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One with the sun (training/solo)

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Ability trained:
Sun Burst
Tier: C
Class: Magician (light)
Type:  supplementary
Range: medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hold a staff and chant the name of the spell
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 magoi

The user closes their eyes and raises their staff in the air chanting the spell name. A 10 meter diameter flash of light surrounds the user blinding those who see it for 2 post.

The wizened and magical assassin known as Silva Kaida was currently walking to the outside of the city into the country side. This was so that he could find a quiet place to train. Recently he had remembered a bunch of memories of his old life. Some of these memories are about spells he had once known, spells that had helped him in his profession as an assassin. This particular spell would involve light magic which is something else he had just remembered. This spell would create a small burst of light that would  be used to blind those who are encompassed or see it. With this he would need to become what had gave him this inspiration as a young man, the sun itself.

In order to become the sun he had to have a strong mental image of being the sun. He couldn't just mimic it but believe he is the sun. He would start this progress by removing his clothes besides his undergarments. He would then become larger entering his buff mode. The thought behind this is that with him in his peak physical condition he would just stand there basking in the sun and focusing on his own heat. The sun was a large ball of heat so he would have to become large as well which is why he was in this form. He would feel his heat in the core of his body and feel the heat spread throughout his whole body being carried by his own blood. Soon he could imaging himself as a giant ball of bright shining light, filling the space around it with bright, blinding light. This process he would repeat for weeks, spending hours upon hours just standing still and concentrating on the mental image, only stopping for food and water.

After the weeks of training and basking in the sun he would let the heat finally release from his body creating a small amount of light all around his body while holding his staff.  It was just a minuscule amount of light however he was certain that he could build it up more and more. He would start repeating this process by building up the image of heat in his body then releasing a small amount of light which was slowly getting larger with each try. However this was as far as he was going to get with just a mental image. Now he is going to have to use his full magical force to actually create the large aura of light around his body. He would raise his staff high up in the air channeling his magic into the staff before letting out a massive 10 meter diameter flash of bright white light. The big problem was that he forgot to close his eyes which ended up blinding him for quite a while. Once he had regained his sight he would repeat the process to create a massive area of light in a quick flash. He would smile as he had successfully replicated one of the spells he had once known.

WC 500/500

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