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Fugue State [JCINK]

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Fugue State [JCINK] 43sg2Kj
JCINK Premium :diamonds: fluid modern timeline :diamonds: active :diamonds: 35+ species :diamonds: 4y running :diamonds: lgbtq+ friendly

FS is a premium, 18+ supernatural site set on a fluid timeline in sunny San Francisco, California. The supernatural world has been known and at large for centuries and the human populace has begun to dwindle. How will you fit into the reigning chaos?

Come celebrate our site-altering 4th birthday with a series of progressively escalating events setup to allow you the members to help us change the course of our very own world! Will it all erupt into chaos? Will good or evil prevail? Will the mortals finally rise up, or are they destined to fall altogether?

The fate of our world, is quite literally, in your hands.


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