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The State Of Heliohapt

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
A nation is like an animal, it has things that keep it healthy and things that define it as a unique entity. Like most animals, this also means that every nation has a head, a core part of it that commands and keeps the nation on track. For some time the head of Heliohapt has been weak like a sickly beast. A pharaoh with no plans to develop or expand his nation in a changing world who was kept in power by greedy nobles whose goal was to keep their land rich in wealth and slaves. This would be the catalyst for their downfall, within the capital forces had been working long and with more diligence than the ruling government had ever had. The Dark Hand and Lagi El Nagi had orchestrated a large scale event that not only secured control of the capital city and surrounding cities but also changed the surrounding landscape forever.

In the flash of an eye, green light swallowed up nearly a quarter of the region of Heliohapt with anything that had basked in it directly dying from severe radiation burns, or finding themselves mutated beyond recognition. With rocks twisted into spires from heat warping and palm trees that dropped coconuts that glimmered a neon hue in the darkness of night. These aberrant decorations only marked more horrific from the mutated humans, survived, and turned into beasts those at the border without direction roam aimlessly only sating their base desires. When the head of an animal is cut off and made foreign so it can't return it sends the rest of the body into shock, the same can be said for a nation.

With the hellish border and not many brave enough to venture into the realm of Tartarus most are unsure of what is going on, and what has happened in the time since the cataclysm. While its head was removed Heliohapt stilled had its body and its vital parts but the said can be said of their government, with their strongest nobles and their de facto leaders out of their way it only leaves behind the small players. With most of them having lived as pawns, failures, cowards, unremarkable, or weaklings they came together in an attempt to save their nation and restore a pharaoh to the throne. However, with the symbol of Heliohaptian authority and power suddenly cut off it lead to near-instant shock through the lands. With some nobles unable to return home, and others without the power to back themselves a majority of the slave population has burst into a full-blown revolt.

At first, the Heliohapt Nobles Alliance hoped that their armies of conscripted warriors would easily put down the revolts in surrounding cities and territories. However, a large part of the Slave Army consists of slaves from fighting pits, labor jobs, and slave soldiers who were lucky enough to survive being used as cannon fodder. To everyone's surprise, the Slave army routed the 2nd Battalion of the Noble's army with the commander of the slave army pushing them towards another band of revolting slaves. After the decimation and liberation of all the slaves in nearby areas, the slaves rallied under the general of the initial slave army.

With their armies suddenly numbering thousands with slaves outnumbering the number of free people in some cities the port city of Tethis soon found itself under attack from the large number of slaves that were trafficked through its ports and roads along with its notable auction house. It's said that within the second night of the siege the general announced his name and a single message before they took the city. "I am Bakh, a second-generation slave of this land and we are here to liberate our siblings as we have liberated ourselves."

In the wake of the siege, the slaves were within the city were freed and joined the army in storming the city lord's palace, burning it down before they took him and his family prisoner. The lord himself disappeared from public sight within the first few hours. When he reappeared it was on the road to another city where the first passerby saw him before leaving him to continue the pilgrimage the Slave Army had sent him on. Straddled atop a Panther-Camel his arms are bound together at his side with his alabaster robes dyed with the deep crimson stain of his seeping blood.  With his eyes lidded and swollen lips quivering in their damaged nature he still carried forth their message. The source of his crimson drapery a nail driven into his chest keeping a note from the general in place. The note written with great care was easy for all to read as the beast leisurely strolled by:

"A once proud nation has allowed itself to get sicker and sicker under the rule of a diseased government who cared more for feeding their depraved habits than nurturing their nation and its people. The disaster in the capital and its surrounding area can be seen with a blessing behind its darkness. It has allowed us to break free from the chains of tyranny and given us the means to free our brothers and sisters so that we may strengthen ourselves enough to fight back the remnants of the previous government. It is for that reason we have ripped this noble from his home and set him on a message for all to see, so you may join us or warn others what will happen to those who try to stop us. We desire equality for all of us who live within this nation, and it is for that we have set up our own government for us to protect the common interests of the people. The time of God-Kings in Heliohapt is no more, the time for a righteous king of ideals is now. For that our third and final statement is that we've declared the rule of a Sultan, appointed by the army and liberated peoples of the newly free cities they have chosen a leader that represents their new ideas and is capable of making a nation strong enough to protect those ideals. It is for all the reasons stated in this letter that I, their new leader have sent this message out, and the reason I sent it the way I did. Will you join me, a freed slave and the fight for liberation, or will you fight to strip those of rights and die in vain as our armies burn your cities?"

Signed, General of The Rebel Slave Army, The Liberator of Heliohapt, King of the Voiceless

Sultan Bakh Ahbudir

The noble and the letter traveled for almost two weeks before eventually making it to its last step, the city where the general and head of The Noble Alliance. He had thought this event was the chance for him and his family to finally be prominent, but after taking the letter of the Lord Of Tethis' collapsed body he found his feelings souring with the letter crumpling in his hand. He thought this would be easy but now he found his beliefs overturned as those he resigned to the building blocks of his goals rebelled and overturned any progress they had made at stabilizing the nation for their regime. Though he wished to stop the army quickly the Slave Army has already continued their campaign, rallying the downtrodden and freeing every slave they come across. Against their wishes news of the rebellion has spread quickly as someone who saw the letter had forged copies and spread them.

The Noble Alliance wishes to squash the rebels and restore the status quo with a new Pharaoh, and The Slave Army's goal is to free al enslaved people in the Heliohapt region and build a fairer nation that would work for their betterment, with their Sultan at its head will they be free or will a broken nation be bandaged in chains.

Bakh, General of The Slave Army:
The State Of Heliohapt B058db776d57925e57a5b859e70cf100

Name: Bakh Ahbudir

Rashida, General of The Nobles Alliance:
The State Of Heliohapt Sarybomb-screenshot-1

Name: Rashida Al-Dali

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