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History is the future (Job)

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Job Name: History of Magic
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magnostatd Student
Job Overview: A class about discovering the known history of magic learned from ancient texts and collected from the torran tribes around the world. Specifically the student will learn about the basics of the Rukh and the theory of the existence of Dungeons and its probable connection to Magi that was cited in ancient lore as mere legends.
A History Professor sent out an offer to be an intern for his research team on the probable existence of Magi on present day.
The students that would accept the job would receive a small reward and their task is to organize the reading materials, collate the data and transcribe the minutes of the meeting of researchers in the group. As an added benefit the student would have access to more obscure reading materials about the subject.

Azazel was psyched! He had put in a application to record the findings and shelve the scrolls and books on recent texts discussing the history of magic and the possibility of dungeons once more appearing in the world. The real fun was that by being approved he was also approved to read the material! He had almost ran full force to the room where the meeting was taking place, opening the door he waved at the professor and found a place out of the way. Taking up the quill he dipped it in ink and sat rigid, waiting to begin. The meeting was pretty simple, they discussed what they had found, and different ideas and theories were thrown out that Azazel recorded.

The meeting lasted a few hours as each magician gave their ideas and theories, they were all recorded and written down. As the meeting ended, Azazel approached the professor and was given the collection to be taken to the library. Azazel took them and headed that way. He was excited, beyond excited. There were several scrolls to read and check out, sadly he was too inexperienced to have gone with the actual mission and it took place before he got there.

Entering the library he set all the scrolls on a table and sat down, now came the perk of doing this whole time consuming task. Sitting back, he opened the first scroll and gazed at it, eyes drinking in the words. Time passed and each scroll was moved too, followed by the larger tome. Sometime during it, he had to use a mage light to keep reading as the sun went down outside. The tome was highly descriptive, giving ideas and information on possible dungeons that existed or still could exist, the theory of Rukh and it's origins and how magic came from it.

As he got to the end he sat back and smiled, considering everything he had read and learned he decided right then that he had made the right choice in his life. If he had stayed home he never would have come to know so much about the world. He looked around, seeing the endless amount of tomes and scrolls that was just here, so much information from all over the world. Spells, theories, magical knowledge, history of the world, maps, tomes, nature, ideas. The entire place was a information fount!

Standing up, he stretched his muscles and groaned. Now, he was ready to begin putting the books away. Picking up the scrolls and tome he went about his duty, putting them away in their respective areas. Now, it was time for some food. He left the library and headed down to his favorite restaurant and grabbed a seat. He had been craving nachos since lunch time but having to do the meeting, read the tomes, and put them all away had really taken a lot of time so he had not been able to have lunch or dinner. He told the waitress a plate of nachos, once he got them he sat back and chowed down.


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