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And the stamen. [Chain/solo]

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Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar
Job Name: And now they pollinate
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Chain Reward: Morihana Waveroller
Job Prerequisites: First Bloom
Job Overview: Having proven your capability to the clan recruiter they've asked you to further showcase your skills, this time against a more trained. With both with and might have been proven now they must be combined as they combat against the recruiter. Take on the fox-eared mage in their challenge in order to impress the interim head while the clan's daimyo was attending to other temples.

Enemy Name: Morihana Recruiter
Enemy Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: A tall person with the ears of a fox and red priest robbing. WIth a more opulent hat similar to the acolytes but now lace with gold thread and it also had a red cord laced around the top. Standing at average height they carry a ring staff with 4 rings to signify their rank above that of acolytes. Is a magician that can fly with B-tier flight.

  • Foxfire- The user creates a fire construct in the shape of a fox, sending it to a location up to 25m away, it then explodes, growing into a field of fire 10mx10m in size doing B-tier damage to anything caught within.

  • Summer Winds- The user commands the rukh to spin and swirl around a target location up to 20m away creating a tornado 4m wide in diameter and 15m tall which sucks anything within 5m of it to be sucked up in its grip unless they have B-tier strength or higher.

  • Fox Kiss- The user spins the rukh of fire and wind to send forth a small swirling ball of fire which travels up to 25m away before exploding into a 3m diameter sphere which does B-tier damage to anything caught within.

  • Fox Tears- The user points their staff into the air causing fire to shoot up and rain down on anything within a 15m diameter of the user doing A-tier damage in the form of raining fireballs.

It was a day of rest, as the acolyte who had to pass over the testing procedure to a higher power was still unconcious, but relatively damage. Eight would praise Naruto and the rest of the crew would celebrate the ease of his victory, hyping him up. Eight would take the day to research more about the resclusive Morihana clan and their religion.  It had seemed as if they were one of the oldest clans in Kina. They are centered around the old capital city of Kyuha, having changed since the capital did. But several generations ago, this location became the spiritual tourism capital of the world, allowing it to be reborn from the ashes by renovation and innovations, creating the modern capital we see today. The Morihana clan then claimed the control of the Kinan shrines for three centuries, wishing to make this old capital the current capital for Kina.

It had seemed as if a majority of the population of the Morihana clan seemed to be of magicians, beast tamers and body manipulators, supplemented by the hired hands of samurai. They were able to forge this path through the power of religion, allowing them access to political and fiscal capital. Besides the forest they were in, was the sea, making it a sort of a mix of a fishing town as well as a hidden and guarded forest town, but besides their religion, their greatest strength seemed to be their magical innovations.

Even a part of their clan flag, the tool they were most known for the Morihana Waveroller. It was quite the spectacle to see especially by the sea. It was a wooden board with the Morhana clan seal on the bottom, which served as the magic circle which powered the board. They came in a multitude of sizes and color, ranging from 1 to 3 meters in length. The fanglike board, also had a sort of ventral fin to help with stabilization. While perfectly useful for cutting waves while riding it, but once infused with magoi the board is known to only fall behind to the speed of a full-grown fanalis, but over the water. Using the body for maneuverability, but the true cornerstone of the Morihana Waverollers success was it's second ability. The magical tool could create a pool of water twenty meters in diameter, which the user could freely manipulate, allowing them to not just ride where there was water, but wherever they decided to extend this magical liquid.

After doing this research in libraries, with the common folk and from his own vision, he was able to  check on the acolyte whom his Kogatan mercenary easily dispatched of. He seemed to be feeling better with no physical injures on his body to speak of. He nodded happily from the infirmary, where he was tended to by a magician, who would occassional use a spell on him, until he fully awakened, making sure to reserve his magoi for future cases, instead of healing him with his full might all at once.

"If that's the sort of talent you surround yourself with, the gods will surely be happy if you were to join us." Followed by a religious gesture. The acolyte would get off the bed and onto his feet. "Thank you for your patience, I think more than testing you, this test was to please the gods.... but also to have the people accept you. Having just came to our home of the old Kina capital, to some you might seem like an invader, but now that you showed restraint, and impressed our people, there hearts will surely accept you if you are to pass the true trial, which I have no doubts about."

Naruto blushed as the acolyte, sincerely complimented his skill and control, and thinking of how the people or Morihana would show him a lever of deference. While Eight was simultaneously impressed by how the acolyte phrased this second task. As a preliminary task, it seemed to almost be a farce, but as a way to acclimate the people of Morihana to foreigners and have them become accepted to the clan, showed a level of emotional intelligence from the acolyte. "As I said, please enjoy our humble country, but I will come find you when your next and final trial is over. In fact, we have a fun reward for you for having completed these tasks and showing your interest and a certain level of loyalty to us. Please don't go about trying to purchase anything that strikes your fantasy just yet." His smiled hinted to some sort of object he could possibly by and see around the town.

