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Profession Overlook [IMPORTANT]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

For those of you who don't know, I am Neo. I will be conducting a site-wide profession overlook. This is to ensure professions were properly graded the first time and meet profession requirements, so this is MANDATORY. This can also give us an idea of what the players try to accomplish with the system and how we can help them better understand the profession system or how the staff team can better flesh out the system.

Why are we doing this now?

Well, simply put... it needs to be done. Looking over professions also doesn't interfere with the dungeon and should be a relatively painless process although slow. Plus, it's one step closer to progress, or so I hope Let's continue.

What are profession requirements?

The profession system has long been in the testing phase, as it has never really been changed since it was implemented. However, there are a just a couple of requirements: the Primary Profession must reflect one of your character's classes (Warrior, Magician, Ranger, Body Manipulation, Assassin, and Beast Tamer), professions are merely used for social purposes and not combat, and every profession has a list of perks associated with them.

What is this Profession Overlook?

This profession overlook, as I have stated before is to ensure all professions meet the current standards. It can also help provide insight as to how staff can expand upon the profession system as a whole and make it better.

What will we be looking for?

The first is making sure anyone that has a profession is following the first requirement where their Primary must be associated with their class. The second is to make sure professions are only able to be used in social situations and do not buff a character's combat performance or provide a too much of a power creep. The exception in this case would be for crafting (which are professions we will be looking at closely if any do exist) because crafting allows players to create and sell weapons, items, and even magic tools to other players or to the market. The third will be looking at the perks of the professions themselves. Perks should only ever have one attribute to them, and though vague, there is mention of that in the profession system:

Possible perks could include an actor having a stronger speaking voice, thus being able to be heard in large crowds or a weapon-smith being able to identify the quality of a weapon at a quick glance.

Of course, there are some exceptions as some perks have "levels", but these levels or tiers are still under the main attribute or point of the perk. We will be making sure profession perks don't have more than one attribute crammed into them. Meaning a perk can't allow you to sell and give special properties to an item. Those must be separate perks under your profession.

You mention an exception for crafting professions; will you be looking at crafting professions differently than non-crafting ones?

The simple answer is yes, but overall the process will be the same. Crafting professions allow players to make items for themselves or others. Sometimes these items won't be used by players and will be instead sold to the marketplace for half cost. It's a common practice, even with non-crafted items. However, for these professions, we will be having a closer look as they are or can be important to the site in the future, and we want to make the crafting professions more appealing to grab. Crafting professions are high on the priority list seeing as they are underused and we plan on hopefully adding new features (making them appealing in the process) by allowing said profession to maybe repair those items. For reference, below is the section of the systems specifically referring to crafting:

As part of the profession system, crafting professions are now available that will allow players to create items for others based on their profession. These professions may include:

-Blacksmithing/weapon crafting
-Cooking food

Much like the other professions, these crafting professions may not extend beyond B-tier and all normal profession rules will apply.

- If crafting an item for another player, you must have IC interaction to show the order being placed, as well as the other player accepting the work done and making their payment.
- A player may only craft 2 of each crafting product a month.
- To achieve each tier of crafting, you must perform a job chain/test to show proficiency in your craft. This does not count against your month limit.
- You may not craft an item higher than your own tier.

What do I do?

Simple: Put all of your professions in a thread titled "[Character Name]'s Professions RG" where you'd normally put professions to be graded. RG will give staff the heads up that this profession is part of the "overlook" project. Keep in mind, there are many professions out there, so this will not be done overnight or in a single day. This process will take time and I ask for your patience.


If you do not want to repost your profession for whatever reason, then link the most recent gradings of your profession in a reply to this thread.


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