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Rameses Ytna0Rl

name rameses

country affiliation imuchakk

race imuchakk / dungeon beast ( cinder phoenix )

tier d

class warrior

age twenty-five

gender male

sexuality demisexual


+ disciplined
{ due to being tempered by the ancient memories that plague his mind, he is able to control his emotions better than most. though he can be prone to crack under stress, it takes much more to bring him to duress. }

+ loyal
{ though he has lived through the eyes of many different bodies, his loyalty to those he surrounds himself with is something he takes care in. oftentimes, he will go above and beyond for these people without expecting any return. }

+ calm
{ like the slow burn of embers, he keeps a consistent demeanor. even in situations where one may panic, he has the ability to remain level headed and think clearly when needed. }

+ eidetic
{ while his memory is in constant flux as he weaves in and out of the flow, he has very good retention. so much so that he could remember a day that occurred a few years ago down to the tiniest detail. the journals he keeps allow him to strengthen this unnatural talent. }

- arrogant
{ to him, many are beneath what he is in essence. his hope for mortals over the years has dwindled to ash. with only few who could reignite the fire within his heart. }

- possessive
{ what is his will always remain his. what he desires, he will keep to himself. sharing what he covets is a concept he rejects with all of his being. }

- cold
{ the way he builds attachments with others is rather detached. he does not allow himself to get too close. those who get past this barrier are few and far between. }

- materialistic
{ due to his original nature, he is constantly plucking and pruning every bit of himself. change is a necessity. each feather must fall for their to be new growth. what he views as aesthetic is what is right. if it does not perceive it as pleasant, it is repulsive. }


+ gold and jewels
{ he has infatuation of the color gold, which he believes goes well with the colors of his plume. jewels, he covets as they remind him of the night skies and adorn him with their richness. }

+ making memories
{ each life is an experience. little by little, memories are made but they do not last forever. to mortals, some would deem them insignificant. he strives to remember all moments as little or significant as they may be. }

+ sunbathing
{ the warmth of the sun is what had first brought him into this world and it is her comfort that he seeks. }

+ reading
{ books hold the memories of others and stories weaved by excellent minds. while those he reads are less fiction, he enjoys to indulge himself in them. }


- dying
{ each death, he forgets. while he does not fear the end nor the call of the rukh, he does not like the process of cycling into another life. }

- forgetting
{ zzz }

- winter storms
{ when the cold wind blows even harsher through the tundra, the more he struggles. despite his vessel being more attuned to the chiller weather, the cold was never favorable to him. }

- filth
{ whether it is on others or himself, he is not tolerant of dirtiness. while it is a necessity at times, he goes through thorough cleaning rituals in order to keep himself spic and span to his own standards. }


his only wish is to live this current life to be as full as he can make it before death grips him once more and he returns to ashes. his duty is to create memories as he does in each existence. if he could assist in helping those around him achieve greatness, it is all he could ask for. anything beyond that is up to fate to guide him towards. whether it is a long life or a swift death.


the only things he could ever say he feared out of everything the world is to forget and to remember. each time he returns to the rukh, the loss of his memories is a demon he has to face. yet not all memories are retained. some are lost, carried away by the rukh. upon his rebirth, he knows he must live once more through the worst of them and those that were good, he may never recall ever again. much has been lost to him over the years.

face-claim cu chulainn alter from fate/series

hair color azure blue

eye color crimson

height 366 cm | 12 ft 0 in

weight 256 kg | 564 lbs


his appearance remains unnaturally youthful for his chronological age, hardly looking a day over thirty. the build of his body is typical for an imuchakk, bulky and muscular with smooth, tanned skin. his cobalt hair flows long in a choppy mullet down to the middle of his back. red irises adorn his eyes, a stern expression always accompanying them.

he dresses in the typical garb of his people, choosing to dye them into darker hues of blue and red. his affinity for jewels and gold reflects the trinkets he wears.

there are red tattoos below his eyes, upon his abdomen, and arms. some are designed into triangular knots while the one on his torso appears to be a magic seal of some sort.

rukh alignment white


when he had first risen from the darkness below the sands, he cried out and they had called him bennu- he who came into being by himself. when they had witnessed his radiance, they had begun to worship him like a god- their pharaoh. they named him rameses, son of ra. a name that was not his own yet had stuck into the history of time, given to him by what he had seen as foreign creatures.

