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Magi and the History of Magic! [Job]

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Job Name: History of Magic
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magnostatd Student
Job Overview: A class about discovering the known history of magic learned from ancient texts and collected from the torran tribes around the world. Specifically the student will learn about the basics of the Rukh and the theory of the existence of Dungeons and its probable connection to Magi that was cited in ancient lore as mere legends.
   A History Professor sent out an offer to be an intern for his research team on the probable existence of Magi on present day.
   The students that would accept the job would receive a small reward and their task is to organize the reading materials, collate the data and transcribe the minutes of the meeting of researchers in the group. As an added benefit the student would have access to more obscure reading materials about the subject.

It was a dark and cloudy day, and the first day of classes for Zana at the great academy of magic. Rain drizzled along the studious young magician's window. Rising early from his sleep, Zana would awake and look at his window at the sky of darkness and rain. He would rub his eyes and push himself up off his bed to get up. As the boy sat up, he would stare off into the sky outside his window just thinking about his new life in this city. It was sure a new environment for the boy who is a devote practitioner of his faith and very used to how things were back at home in the Sasan Kingdom to the west of this here city of magicians.

"I ought to prepare for history class."

Said the boy to himself. He would dress in his garbs, and take his schedule and wand with him to his first class of the day at the academy. Walking to his door tiredly, Zana exited his room and found his class in a building near the rooms. Sounds of rain filled the air. Zana came to the foot of the door of the class and would peek his head in, seeing if he could come in. Zana's history teacher and some students were there. It appeared class would start in a little.

As class began, the teacher would begin to go over some daily basics of the rukh before delving into questions to the class on dungeons, a topic Zana would rise a brow to. His teacher would speak of how there was a theory of an existence of dungeons before dungeons were found to truly exist. He would speak then on briefly about an ancient text it appears the class learned somewhat about already. Zana would listen on to his teacher closely, fascinated that a theory of dungeons existed before they were even found to begin with. This all eventually led into his teacher speaking on about a probable connection with a class of people in ancient lore from people of Alma Torran tribes known none other by Magi, an ancient legend.

However, Zana's teacher would only barely scratch the surface here. His teacher would not talk far on the topic as he were to only bring it up to find if any students wanted to be an intern and transcribe minutes of a meeting the teacher and some researchers would have. A very boring task for anyone not very interested in research of this old and seemingly non existent legend. However, Zana for one was interested.

"I will!"

"Hmm? You would like to transcribe our meeting then, Zana? If so, stay after class and we will talk about it."

So then, after class was finally complete for the day, Zana would accompany his professor to help him transcribe minutes from a meeting with a team of researchers and high class magicians. Two other students who would be interns would assist the professor in writing data and speech from the meeting down onto paper. Zana would as a result of acting as an intern, was let read more obscure reading material on the subject, from the research team and meeting that would be transcribed onto paper.

Hailing from Sasan and having read some material from his homeland and religious texts, Zana would not help but feel there is a connection between the religious texts and faith of Sasan and some of this new information he was able to write down and listen on to. After the meeting, Zana would be given some money, and new obscure reading material alongside an interesting internship for the history professor.

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