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Kronos "Dynatos Revamp" wip

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Kronos "Dynatos Revamp" wip JC4WHSg
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Fanalis
Tier: A

  • Warrior - A Tier
  • Beast Tamer - B Tier

Age + Birthdate: 100 | ??
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Kronos is stern, with a unwavering resolve. Although is will is indomitable he understands there is a time when one must stand and fight, but also when one must sit and a think. Given his position, he learned this the hard way by choosing to stand instead of sit. It was more so not having full control of his anger. Kronos will give up without hesitation if it meant prolonging his life, or the lives of those close to him. He treats every battle like it's life or death regardless of it being a spar or real battle. War is War and will be treated as such.

He's been confined most of his life, so there are many things he's yet to see or experience. In this right, he's a child. This can be shown through his action or facial expressions to things he hasn't experienced. When he is fascinated by something he will try to hide it by scoffing, clearing his throat with a faux cough, or generally acting as if he's seen it before. The only life he has known is the arena's and underground battle clubs. Being behind a cell or hidden away when not participating in battle. This in itself has dulled his emotions.

Kronos is quiet and observing, while also having a anger that is, at times, hard to control. He speaks when spoken to and can often come off as a jolly old man. When his spirits are high at least. He is not scared to oppose those in power, as long as he himself as some sort of power to obscure them. His true intentions whether good or bad are always kept to himself. He may even give false information to progress further in many regards, much like a politician.

Kronos loves spending time with comrades. Hanging out with them, whether it's sparring, training, or just hanging out spending the day together is something that gives him a great amount of joy. He is often seen alone when not with his comrades. When he is with them sparring or playing some sort of game is normally what they partake in, with the occasional trip to the pub. He views these kinds of relationships to be valuable to a persons life.Sitting around watching nature. Something that Kronos views as relaxing and utterly enjoyable, the wind blowing, the sun rising, setting, and many more things contribute to natures beauty in Kronos's mind. He loves watching how the animals react to nature, as well and how they react to giving birth to their children or scattering the seeds of plants. He believes that nature is something that shouldn't be taken for granted by anyone, so he often makes his comrades stop every once in awhile to appreciate nature. Challenges. Despite his somewhat chaotically refined and calm nature Kronos loves a challenge, he absolutely loves a challenge. He prefers physical challenges over mental however. Pushing himself to the limit seems to be a great test to him and he tends to push himself to the limit no matter what it is. He thinks a great challenge shows the limits of ones willpower.

Dark Ruhk: He's experienced it before. The only way Kronos tends to describe it is 'sickening'. He explains this further by saying, it's like a constant headache that one begins to love the pain of. It corrupts the mind, while leaving you yearning for more, it is far worse than any drug created by man.
Dark King Candidates: These people chose to relish in that sickness. They've become so misguided that they believe their actions are for the betterment when in reality they are corrupting the world and the flow of the ruhk.
Corruption: Anyone can become corrupted and find their way from it, however much like the dark ruhk it is something that becomes deeply seeded in a person. They become to find of the power at their disposal that they fail to use it properly. There is no such thing as a world with no corruption, however Kronos intends to clear any seed of corruption that comes into his path.
Slavery of Fanalis: Once the world views Fanalis as being of this world, despite their physical prowess. That would put a true end to the enslavement of Fanalis, much like the Imuchakk have found their independence. Kronos will take whatever steps needed to be in a position of power to show how Fanalis are more than cattle.

Aspirations: The desires of Kronos are plenty. However some of his desires are bigger than other; to help people is one of his biggest motivations. He strives to help those in need; no matter how big or small it is he will help with the best of his ability. He tries to get everyone to lend someone a helping hand if they can. This also attributes to the feeling he has to protect those who can not protect themselves.Another is to free the Fanalis from their "Fate" of being slaves and viewed as beasts.Finding his parents is another Aspiration, but he will take that a step at a time so that it does not consume his time.

Phobias/fears: Kronos's biggest fear is not being able to protect someone. He knows that he can not protect everyone, but he puts it in his mind that he can protect any and everyone no matter who they are or what they do. It is one of his biggest goals in life; if he couldn't protect someone it would devastate him. He doesn't fear death or even killing someone, but losing someone he cares for, a comrade, or a innocent bystander. Kronos's secondary fear is the fact that the Fanalis will never be able to lead peaceful live. He is all to aware of the fact that others do not posses the abilities that the Fanalis have and so are viewed as mere beasts that can be captured and used to make the lives of others easy. Although he fears for others more than himself this is still a outstanding fear in his mind.
Face-Claim: Random FC
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:

Role-Play Sample:


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