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Just Stand: A Post-Apocalyptic RP

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Just Stand: A Post-Apocalyptic RP 2cekin6

Just Stand

Imagine living in a world where 99.4% of the world's population of humans has been wiped out by a weaponized influenza virus that was released 40 years ago. Picture the fear for your life and grief of lost loved ones, now imagine surviving the virus and having to learn to Just Stand in this terrifying new world... In this story you will do just that.

Now the year is 2240, and the small amount of humans that survived the awful attack has begun to form and build their own settlements that mirror vastly different philosophies of living. Resources are sparse, the demand is high, and the struggle between the human settlements and the unaligned nomads makes this world truly a place where only the fit will survive.

With the virus turning humans into an endangered species, and even turning some humans into Biters and Skinwalkers (a new form of human), the world has been flipped on it's head and the path that the human race takes next will helped be shaped by you. So which path will you take? Join here to find out where you will take the next generations of humans...

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