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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
It would astound you how time comes to fall; being ever-fleeting yet always involved. Life changes like seasons- and he knew it too, so he always moved forward. He was reborn in the dungeon before violently spewed out from it. It was just as it may be, they were incompatible. He had held no place there, it was a land not meant to be conquered.

So he returned back into his homeland, and soon he might discover his mother country. Jahangir was so many things and yet unrealized or ignorant to all of them, The Black Lion, World King, Son of The Grand Priestess.

Though what he had realized was the light nature of his heart without stress. Something about returning to his home had called him, and so fate stirred the rukh; calling to him a route to travel through the Country. He was the wind coursing the forest trees, and the light of the sun that warmed the land and even the flashes of thunder during the Spring showers.1

He came through the wreckage and passed through the remnants of a dead war. A thousand swords surrounded the king and he took their form now to be unseen and indistinguishable from the rusted blades. There were many memories he had lost in this country. Many bonds and even more responsibilities. An army, a guild and lovers & sons which were all but erased.

He knew he was going to be close soon though, back to a city where he might find parts of his old life, shattered or whole. "No", Jahan shook his head. "My Life could not be whole without me".

The smell of rain forewarned another light shower that started across the sky, and it was both refreshing and perfect. The World King enjoyed the sensation and for the second time ever a rainbow opened up above a thousands swords before him. It was miraculous bold color & light, and it brought him a bit more peace. The wind and storm picked up just slightly as Jahan stared at the rainbow, and on a whim he activated "Aurangzeb!", the shimmering half cape that was his weapon.

He took form of the rainbow2 and his presence was replaced, a thousand swords that had been him just before evaporating, before his eminence revealed bright powerful bands of light. He was a walking rainbow, what could be the sign of a deity. Or perhaps great fortune? Though in truth it was the powers of The World King.

145/150 magoi
410/410 stamina

1. & 2.:
1 & 2
Use of
David's Light: The presence of Solomon
Tier: B
Requirements/Drawbacks: Jahanghir must be able to see the presence he wants to aquire. Jahanghir may not use [OFFENSIVE] Abilities as he is performing this ability.
Scaling: Mirroring: Jahanghir may mirror his new presence perfectly. allowing him to create effects like a double rainbow.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 POSTS
Cost: 15 MAGOI
Description:Jahanghir focuses his magoi through [AURANGZEB!]; casting David's Light. This move may target Jahanghir and anything touching [AURANGZEB!]As long as this move is sustained Jahanghir may take the presence of a natural phenomena in his environment. (i.e Jahan may replace the image, sound, smell and otherwise his complete presence, with that of an existing phenomena in the environment. ex1Jahan may replace his presence with that light, a rainbow. Rainfall, The wind, etx)

  • This effect may last for 3 turns
  • The effect will appear to be in motion if Jahanghir is moving.


[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] Rvsp8q10
Name: BLKCLAW {Billie.Jean.Glove}
Type:  Clawed Gauntlet
Material: Gold, Iron , Diamond, Obsidian , Iridescent Snake
Appearance: a golden,black and red gauntlet that  extends up Jahangir entire left arm. The gauntlet is made with several sharp plates around the joints. Carved with careful detail and artistry the gauntlet has several ornate designs. The inner chamber is a a glove made of iridescent snake skin and diamond. The the hand of the gauntlet is polished a blood-like crimson and obsidian.The Gauntlet is  113 cm in length, and clawed to the tips.

[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] Latest?cb=20091205210748
Name: Aurangzeb - Ornament of the Throne
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Fighting Cloth
Magic Type: Ultimate Ninja Magic (Light|Sound|Life)
Appearance: Black and Gold Regal half fighting cape, made of a mysterious and durable material. The length of the cape is 107 centimeters and covers the users left arm, the cape remains strapped on to the users torso by golden knotted chords. The material of the cape is very thin and malleable similar to silk.


  • Cloak of Concealment - When fed magoi, the cloth will shimmer for a brief moment before cloaking the user and their objects in an aura of perfect invisibility where no smell or sound escapes the person(s) being coated. The effects of this cloth can be granted to a total of four other people or creatures upon touch of the user so long as they maintain being within 1 meter of the user during the duration of the sustain. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] Latest?cb=20161002174734
Name: The Sword of Damokles
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Magic Longsword
Magic Type: Light
Appearance: A golden and ornamental longsword about 150 cms long. The hilt of the Damokles is complex flowery and ornamental. The entirety of the blade sparkles with lovely golden particles as it does before it attacks.

