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Ephemeral [Plot/Training/Private]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
“So how are you doing, Noir?”

A red haired man, putting his hand on top of the table before he rested his chin on his palm, staring at the golden eyed girl with a playful smirk on his face. “It has been a really long time, isn't it? What a coincidence that I could meet you here out of the other places.” He would shift his gaze to the chopstick placed on his right side, taking the pair of sticks up with his hand before looking back towards Noir, smiling.

“I am good.” Noir answered directly as she stared back at Rufus’ eyes, knitting her eyebrow to show that she was feeling kind of annoyed. How could she not feel upset towards this man… “I saw you walking in the street a few days ago, I was certain you saw me but you only smiled before disappearing, I assumed you were blending with the crowds.”

The male magician laughed, but he stopped quickly the moment he felt a sharp glare was being shot towards him, he would reduce it into an apologetic smile while having a cold sweat. “I was rushing, I had to attend to urgent matters. But I apologize okay? I am sorry, I didn't mean to do that to you.” The man would give a faint laugh as Noir let out a sigh, still looked annoyed but it was definitely not as much as she was before. “Okay.” She said before she sipped her tea, feeling the warmth spreading into her body, calming her a little bit.

“I won't lie but I am so happy that we are able to meet again. Let's spend time together while we can though, we have a lot to catch up.” Rufus grinned before he used his chopstick to pick his food and eat it. “I heard you are 1st Kodor now, congratulations! I wish I could watch how you do it. You grew stronger… look at this girl who I taught years ago, she is able to handle herself now.”

One thing that Noir remembered about this man who was sitting in front of him was… that he was a little bit talkative and had this kind of presence that made people get annoyed. But he was her first friend, so he was precious to her despite the annoyance that she felt, although that was just because Rufus kept trying to tick her off with those sly words coming from his mouth. “I found another teacher though… he was really strong, even stronger than you I think.” Noir paused for a second,  “But we went separate ways, however without his guidance and training, I don't think I will be who I am at the moment.”

Rufus would smile brightly to Noir upon hearing that and he would stare towards her, as if signalling her that he wanted to hear more of her story. “Well, then I met a lot of people, learned a lot from them too. There was this man who taught me how to use swords and other weapons too, he was really helpful.”

“That is great, I am glad you are able to explore the world and meet a lot of people. Say, this man who taught you swords, what is his name?” Rufus smiled, although there was something else inside his man, something that he kept as a secret for a long time in front of Noir…

The black haired girl would answer her friend’s question, “Tenma, Mikazuki Tenma… is his name.”

WC: 586/1500


Ephemeral [Plot/Training/Private] GONhvwv

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

The magician was strolling through the city of Kina again, she had a plan to be done… but she would wait until it was dark and quiet to do what she had planned to do. For now, she would just enjoy the perfect weather under this orange sky, feeling the autumn breeze caressing her cheeks softly. Maybe she could get something to eat as well at the moment, at least to replenish her energy she spent from thinking. It might be quite an exaggeration that she got so tired from all the thinking, but it was an intense moment for her and her brain, a lot of energy was consumed from that alone.

The scenery in Kina never ceased to amaze her, as the night came, those paper lamp lining on the streets began to light up, as if they were welcoming the moon. If she looked up, she would be able to see those strings, attached to one side to another side of the street, with small paper lanterns hanging on it. It must have looked like a sea of light from above if they looked down, a gentle and calming light if Noir could say.

“Noir!” A voice called for her, making the golden eyed girl halt her steps and turned back. It was her old friend, her first friend even, if she could say that although she would never say it out loud because this guy, would definitely make fun of her and she would prefer to avoid that. As the man with crimson red hair, a pair of sharp looking eyes, tall, muscular build with a playful smile approached her, Noir would call him by his name, “Rufus?”

“I was right, hahaha! I swore, the moment I saw you, I ran and cut through those sea of people just to greet you.” The redhead bent his body a little bit, hands touching on both of his knees as he panted, trying to catch his breath from all the running he did. “Glad you didn’t disappear though. Have you eaten yet? Do you want to have dinner together? I am starving.”


“So I have been travelling around the world, learning a lot of new stuff as well and I wrote the record of my journey inside this book too.” Rufus took out a book from his bag, showing it to Noir with a bright smile, “Well, but I couldn't say that my journey was all fun and exciting, some people or some places that I’ve visited was kind of sad and full of despair as well. There were tyrants, families dying because of poverty… civil war among each other… and many things.” The man would give an awkward laugh before he let out a sigh, “The world is a little bit crazy, isn’t it? But oh! This one is interesting, so I came across this book about that famous screenplay and the whole concept, the story, all of them were so good. Have you read it? I have a copy.” He would take out another book from his bag before showing it to Noir.

Upon seeing the book’s title, she would shove it back to the man, “I’ve read it. One of the greatest books, perhaps. However, this country also has a lot of interesting books as well. Try to read some of those too.” Noir would then stand up from her seat before putting some money on the table, “I have to go though, Rufus. I have something to do.” She would stare at the man’s eyes, pausing her words for a second before continuing it, “Do you want to meet again tomorrow?” She would ask the man, making the redhead carved a wide smile on his face before giving her a nod as a response. “Of course, let’s meet here again in the afternoon?”

After going their separate ways, Noir would head to the nearby forest, far enough from the houses and people. It was not like she didn't want people to see what she was about to do. But she felt like it would be dangerous if people suddenly appear, they might not survive. After spending a long time not really training her own Djinn, Noir thought it was supposed to be the right time to do it at the moment. She had been postponing it for so long, more because she...was still trying to do the concepting on how she wanted to use the power. Not only that, she had to find a safer training ground as well…

The magician took a deep breath as she touched her arm bangle, her fingertips touched the red orb attached at the snake shaped accessory, pouring magoi into it and in a split second, she would transform into her djinn equip. She remembered about that book though, the one that Rufus recommended to her, amused because the thing she was about to try was based on the inspiration she got from that book.

“Nunc autem requiem mea, Dulcis Regina Filia.”

She would chant slowly, almost whispering every word as she concentrated, coating the scythe in her grip with dehydration aura. It took her less than a minute to manifest her concept, but now to actually try and see if it actually worked or not. She would swing her scythe, aiming it to the nearby bamboo tree and the dehydration aura would quickly sucking every moisture within it. Happy on what she did, Noir decided to try it again, perfecting it until she was satisfied.

WC: 1500/1500

Trained ability:

Dulcis Regina Filia
Tier: A-tier
Djinn: Dantalion
Theme: Dehydration [Heat + Wind]
Type: Offensive
Range: Short (3m).
Requirements/Drawbacks: To begin the charging process Noir must chant “Nunc autem requiem mea, Dulcis Regina Filia.” or tap her scythe twice with her finger.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40|20

  • Noir compacts a mass of dehydration magic, whose content could render a lake barren to the bed alongside its aquatic residence, into the blade of her scythe. The blade swells and glows with a palpable shimmer as Noir poses like the Reaper himself before releasing devastation upon the world with her full weight. The danger of this technique is not in the might of the swing, but in the intense magic which coats it. Blocking and parrying through physical means may evade the blade, but not the roiling mountain of dehydration which follow. Only a defense produced by magic can halt the Dulcis Regina Filia while complete avoidance is also acceptable. This technique delivers A-Tier damage via dehydration magic.


Ephemeral [Plot/Training/Private] GONhvwv

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