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The Great Heist [Job]

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono
Job Name: The Great Heist: Pre Set Up - Phase 1
Job Rank: C Tier
Job Location: Mt. Raiji
Job Reward: 100 XP, And A signed agreement that when all aspects of the main agreed upon job in this part, the following will be received as payment; A business partnership between Kina (Or any clans deemed able to agree to these terms.) and the faction Bleeding Fangs. Alongside this an agreement to give information on a hidden Vault under the Hinamoto palace to an individual who would be found inside said palace a few days after the agreed upon service is completed.
Job Prerequisites: Must be Dalia
Job Overview: A letter is sent to many higher ups throughout Kina excluding Kogata and Hinamoto. The letter depicts the following.

”The Letter”:

I am well ware most of your peoples distaste for foreigners and likelihood of not knowing who I am, though I also am very well aware that someone completing a task for you and many others who will also receive a letter of these sorts and can give every right to deny your association with the following task if it goes wrong is also something many to most of you have happily part took in with many foreigners.

Though sadly none benign as efficient or as well off as Kogata has been with their endeavors. I am well aware that you all may very well hate Kogata for this, but likely not as much as Hinamoto. So I offer you a deal, one which uses Kogata’s foreigners to target them, and pay them with resources that would come straight from Hinamoto’s very pockets.

You all would merely have to sit back and enjoy the show. If all goes well then you provide me what I ask for to allow the Foreigners to be paid and alongside this, become business partners with my Faction of the Bleeding Fangs. I have no direct connection to these people publicly so to the public you would merely be associated with an unrelated faction.

In 2 nights time I will arrive at Mt. Raiji a neutral ground amongst your clans if I remember correctly. Even if you refuse this proposal I will give it there I invite you to come and sit in on the meeting. Knowing all of your distaste to the parties that would be taking a blow from these plans I have more than enough faith in you all to not tell anyone else of this news in hopes that someone takes the offer, and takes a hit at your own targets of hatred.

If you wish to contact me before the meeting for whatever reason you can send a letter to the location written on the back of this letter and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

- Sincerely, Lara Duskborne

After talking to any clans that may send her word before the meeting even accepting their agreeance to comply through letter alone sendign them the papers they must sign and send back to her this way. Dalia shows up to Mt. Raji to talk to any of the rest of them to explain her further plans. These plans being the remaining parts of this chain. In oder to succeed in this part of the chain she must get at least one clan she sent this letter to, to agree and sign her contract. The contract being the following.


--Buiness Agreement--

Upon signing this contract the following is agreed upon with all signing parties.

A high ranking member of the Kogata clan will have evidence planted on them for the murder of 2 highly trained warriors of the Hinamoto clan. The location of the evidence will be provided to those who sign this contract and give tip offs to the Hinamoto clan so they can find the evidence and sentence how they please this high ranking individual.

This task will be performed by Foreigners not connected public to any of the signing clans, and the faction Bleeding Fangs to allow both to stay unknown partners in this plan.

Once this task is completed the clans that have signed this contract must obtain information regarding the blueprints of the Hinamoto palace and any vaults they may have. After obtaining them they will leak this information to a specified servant of the palace to be sent off to the foreigners previously used in these tasks. They will receive their payment through this info and whatever they may choose to take from the information and have agreed upon not leaking their information sources if caught.

Alongside this the official business partnership between the signed clans and the faction of the Bleeding Fangs will go into offical effect.

The business partnership is as follows:

    Any services that can be provided of the Bleeding Fangs will be given half price to the clans partnered, in exchange for access to the clans to members of the faction with permits approved by the clans before arrival.Any services the clans assist the Bleeding Fangs in will result in half the profit being split amongst the clans that assisted in the given job, the other half going to the Bleeding Fangs Respectfully.Any services that fall under the following Bleeding Fangs Branches ( Drug Trade, Slave Trade, Assassin Work, and Mercenary Work ) must at lest be done through the Bleeding Fangs if preformed in any of the Bleeding Fangs current territories. Exceptions to this being if this work is desired to be done by one of the Bleeding Fang’s current Partners instead and or allies. In which case the clans are merely expected to inform the Bleeding Fangs on choosing one of their Partners / Allies over them to avoid confusion.If any clans are in dire need of assistance they may request help from the Bleeding Fangs so long as this assistance doesn’t conflict with pre existing agreements of assistance with other allies such as other business partners and other signed clans of Kina.  At which point only those who request assistance first will be assisted unless the given clans or business partners are working together in their own alliance. If this is the case the Bleeding Fangs will then assist both parties dividing up the resources as needed to assist them in any agreed upon manner that has been discussed and signed upon.This partnership does not ensure the prevention of attack on any specific member of any clans signed nor the Bleeding Fangs members. Though the agreement of no attacks on the other as a whole. Ex: the Bleeding Fangs may accept contracts to attack individual members in any given signed clan and any clan may do the same to the Bleeding Fangs Members on their own but if the task or talked about job affects the clan or faction as a whole it may not be done. If the clan and Bleeding Fangs though have talked prior about individuals being not kill viable and have agreed upon terms as such to not touch these individuals both parties will be expected to uphold this agreement or pay an agreed upon cost for the loss of this individual.Each clan will be provided a small list of 3 individuals they are not to directly target on purpose with the intention to kill and each clan permitted in turn 3 of their own individuals the Bleeding Fangs may not directly target with the intention to kill. These individuals do not have to be members of the Clan nor Bleeding Fangs, they must be connected to the clans or Bleeding Fangs respectively but how they are so does not need to be elaborated on for secrecy reasons. The bleeding Fangs Individuals are as follows:
  • Altan Bey
  • Dalia Fedcono
  • Daichi Konlo ((NPC Of Dalia))

