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Family ties (job/plot/solo)

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Job NameRepairing and brainwashing Pt3
Job RankD
Job LocationKou
Job reward3,000 huang, 50xp
Chain Reward d tier npc
Job prereqPt2
Job descriptionNow time for the final step, initiation.  He will be require to bring life to their god by burning away his old self, his family. However they also must face some guards as well.

Enemy Name: Guards x5
Damage required to defeat: D
Description:Simple guards in guard attire and armed with spears.
Abilities: Spear throw:Throws the spear 5 meters to deal d tier damage
drill spear: Thrust the spear while twisting it to deal d tier damage.

Gilles smiles as she looks at the former guard captain. He was in the middle of transforming into someone new. He has survived the touch of their god and has turned against the wretched fate that controls this world. Now all that was left was for him to cut ties from his previous life, which in this case was his family. She would grab her warrior some new clothes and a fierce looking mask. "From now on you shall be Dusk as you will bring an end to this world ruled by fate. You are my first warrior and together we shall use this city as the first pyre for our god. You will help me take control of the guards of this city" The guard captain would laugh as he thinks about bringing pain to his fellow guards and former friends. "Yes! we shall do as you say and bring new life to this city by snuffing out the old." "We shall cut ties with your old self first. while you were screaming you mentioned a family. So lets go and pay them a visit. Offer them up to our god."

She would give him a stick to help prop himself up since it would take awhile for him to get used to having just one leg. He would put on the mask and start walking, well more like hobbling out of the shack. He would start leading the crazed crusader down the street taking her down to his house where his family was. He was a husband and had 2 kids but also had his in-laws living with them at them moment. However, he no longer had an emotional connection to his family, they were just another piece of firewood for their god. As they are walking they would come across a group of guards that were currently patrolling the area. They would stop when they would see the pale woman that they have been warned about. However, the reports never mentioned she would be accompanied by a masked man with one leg. The would not hesitate to attack, the had already lost one group do to trying to take her alive. two guards would spear throw, throwing their spears at the targets. Dusk would pull out his sword deflecting them but fall down do to the force of the impact. Gilles would use hair armory, blade to create a blade of hair around her left arm and charge that the guards. before they have time to react she would cut them all in two laughing as their pieces fall to the ground. She would walk over and help Dusk back up as they start walking again, She was worried how he would feel watching his fellow guards die but it did not seem to effect him at all. She would smile as they continue. When they got to his home his family was relieved to see him but that relief turned to fear as gilles and Dusk tied up the wife kids and in laws. Once tied up they would set a fire in the house then leave after making sure everything burned.

WC 500+/500
Family ties (job/plot/solo) Dusk10

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