he has lived what seems like thousands of their lives. he has broken bread with them, fought with them, grown ill, grown old, and even sired their children. each time he feels the sweet kiss of death, he turns into ashes that burn like the sun. he has seen the underworld and basked in it's warmth embrace. the afterlife rejects his undying soul, cursing him to live again. each time he takes a new breath, he forgets a part of themselves. memories taken from him piece by piece.

after each death they forget as he does. in some lives, he takes the form of a woman and others he is a man yet is neither. after each one, his arrival is unanticipated in the womb of one of expecting mothers. yet in birth, they know. his ancient memories shared with their fragile mind in the throws of deliverance.

in this life, the first breath he took tore through his lungs. a dry, violating cold that shook his very bones. as much as the blizzard tried to smother his flame, embers remained. he was brought forth into the tundra, surrounded by tribes of giants. his vessel grew fast and the lost fragments his psyche came swifter. in the cold, he found no comfort. even under the thick protectiveness of his skin.

his name was foreign on their tongue and many times they had given him one anew. each time, he refused. they found familiarity in the sibling they had given him. yet held him higher for the gift of fire bestowed upon his soul. years passed and taller he grew.

he did not belong. yet he remained.

as his blood will always run through the veins of mortals and he will always be reborn, trapped in a flesh prison that he may never escape. for that is his curse.

role-play sample
click to expand:
he rests his chin atop her head, closing his eyes momentarily. "if the princess of uraeus requires sleep, to bed it is." rameses turns on his heels and heads back the way they came.

the guards had been there, waiting and ready to open the doors for them. they entered into a dimly foyer and for as large as the estate was, the entire space was quiet. he takes his shoes off by the door and makes his way down the left hall to the end where there was another door, different from the rest. it opens to a large room with grand ivory pillars holding up a keyhole shaped opening that leads to a nest of expensive furs and fabrics, and plush pillows. the candles of varying heights surrounded it, lit as he stepped forward. it was by no means well kept to an ordinary eye.

he lowers her down into the center, letting her fall out of his arms gently into its comforts. he sits down on the edge, running his digits through golden strands. "is this comfortable enough for you?" he asks, his voice kept low and hushed.

cinder phoenix racial:

[b]Trait Name:[/b] Cinder Phoenix
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Dungeon, auction, mutation
[b]Trait Description[/b] A bird born from mighty ashes and roaring flames. Ash following its wake very few can stand the heat of its flames, facing the raw force of the phoenix is never to be trifled.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*]Capable of B-tier flight

[*]When flying for 10 magoi the user can a trail of ash and smoke is 3m in diameter, with the trail lingering behind up to 10m. Those caught within cannot see for three posts and are affected by the cinder magic passive.

[*]Can register 5 abilities using cinder magic, one of which may be A-tier.

[*]As a phoenix if this player dies they may rebirth as a new person, their cells reshaping their body with magic. They are reborn a new character with no real backstory and have half of their xp.

[*]The user looks like a phoenix, appearing as massive bird they can somewhat still use tools and items but their new appendages provide some difficulty. (Appearing as a bipedal bird)

[*]Takes double damage from water

[*]Has human magoi and stamina pools.[/list]

shard of solomon trait:

[b]Trait Name:[/b] From Ashes to Ashes
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] Ω
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Cinder Phoenix | Obtained by a Shard of Solomon
[b]Trait Description:[/b] The rukh often reincarnates, often taking the form of a new body, but some creatures have found the cycle a way to keep their souls intact even as their form changes. They were reborn in a human prison and only through the power of a Magi has their true form been awakened.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*]This trait allows the user to shift into their dungeon beast form at a cost. The racial trait of their human form will be unavailable to them when shifted to their dungeon beast form. [ [i]20 magoi to activate | 10 to sustain[/i] ]

[*]As they are not truly an Imuchakk, they do not gain access to First Harpoon, their magoi and stamina pools, or their resistance to the cold.

[*]All spells created for their dungeon beast form that are B tier or lower are able to be utilized in this form.

[*]The user is able to conjure wings of flame onto their back and use them to move at B Tier flight speeds. [ [i]10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain[/i] ]

[*]The user is able to mend themselves with the flames their body produces healing C Tier damage each post it this trait is active. While this is in effect, the excess heat produced causes the user to radiate and do C Tier ability damage to anything within 2 meters of the user. [ [i]10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain[/i] ]

this trait was collaborated on and approved by merrze.

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

Approved, I'll add u to Imu, Merrze or Neo will need to put in ur pools


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