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Heading out for Adventure! (Traveling from Reim to the Plains)

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"FASTER! FASTER!" Menat hollared, louder than she needed to. Yet the excitement of the moment was more than enough to get her shouting with joy as her hands clutched the fabric of the otherwise normal looking rug under her. Yet dispite the otherwise traditional appearance of the carpet it still did the abnormal. The otherwise simplistic rug currently carried both Menat and Bast through the wind. It was the first time Menat found herself using the keepsake that Bast claimed her father left behind for her. It was also, at last, the first time Menat was finally able to leave the confines of Reim in her entire life.

It seemed like this all stemmed from Bast having something to do in the Plains of the mainland and it seemed it required that Menat come with her. Unfortunately the magic carpet, while an impressive mode of transportation that she was surprised that her father left to her, didn't seem to understand the concept of "faster" and continued along at a leisurely glide through the sky.

"So tell me sis! What's this stuff we gotta do in the plains?" Menat finally asked, turning her attention from the scenary before her to her acting sister at her side. "It's a surprise. I can't exactly give it away so soon, can I?" Bast replied. A cocky smirk graced her lips as she teased the youth she had been charged with raising. The sight of Menat's cheeks ballooning up in frustration at being denied a straight answer. Her caretaker really knew how to push her buttons in just the right way to annoy her.

"No fair! You always say its a secret when I ask about something big like this!" Menat whined. "Can you AT LEAST tell me how much longer until we finally get there?"

Bast looked from Menat to the rug they both sat on to the scenary going by around them as they flew. "Judging from how far we've already traveled, I'd say we're due to arrive fairly shortly actually."

WC: 338/300

Magic Carpet:
Item Name: Flying Carpet
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item
A magical flying carpet that allows the user to soar through the sky. It measures 2 meters in width, 3 in length, and about 20cm in terms of thickness, making it quite flexible.

This magical carpet gives a 25% word count reduction on traveling topics.
The carpet can fly at great speeds equivalent to an A-tier flight spell, up to a height of 60 meters. The carpet can hold up to 5 people at a time before being weighed down. This function is free in social situations but costs magoi to be used in combat or when under attack. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


Heading out for Adventure! (Traveling from Reim to the Plains) QtRTjIE

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