    The Bleeding Fangs can not give nor ask for a job to any signed clans to attack their own people, nor can the clans signed ask for the Bleeding Fangs nor give them a job to attack their own members.

    Terms and agreements may be added, altered, or be subject to change at any point upon request and gathering. Those changes will only change for those meeting for said change and remain the same for any who did not partake in the meeting to discuss changes.

    Whenever new territory is gained or business partners / allies are gained the Bleeding Fangs will inform the signed clans to avoid conflict with previous terms. ((See Faction Vault))

    If the clans would be going against any terms due to information not being present to them all will be forgiven and the appropriate information will be provided due to the conflict being caused by the Bleeding Fangs inability to share updates.

    At any point that this partnership becomes non beneficial to both parties the contract will be lifted and parties must have a grace period of peace of 1 month before full blown attacks or targets that would go against the terms agreed upon before the contract was lifted. This way both parties can withdraw any of their men in a timely manner and avoid them being blindsided. Either party unless having an agreement with said individuals and themselves may freely escort in a peaceful manner, any of the opposing pirates members from their lands as desired.

    If a longer period of grace is required one can be agreed upon through a meeting but must be requested before 1 week of the previously planned period of grace. While the meeting is going on and or is attempting to meet up to be set in motion the grace period will not be lifted even if it passes the original planned end point to prevent attacks at the meeting. Once the meeting has ended 24 hours after if no extension is agreed upon the grace period will be lifted immediately.

Edits to the contract may also be discussed in this part of the mission.

Job Name: The Great Heist: Framing An Image - Phase 2
Job Rank: B Tier
Job Location: Kina / Kogata
Job Reward: 100 XP, and Previously Agreed Upon Rewards Signed For; A business partnership between Kina (Or any clans deemed able to agree to these terms.) and the faction Bleeding Fangs. Alongside this an agreement to give information on a hidden Vault under the Hinamoto palace to an individual who would be found inside said palace a few days after the agreed upon service is completed.
Job Prerequisites: Be Dalia, 8, Lagi, Altan, or Julius
Job Overview: After the meeting with the clans as Lara Duskborne, Dalia gathers the other members of her group and informs them of a her plan of having made a deal with  whatever clan(s) she got to agree to work with them to get records of a vault that could give them a wonderful prize. But they must frame someone for murder in the Kogata Clan that she has already had agred upon. She then informs them of the required tasks they must perform to get said job done.

The group must pull the attention of the nobles from their houses, distract the two guards at the house they need to get inside, then infiltrate the building and plant the evidence in a nice hidden spot the noble would not think to look in until officials can investigate. Afterwards those inside need to exit without notice, those distracting the guards need to allow the guards back to the house before the noble that owns said house gets back to avoid further suspicion. After all is said and done a letter must be sent out to the clan(s) working alongside the group to tell them the location of the evidence so they can investigate as desired. The letter will also request the information they wish for be brought in 2 days to the Himamoto Palace’s servant medical wing to be given to the servant who replies to them with the phrase. “All I see are it’s bleeding fangs.”

”House Guards”:
Enemy Name: House Guard x 2
Enemy Tier: B Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B Tier
Description: At a young age these two boys were found by this Kogata noble and taken in and raised as normal children. Upon entering their teens they worked together to get stronger and to get the locals to train them to keep their adoptive father safe. And their father happily employs them to do so. These two are fitted with Kogatan styled armor, weapons, and skills. Now in their 40s and their father in his 50s nearing 60s are a tight knit family amongst the 3 of them and would happily die for each other.

