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Khrysaor {Complete} AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Khrysaor
Nickname: Khrys
Tier: C-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: Seventeen years old. July 11th.
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength - Blade

Khrysaor {Complete} JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Khrysaor, or Kris as some people call him, is a very personable individual. He enjoys talking with people in Reim despite their social status, and is normally very kind and caring. He often helps out with building projects and charities, and is normally seen walking around with a smile on his face.

He is also a jokester, using his military training in the Legion to pull pranks on the officers in charge of his division, that normally involves itching powder in the sleeping bags or red ants in the sandals. More often than not however, he does get caught, which normally results in physical labor as a punishment or increased coliseum matches until one of the fellow squad members beats him.

During training and combat though, he switches natures completely, becoming more ruthless, merciless, and completely and totally focused. There is little that escapes his attention span in the middle of combat, or when he decides to focus completely.

Both sides of his nature reflect the meaning of his name, Golden Sword. The golden can be applied towards his nature towards the citizens of Reim and his actions in general, while the sword portion of his name can be directly tied towards his attitude in combat. However, in order to keep a sword sharp and his reflexes honed, Kris ends up training a large majority of the day and spending his time in the coliseum.


  • Meat: Kris likes his meat. Beef, Pork or Chicken, it matters not. Anything that is a form of meat and edible is fine by him, as his appetite is ferocious and enormous due to the amount of time he spends training.
  • Books: On the rare occasion that Kris is commanded to stop training and take a break for the day, or week as it would sometimes happen, one could find him at the library, reading mostly anything he could get his hands on. His appetite for knowledge sometimes confused his officers in command, as the sheer amount of effort he puts towards reading and studying could have made him a ranking magician in Magnostadt.
  • Swimming: While this seems to be a minor interest, Kris thoroughly enjoys swimming in any form of water. It is a good way to cool down after training, and in times the bathing areas are limited, such as during war, or travel, it also helps him clean.
  • Cooking: When it comes to liking meat, it is almost imperative that one learns to, and enjoys cooking. Catching fresh fish or wild hog, and knowing how to gut, skin, and debone it, as well as cook it so that ones mouth orgasms is an imperative trait for one who eats such large amounts. That being said, Kris has picked up this skill and is adept at picking out wild plants and herbs to use while cooking as well.


  • Laziness: Kris is a very hard worker when it comes to doing jobs, missions, or training, always giving his all and literally giving one hundred and ten percent. There are times when he needs to be carried off the training field from practicing techniques. Anyone who does not give their all therefore would be insulting their partner, or their art and fighting style in Kris's eyes.
  • Coconut: Kris hates coconut. End of story. The texture, the flavor, the smell, any one of those three things would essentially make him want to vomit. No one, including himself, knows where this dislike came from, nor how, but it has been a predominant force in his eating habits since he was a very young child.
  • Frogs: Due to Kris's phobia of toads, it is only natural that he dislikes frogs as well. While he is completely capable of telling them apart, that still does nothing to brace the minor initial shock and slight panic attack that occurs when he sees one.
  • Ignorance: Ignorance is no excuse to turn a blind eye towards any form of mistreatment towards a civilian or superior officer. Everyone Kris has contact with knows his stance on this, and they also know he has been sent to the jail house over night for almost killing someone for feigning ignorance over the mistreatment of a slave.


  • Bufonophobia: Kris has an inherent phobia of toads. Just like his dislike of coconut, no one knows where the phobia came from. Ever since Kris was a young child, he has been terrified of toads. While to this day they still scare the utter feces out of him, he can at least stare one down, as he had been for ages with constant practice. There actually is a toad locked up in a separate room in his apartment that has a toad in it that he goes into once a day to practice conquering this fear.


  • Ruler of the Land: Like all children growing up with aspirations to be great, Kris indeed was one of them, having heard stories of the Magi and what they have done. The tales of illusion and grandeur of the olden days from when wars were waged and people could not die stuck into his head for good. He wanted to be one of those initial Kings, one that led the people in peace, and conquered his foes at the same time. And to this day he still does, hence why he trains and practices so intensely.

Khrysaor {Complete} ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Matsuoka Rin from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn Red
Eye Color: Red, but leaning towards a darker, cherry wood red instead of blood red.
Height: 5'10"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:
Khrysaor {Complete} Stunning-wing-tattoo-designs-47833

Plastered across Khrysaor's back is a tattoo of spread angel wings. He specifically asked for this tattoo when he turned of age, using it as another form of symbolism after he learned what his name meant; 'Golden Sword'.

While the Golden Sword speaks about itself merely with his personality traits, the wings are something much more personal to Kris, and as such he keeps them well covered at most times. The meaning behind the wings is to keep Kris motivated to soar above the rest and prove he can fly higher than any one else. The reason the tattoo was obtained was to keep him on the path of his aspiration.

Appearance: Standing at an average height for a Reim resident, Kris is smaller in comparison just due to sheer body size and mass. Instead of focusing on the generic Legion training, such as long swords and shields to utilize defensive techniques,  he had instead focused more on speed.

