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A Family in Need [Job / Plot]

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Reed Harper

Reed Harper

Job Details:
Job Name: A Peasant's Medicine
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Mainland / The Plains
Job Rewards: 50 Exp. and 3 000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: none
Job Overview: A small family made of two kids and their mother work in one of the smaller farms on the east coast of Magnostadt. One day however the mother of the two young children falls ill and the only one who can save her is you. One of the children appears to have basic knowledge of herbs but is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Can you save the peasant family?

Reed was standing in the plaza of the academy city, wandering around, looking for something to do with his free time. He had been excelling in his classes, not without extra tutoring from his talented sister, and decided it was high time for a break from his studies. He was hanging out by the local general store when he heard a young voice frantically calling out to him. He whipped around to see a young girl, couldn't have been older than eight, asking strangers if they could help her at all. Her words were sporadic, very hard to understand, so Reed just agreed to follow her, where the little girl led Reed outside of the city proper and out into the Plains.

" mommy! My mommy is sick! She needs h-help!" She stammered, her tears and rapid speech gone as she was calmer now. Reed listened to her impassioned plea more and more, hearing that her brother was alone with their mother, but gathering the herbs needed to make the medicine was far too dangerous for them to go grab alone. They were looking for anyone to go and help them but nobody was willing. The herbs were in a special, dangerous location, where a magician would have to use some serious magical abilities to survive or else they would die very painfully by the vicious wolves that resided in that area. Reed was apprehensive to take this mission on, but when he saw the melancholy faces of these poor children, he could only think of his own childhood and the bond these two children share. In a way, the young girl reminded him of his sister Coda, and he felt a small attachment to the kids and their plight. So he agreed and off he ventured onto a decidedly less safe area than the coastal town he was just in. The herbs grew on a cliff facing the waterfront and were conspicuously guarded by a pack of wolves. Either these wolves are defending the herbs or they just happened to be there at the time. Either way, Reed was determined to make mince meat out of these oversized puppy dogs.

"Incredible...well, here goes: Rondo" Reed's wand became a sword in his hand, the sound vibrating intensely around his wand as he walked toward the vicious beasts. The first wolf lunged toward Reed, though he quickly swat his wand out in front, cutting the beast dramatically as it fell to the ground, whimpering in pain. It lay there, nursing its wounds as the second wolf charged toward Reed. The wolf scratched at Reed, but he managed to avoid the brunt of the attack, one of the talons clipping his leg. Reed grunted in pain as he swat his sword down at the wolf, piercing its body clean through and hearing a death knell as the wolf went limp immediately after. It seemed as though there were no more aggressive animals in the area, so he walked up to the herbs and plucked them from the ground. He felt an eerie sense of peril, as if he was being watched, but shook off the feeling to travel back to the village to deliver the herbs to the young children. The children were elated to see Reed return and give them the herbs necessary to heal their sick mother. After long hours of mixing the medicine together, their mother's fever ran down and Reed stayed around a little longer, making sure everything was still fine. Both children fell asleep and the mother was sleeping soundly--calmly--this time. Reed picked up his belongings and made the journey back to Magnostadt, feeling accomplished at helping a family in their time of dire.

"There you are...I've been looking all over for you..." A voice said out in the distance. Reed, confused, looked up to see none other than his sister Lyra.

"Lyra...what are you doing here?"

"I got a letter from our parents--mother is sick. I was going to go home to stay with her for a while...I wanted to know if you were going to accompany me..."

"No. I could never forgive them. Shame on you for going!" The exchange grew heated, the siblings hot with rage and misunderstanding. When it was clear that Reed would not being joining Lyra in her trek home, she stormed off, utterly furious with his decision to be a selfish boy. But, Reed was still hurt over the fate of his sister. He would never forgive his parents. He would never accept his fate.

Word Count: 7623/500


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A Family in Need [Job / Plot] MlM2sTf

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