  • Smoke Bomb: the user tosses down a smoke bomb filling 10 meters around the bomb with smoke to hide their actions lasting for 2 rounds.
  • Deadly Strike: The user focuses on their target before moving in close and striking once for B Tier Damage with their swords.
  • X Marks The Death: The two guards run at one target side stepping each other as they swing their swords for an x shaped strike for A Tier Damage.

Job Name: The Great Heist: Infiltration Prep - Phase 3
Job Rank: B Tier
Job Location: Kina/ Hinamoto
Job Reward: 200 XP Blueprints Of The Palace, And It’s Vault
Job Prerequisites: Be Dalia, 8, Lagi, Altan, or Julius
Job Overview: Once the framing has been found by the Hinamoto Dalia will tell the group to begin their preparations for the next phase of the plan as she stalks the Hinamoto Clans forests until finding a young servant girl collecting berries with some others. Dalia stays in hiding and talks to the girl slowly building up her trust before asking her to meet her over by a nearby river the next day so they can play. Mean while her friends will be distracted by another member of the group and or something else just as distracting. Dalia will ensure everyone knows of the next part of the plan and assigns their duties.

The next day Dalia will show up and take out the girl after leading her to think that she was injured. Dalia either alone or with an ally will bury the girl collecting her clothes after Dalia memorizes the girl’s face. Dalia will then change into the girls clothes and brutalize her own arm and areas where she has scars to hide them and to appear like she had been brutally attacked by a wild animal. She and whoever comes with her will head to the clan's lands while Dalia looks like the girl she took out and sounds like her and is passed off to the guards to be taken inside the palace for medical treatment.

”Clan’s Wall Guards”:
Enemy Name:Call Wall Guards (x2)
Enemy Tier: B Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B Tier
Description: These two guards had spent their lives training for the chance to keep their people, their clan safe and excitedly jumped at the chance to become wall guards. They proudly go everyday with their swords and slings in hand every day for their shift at the walls to protect them, and every night go drinking with their fellow guards.

  • Sharp Shooter: The user uses their sling to strike a target up to 15 Meters away with a piece of metal for B Tier Damage.
  • Distress Call: The user signals the other guards for help in their fight and the situation. The reinforcements can be chosen by staff iven the severity of the situation is currently at.
  • Pin Point Strike: The user spots the weak spot of their opponent and strikes for A Tier Damage.

Job Name: The Great Heist: Reaping Rewards - Phase 3
Job Rank: B Tier
Job Location: Kina/ Hinamoto
Job Reward: 200 XP Acess To a Hidden Underground Vault
Chain Reward:200 XP 10,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Be Dalia, 8, Lagi, Altan, or Julius
Job Overview: After her wounds have been tended to and Dalia has been left alone the agent of the aligned clan(s) will then deliver to her the blueprints she requires. Dalia will contact her group secretly informing them of the information she has received where the others must discuss the next plan of actions. If the team decides to just take what they have for now and sit on it, Dalia must make her woay out of the palace without alerting the guards and out of the clan grounds before getting help back to their own base from one or more of her allies if they are there if not she must travel alone.

If more information is required the group must prepare for an emergency pull out if needed, while Dalia goes hunting for more information. If they wish to take the vault based on the information they received they must plan out an action of attack while Dalia pulls herself from the area to either just outside of the grounds or to an evacuation point. The moment the first move against the Vault is made Staff must be notified before proceeding.

”Palace Guards”:
Enemy Name: Palace Guards (x20+)
Enemy Tier:
Damage Required to Defeat:
Description: Located throughout the palace walls inner and outer stands many guards ready to kill and die to protect the palace and it’s owner. Each one are highly trained with assortments of weapons.

  • Basic Attack: The user performs a basic attack with either a ranged weapon that reaches up to 20 meters away, or a melee weapon. Either one does B Tier Damage.
  • Specialized Attack: The user focuses on their target and with either their ranged weapon that reaches up to 20 meters away, or a melee weapon. They then will strike their target with the intent to kill for A Tier Damage.
  • Signal: The guards signal others in the castle and outside its walls about the intruder and where they last spot them to better hunt them down.

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The job is well made and the premise is interesting, however, the actual goal and what you're going for requires your player to have some Grativas or say, were as most clans wouldn't really have a reason I feel like to support your character. I'm differing this to Zub for approval as it's her event also you don't have nearly enough words to warrant such a reward. You have 5,500 words which enough for a B-tier chain reward but an A-tier reward requires an accumulative of 10,000 Words worth of writing for the jobs.


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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono
Understood I lowered down the reward for the time being wait I await Zub


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