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Ash & Dust[JCINK] 3.3.3 Post Apocalyptic Horror

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Ash & Dust[JCINK] 3.3.3 Post Apocalyptic Horror Salgraphic
Post Apocalyptic Horror // New Mexico // LGBT+ // Premium Jcink // Brand New
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The year is 2072. The world of before is gone. Great Wars took over every country in 2015, culminating with the near complete and utter destruction of over 70% of the planet. Now, nearly 60 years later, the descendants of those wars struggle to survive and eke out an existence.Life is not what it used to be. Evolution has been sped up, genetic tampering has created strange and powered individuals, and radiation fallout turned some people and their line into seeming monsters. Humans. Mumans. Ghosts. Add to the mix bandits, crazy cultists, and strange anomalies that strike without warning or mercy, and the survivors of the New World have their hands full.

The world may have gone to shit, but the people that have been born into what is left of it have no choice but to survive, if not thrive. Each day is a struggle and violence is around every rock and corner. Only the boldest, the strongest, and the most cunning will shape the broken and shattered remains of the world. Or will they? Perhaps those who are kind, smart, and diplomatic will turn the tide of humanity now.

The choice is yours. Human? Muman?  Or Ghost? New Mexico awaits… on Ash & Dust.

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