With that the fresh acolyte would walk away with a graceful wave and the life magician, someone akin to Julius, bowed to Eight and his crew. And they would be on their way to venture into the morihana village and try to explore a bit more. The six man squad would head out to the shore and see what was going on. Past the forest, now where the land meets see, they would see fisherman appreciating the simple things in life, but also have some people enjoying the intense rush of surfing on their waverollers, using their magoi to create some chaotic shapes. Such as a spiral staircase. Using the enhanced speed to grind all the way up the spiral of water, and launching off of it like a ramp. There were numerous people enjoying the life that the Morihana had provided, but was attributed to the gods, even if some of these things were created by man. It was almost amusing, but people did seem to have a peaceful life over here. But one thought crossed the slavers mind as a black spider. Now that he was the diving bell spider with a diving bell, perhaps this Morihana waveroller would be of use to him to enhance his position within his faction.

It was at this point where someone came out to contact him, it was the acolyte whom he had Naruto defeat earlier. "We're ready." The Acolyte lead the group to the entrance of the Morihana manor where there was a tall fox-eared priestess adorned in red robes. Eights crew seemed to be quite unimpressed, but they gave their respect to the priestess. "Thank you for coming, I appreciate the time and devotion of each and every one of you." The priestess would bow earnestly before the strangers, but for some reason Leona was raring for a challenge. "If Naru can handle an acolyte, I can definitely handle a cute, lil' priest-ess like this." Leona threw a fist into her palm for a loud smacking sound. Eight would bow and give the Reiman fighter his blessing. "I'll allow you to face one of my newest recruits, from outside the country of Kou, please take this opportunity to see what the rest of the world has to offer. There are many treasures outside of this world." He gestured to his crew, not even speaking about himself or his trove of own magical items.Just on his business acumen, on the black market or otherwise, Kina could turn a profit and become a match for Kou, probably the dream of all the citizens of Kina. Leona carried her pair of tower shields stacked on her back, taking them both out. Showing just enough respect for the priestess by waiting for her to make the first move. She fly to the air as her first action, as Leona clicked her tongue thinking a way to deal with the flight, but as she was trying to come up with a solution, Fox Tears would rain down on the field within a 15 meter diameter of the priestess. Fortunately, Eight was far enough away from the conflict to not have to dodge or evade. Leona, on the other hand, would Shield block the attack raining down from above. Her shield easily shrugging off the blast with her shield, coming out completely unscathed.

The priestess still in the sky, was unhappy with the effectiveness of her attack and switched up to using Foxfire. A fox made of flames would appear at the tip of her staff, running down the sky to land by Leona's feet. As she put her shield between herself and the fox, the vulpine would collide and explode, leaving a large firestorm in it's wake, searing Leona's strength. As a column of flame engulf Leona, she would Solar Flare off of her tower shield, surprising the mid-air priestess who was only 5 meters off the ground. Leona's body was full of burns but she didn't seem to care, as Leona descended on the priestess with a dive But the priestess still had the wherewithal to react with a final strike, a fox kiss. A small ball of fire rolled up by the wind sent at Leona, exploding on contact with her body and if this were any normal person, the battle would have taken even the strongest of a ranks, but Leona's breed was different, she landed on the priestess with a fist to the jaw Knocking her out, the gravity magic slowing their descent as they fell.

Everyone observing erupted in applause as they came to accept Eight and his crew.

WC: 1500+



Name: Leona
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier
Description: Warrior of the Solari Sect, a small religious order in Reim. A 6'1 tall brunette, with a chiseled, bronze body, usually covered in armor. Fights with two shields simultaneously.

Type: Tower Shield
Material: Brass
Appearance: A brassy, tall shield. Looks like one half of an iron maiden, 3 meters tall, 1 meter wide.

Type: Tower Shield
Material: Brass
Appearance: A brassy, tall shield. Looks like one half of an iron maiden,  3 meters tall, 1 meter wide.

Trait Name: Exceptional Vitality
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now take an additional A-tier worth of damage before falling.

Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect:The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours.

Shield block. Blocks with a tower shield, able to take up to A-tier damage.
Iron maiden. Cover herself in both tower shields, enough space for 4 people total, able to take up to A-tier damage.
Solar Flare. Jumping in any direction up to 10M.
Yeet. A well-timed push kick, able to send someone 10M away.
Charge. Charges up to 1m and slams her shield against a foe for A-tier damage.


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