was unaffected by that gesture, that meant nothing to him. However he imagined how great it would be if only he managed to make her into his slave. How he could make that confident face into a mess, begging, pleading for him. Eight bit his lips, that kind of thought really got him going. Too bad she wasn't as he expected… But what she did with her hair, it was different and he definitely got curious, “Interesting…”

He opened his eyes, revealing his amber colored eyes as he straightened his posture. With the fire he made from his magic dagger, he lit up his pipe filled with opium before bringing it between his lips. A soft moan escaped his lips, feeling the euphoria playing in his head, this sense of well being and calmness spreading through his entire body. “Fuuuuuck.” He felt good, so good to the point he leaned his body against the nearby and smiled as wide as he could before letting out a laugh. He lifted up his free hand and stared at it with an empty gaze, a green colored slime began to appear there, making a small pool in his palm.

What that woman did, Eight was certain it was caĺled as a body manipulation. The way she could freely control her hair like that as if it has its own muscle, he wondered if he could do it as well. Of course he could though, he knew he could do it with his entire body with this power that he had. The pool of slime which was forming from the palm of his hand began to overflow, it would drip all the way down to her elbow but Eight would play with it. The slaver  would control the slime as if it was the limb of his body,  which was not wrong, it was one of his limbs, although no bones or muscle, just a slime he produced by himself.

At first it was quite hard to even control it freely, he wondered if it was how babies felt when they started walking. The slime would slowly gather up on his palm, creating a small tower as if it wanted to reach the ceiling although it would occasionally lose its form, but Eight would concentrate more to maintain the form of the slime. “How did she do it?” He tilted his head as he looked at the thick liquid he formed, wondering how that Imuchakk giantess was able to even control her hair freely, the theory should be the same wasn’t it? Well, he knew he got competitive, but he wanted to stand on top of that woman, especially when she was just a tasteless and uncultured woman.”Hmph…”  The man scoffed, he was glad he stabbed that dagger into her waist, although he regretted that he didn't stab it deep enough to hear her screaming in pain.

The pipe would find his lips again, its chamber with lit opium leaves would light up a little bit the moment he sipping it. Smoke slowly came out from his mouth as he looked up the ceiling, lazily blowing it up, “Oh, fuck.” He cursed as the slime dropped to his pants due to the lack of his concentration, losing its form in a miserable way. But he didnt care, he would casually take off his furry coat, revealing his toned, muscular body. The scars on his back, the reminder of his slave past would be visible along with his spider tattoo on the back of his neck, a symbol of him getting on the steps of turning the tables. Was it ironic, for an ex-slave becoming a slaver now? No, it was not for him, in fact, he was proud of it. No one beside him could understand how to treat slaves better, well, of course…there was another factor, the fact that he was a genius after all. It was the path he chose to take by his own will, dramatically speaking? It was his destiny. That made him want to gag. Destiny? Fate? Bullshit.

Eight wanted to try something else actually, he would concentrate more as he produced slime from his back, coming out from his pores and made something like a pair of wings. It was not actually a wing, but it was a pair of long, thick slime, almost shaped like a tail. Perhaps he got the inspiration from that woman, but who knew, he didn't care. The slime construct would slowly extend itself under Eight’s control, he would lift one hand to see if he could try to wrap his hand with the slime and one another to wrap his neck. It was hard to control it to do multiple tasks at once though, but it was necessary, the failure motivated him to actually do better.

The slimes would begin to move again, extending itself more to do the task Eight had assigned to each one of it. After several tries, the man had finally gotten the hang of it, the slime wrapped his hand and another wrapped his neck gently. But it was pretty draining to do that, it did take up some of this energy and he was exhausted. He would tap his pipe upside down, letting the burnt opium out from the chamber before putting it on the table before he maneuvered himself to the bed. There was no need for him to turn off the lights in his room, it was already dark from the beginning and only the moon tried to light his room up from the total darkness. The man would usually spend another hour reading a book, but probably not tonight, his eyelids were getting heavier each time he blinked. Slowly...he succumbed into the total darkness, his breathing was becoming steadier and his heartbeat beating slower, finally falling asleep.