    That Which May Glisten - When feeding magoi through this weapon it cause it to shine brightly creating an intense light which will burn the retinas of anything viewing it within 1 meter; with the exception of the caster who is holding the blade. The function inflicts B tier damage. Cost: 10 cast | 5 sustain


[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] Az4vRkm
Name: Melodies
Tier: D
Species:Melodias Parodiso
Appearance: They are small birds being between 2-3 inches in size. The Melodies have beautiful golden and sun kissed feathers and their beaks are small and sharped with several holes in them which form a flute.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name:Flute Beak
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:Melodias Paradiso
Trait Description:The Melodies are a bird with extraordinary vocal prowess. Their beaks are wind instruments formed by nature. This is their primary defense mechanism. The birds are able to sing birdsongs that may attract, repel, disorientate, or lull other organisms to sleep. Together they have a large vocal range
Trait Effect:
*are able to register status inflicting vocal abilities


[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] 8ueXlz2

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Soaring above the barren waste and corroded blades, a bird of prey cried. Closer and closer she circled, above the man who seemed to glow like a prism, casting light out in all directions over badlands. With a screech, the falcon dove and dropped a small glass shard atop of the man’s head, or so it would intend to fall. With her task complete, Tomato would descend low, inclining towards a figure in the distance.

Sitting neatly with legs crossed, Ayero gazed languidly into the distance. He’d come at last, lead by the rukh or so she would have liked to imagine. Rukh was a concept she’d come to accept over the years, even if she could not see or sense it as well as others. Fanalis had other capabilities, ones she’d intended on honing over the years.

How many years had it been?

She extended an arm for Tomato to perch on, the bird of prey giving one last cry before walking up mater’s arm settling herself onto the Fanalis’ shoulder. With the falcon preening away, Ayero rose and idly dusted her hands along the fabric of her clothes.

“It has been a while, Jahan’gir.”

The world, though perhaps not to her surprise, had kept on turning.


[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] RVX8qm9
Name: Tomato
Tier: C-Tier
Role: Brute/Assassin
Species: Red Headed Falcon
Speed: 7 m/s
Appearance: Tomato is an adult falcon and measures ~0.75 m (~2.5 ft) from the top of her head to the tip of her tail feathers. Her wingspan measures ~1.4 m (~4.5 ft). Tomato’s head and the top half of her body are a burnt orange while the lower half of her body and wings are grey and speckled with orange. She had two large tail feathers that have yellow and black alternating stripes. Her eyes, curved beak and clawed feet are all yellow.

Passive Traits:
D-Tier Passive:
Name: Flight
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: N/A
Role: Brute
Range: N/A
Duration: Passive
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Tomato is able to fly at 15 m/s.

C-Tier Passive:
Name: Sharp Feathers
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: N/A
Role: Assassin
Range: N/A
Duration: Passive
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: Tomato’s feathers have very sharp edges causing her basic attacks to do a tier above in damage.


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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
He had smelled her first, somewhere in the distance clouded by the rust of aged blood & iron. Something feminine and powerful, one of the alpha-lioness. "Ayero!" he thought  and the memories of his former life came dashing back to Jahangir.
His teacher, his friend.

He smiled and made himself more visible now becoming a lamp of prismatic light. In that moment falling from the air came the crystalline fate, the solomon shard. Which he plucked from his hair and smiled. It was just like her, to pass yet another thing on.

Jahan met Ayero shining before the sword graveyard and she greeted him for the first time in several years.

“It has been a while, Jahan’gir.”

Jahan smiled at her, "It's been a long time pass Aye". He held back excitement, no doubt instinctively he wanted to squeeze life from his teacher. To flex his might and show and tell her all of the things he had learned in the time passed. Though there was something that held him as if time had changed situations.

Was there relationship that light hearted? Or was he that familiar.

"No way" Jahan thought to himself. "Knowing Ayero she probably wants to wrassle too", and with that thought came flashbacks of his short months training with the Fanalis. The nature of it was always simple and free, like wild cats horse playing.

It was incredible to be around another of his kind, even though he had the most unique of traits. He remembered testing his strength for the first time on real flesh. She was something he couldnt easily break or mangle, in fact she had always been stronger. So like a child he had learned what strength was from her.

Jahan closed his eyes and when he opened them he grinned ,"You must have been living well and skipping your training Ayero. You're getting rather thick" he was obviously provoking a reaction from her but there was some sly truth that came with this.

"You dont look so tuff anymore"


[INVITE]Yaphet[Ayero|Jahangir] 8ueXlz2

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