That focus allowed him to maintain a much slimmer and smaller physique than his counterparts, and so did the extreme training he put himself through. By constantly fighting in the coliseum, he managed to develop the muscles he needed specifically to fight rather than just training useless muscles that might get in his way.

Kris's normal attire consists of a baggy pair of pants, normally white, and a red vest, which changes from day to day in shade in order to match with his eye color. While his hair is a slightly darker shade of red, his eyes are almost extreme in their color. Instead of looking red, they almost look brown, but closer inspection reveals this is not the case.

While it is not normal to see Kris out in a turban or any form of formal head wear, he will on the occasion, but only when it distinctly calls for it. Again, he wears a red turban, although a white one has been seen only for the most formal of occasions.

Clasped around his wrists are a pair of gold bracers, which have been used to deflect knives on the occasion. However they are not utilized or meant for combat, but instead are merely a decoration he enjoys wearing. This mostly is due to the fact that the bracers keep him from accidentally slicing his own wrists open when he starts playing catch with his sword by throwing it up in the air and trying to catch it.

Around his neck is a pendant, given to him by his parents when he went off to the Reim capital to join the Legion. It holds a few small sapphires, in pristine condition but still small, surrounded by a golden outlay, which looks like an upside down leaf.

Khrysaor {Complete} YunanTab_zpsba28a063

History: Kris was born in a small town, quite far from the capital of Reim but still within their territory and patrols. It was a quite town, and one that had made a living mostly due to agricultural means and the fertility of the land it was sitting on. It seemed that the ruler of Reim had acquired a taste for some of the specialty meats they raised in this town, and thus had ordered more every time the merchants came through, increasing the towns popularity and wealth.

When Kris was old enough to walk and help out on the farm, he did. From helping his mother weed the small garden to helping his father milk the cows and goats, Kris did it all. And most importantly, he learned a very valuable lesson while doing so: Nothing worth having comes without a lot of hard work.

Once Kris hit the age of ten, he was out in the fields with his father and uncles, and some of the other cousins he never even knew he had. It was there that he came to the decision that he wanted more out of this life he had. But what, and where, he did not even know. The idea was just a dream, a figment floating the the vast wonder of the brain that Kris could not keep a grasp on, until one day the Royal Guard of Reim came through the village to recruit for the Legion.

At that time, Kris was too young to comprehend the meaning of the mothers weeping and the fathers beaming with pride, but what he did understand was that the Legion was a very brave and powerful organization. And they were very strong as well. That was the first grasp Kris got onto the string floating through his head. And the final tug came not to long after, as one of the soldiers had noticed Kris, a young boy, staring at them in admiration and awe.

Walking over, and kneeling down to see the boy face to face, the soldier handed Kris a small, weathered, and well worn book. Without saying a word, the soldier got back on his horse and rode away with the rest of the Royal Guard, leaving a crying town square behind.

As Kris looked down at the book, barely able to make out the characters as he had learned to read not to long ago, he could feel a sense of purpose and desire filling him, as if an external knowledge was granting his some form of wisdom.

There were only five words on the cover, but each one gave Kris a new meaning towards his life: The Age of the Magi.

By the time Kris had hit fifteen and was ready to head for the Legion to train more, he had already read the book like it was a religious text, and in essence, it was to him. As he bade his mother and father good bye, now able to understand the crying that had occured before him many years before, Kris looked towards the sky and held his hand above his head, as if he was trying to grasp something. Slowly, and the sun broke through the few clouds they had that day, he closed his fist and shook it, lowering his head and looking at the villagers that had raised him.

"I'll be back.

Role-Play Sample:Stretching, Kris slide out of bed and walked over to the window, his eyes still glazed over by sleep and his hair an utter mess. Opening the windows to get some fresh air, he stepped out on to the small balcony attached to his apartment and let the sunshine that was just brimming the horizon paint the city of Reim in front of him.

While being the most industrial civilization, as far as he had heard considering he had never really left Reim nor the continent it was on, the dawn light still painted a majestic view. Or what would have been majestic if Kris did not hear what happened next.

"Hey, dude on balcony. Get back inside and put some damn pants on! What do you think you are, a gift from the heavens? Look at how white you are, trying to blind me?"

That snapped Kris out of his daze as he looked down and realized that, yes, he was indeed completely naked. Apparently his room had gotten too warm last night, as his normal sleeping clothes were haphazardly thrown across the room in random order.

"I-I'm sorry," was all Kris managed to spit out due to acute embarassment as he rushed back into his apartment and shut the balcony door and the blinds quicker than a magician could throw a lightning bolt at him.

His face blood red, Kris quickly snagged a pair of clean boxers and pants and headed to the shower, fully intending to turn it on ice cold until his blood pressure and blush disappeared. As he was a male, and he had just woken up, there was another certain morning problem that had sprung up as soon as he was back inside, and he was determined to get rid of it with the cold shower so he would not be distracted and late to training.

It was only after he had finished the shower and rushed to the training ground that Kris realized who had called at him this morning on his balcony. It was one of his drill instructors who, incidentally, would be here in five minutes to start training him. There was always the possibility that he could not have been recognized.

And that hope was dashed, stabbed, and burned before being pissed on with the next voice that called out behind him.

"Hey white boy, you trying to blind everyone in the city?"

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