It was a very unpleasant way to be awake actually, as the bright ray coming from the sun decided to play on his skin and made the comfortable darkness from behind his closed eyes disappear. He wanted to sleep more, but his body was awake, as if it was ready to play with the sun. The man grunted as he slowly got up on his bed, his hand found its way to his forehead as he slowly massaged it.

Without uttering any words, Eight would climb down from his bed before taking up the coat he tossed to the floor last night to put it on the back of the chair. He would hear a knock and a maid would enter, informing him that they were here to bring his breakfast. The maid swiftly brought in his food the moment he let her in and excused herself from the room soon after, leaving the man alone again. Oh well, a little breakfast wouldn't hurt. In fact, he could train again as he ate.

What a coincidence though, a grilled mackerel was on the plate with rice, soup and several side dishes. He loved mackerel, especially the freshly caught one. Those reiman markets would usually have the fresh mackerel, ready to be sold. But he never thought he could have one here, well, he felt good today. With a little concentration, a small puddle of slime would appear on the palm of his hand, slowly extending itself to be long enough to reach the chopstick. He would treat the slime as his finger at the moment, doing more movement to make it get used to it. It would reach his chopstick and lift it up for a second before it dropped it. The slaver would try again though, once again controlling his slime to pick up the dropped chopstick, lifting it up, only to drop it again. That would happen several times until he got the hang of it, although the time consumed made him lose his appetite a little bit.

Eight ended up finishing his food though, knowing that it would be important to fill his energy for now since producing and controlling the slime was exhausting. Now that he managed to control his slime better, it would be the time to perfect it. The raven haired man thought that it might be better to try and produce as many slimes as possible. Perhaps… he could make it like a tentacles? Or even like a spider’s legs. Well, enough thinking, he should just go for it. He could do unlimited things with his slimes, he could always create any shapes that he wanted as well.

Just making shapes was quite easy for Eight at the moment, he easily created 8 tentacles from the back of his body without breaking a sweat. However there was a problem, so far he could only control like two different constructs, but now he had 8 tentacles to be controlled.  As expected, he  was able to control 2...almost 4 tentacles at the same time, he wasn't tired yet so he would keep going. But it was really tiring, his whole body, especially his back, was sore from producing and maintaining the shape of the slimes. It felt like his spine was out from his body and someone hammered the poor spine into pieces, that was how sore it felt at the moment. Not to mention that the moon greeted him again, surprising him that he was so focused on training himself that he didn't notice the time passing quickly.

He wondered about it though,  about whether or not producing and controlling 8 slimes constructs at the same time to do different things would really work. But he should just try it for now, possibly he should not smoke some opium until he successfully controlled all the tentacles at once. His body would quickly find its way on the bed, immediately trying to relax and Eight would follow his body as he sunk into the deep slumber.

The next day he kind of got the hang of it, still not good enough but at least it was better than the day before. He kept making progress and notable development on controlling his slimes too and Eight would admit that he was  very good at this. By the time it reached more than 8 days, the slaver would be able to  skillfully control his slimes around, as if it was as easy as flipping the back of his hand. He used one to grab something,  another one to hold something up for him, another to feed him and so on  until all of these tentacles had their own task to be done.

The slaver thought he should try it to someone else next time maybe , perhaps he could demonstrate it to Dalia, his apprentice .. or to Altan to see her reaction or even to his other 2 companions,  Requiem and Julius. But he would think about it later, he felt exhausted as well at the moment although it was not as bad as the previous days. He guessed that his stamina was increasing as well which would be a good thing. But this was just a beginning,  he still had a lot to be learned as well...imagine if he could utilize his power perfectly, he could be an abomination...


The beginning of the Ooze Overlord. [Training Body Manip] UwPVdcs

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