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Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank]

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Assignment Name: Round Them up
Assignment Rank: B-Rank
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Rewards: 150xp/ x1 Horse Mount
Profession Prerequisites: Drug Lord/Beast Master
Assignment Overview: Going back to his roots as a beast tamer for a period of time, Lagi voices for the idea of supplying new and improved horses for the kou army to have. With Lagi's specialized taming skills and breeding techniques, he started a system of making new horse supplements to feed the creatures that help bolster their growth and athleticism.

He won, or maybe he thought he did.

Lagi started to get a little bit bored with Kou, which meant in his own way that he did everything that he seemingly wanted to do inside of the country in order to proceed with his plans. The drug game seemed to be something that made Lagi an untouchable drug lord, along with the sudden rise of the immortal trade syndicate of making a few of his fellow traders as newfound risen kin.  These vampires were given the ultimate ultimatum of sticking together, and it could only benefit Lagi in the long run to make more of his own that could get with the picture just as quickly. But it wasn't enough, there was always a chance for more of a gain and more opportunities for him to take advantage of.

"The only thing left to do now would be to finish up this war then and ensure that the side that I have the most investments in is the side that counts. I think I came across a few wild animals that I took an interest in that I wanted to learn more about. "
What lagi was referencing was the black stallion like horses that he saw in the kou mountainsides. It might have been one of those times where Lagi probably drank some blood from an el ragu addict, but he could have sworn that those horses were defying the laws of physics somewhat of running up and down the rock walls. That in itself made it worthwhile for Lagi to look for those creatures, gathering a small team of Dark hand members in order to search for the horses in the middle of the night. The reason for this was simple, for starters, Lagi and the sun didn't mix that well together, the second reason was that the horses would most likely be asleep, and Lagi's senses would be extremely useful in finding the creatures and locating them promptly.

It was the traits of being a beastmaster that carried him a long way from the career that he had as the leader of the El Nagi clan all those years ago. With that, lagi started onto the path of that same practice once more, focusing more on how he can combine his newly created drug empire with his beast taming methods.  Of course, it was for the sake of money making, but deep down inside, Lagi was a little bored with how things were and wanted a new challenge. At least with this, he could start doing what he loved before being a drug lord, and doing what he loves now after being the drug lord.

Gathering up his men with a bunch of hunting equipment, they followed Lagi into the darkness as requiem jynx. Their eyes weren't as good as Lagi's, but they had torches that they used in order to navigate through the darkness. As for the tracks, Lagi proceeded to follow the smell of the horse species, something he took a whiff of before from his breeding and training days, along with the superiorly detailed smell that he achieved with orie and her danger sense.


Trait Name: Danger Sense
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: N/A
Trait Description: Protecting the host's body is the first and foremost function of a symbiote due to the fact that their relationship is dependent on each other. With the recent evolution that Orie has experienced, one of the ways she keeps her host safe is by alerting the user of any lifeforms that enter a certain range and provides heightened senses as well.
Trait Effect: Through Orie, the user is able to sense and determine the location of all living beings within a 10m radius. However, non-living entities are unable to be detected. In a 40 meter radius, the user is able to hear noises as quiet as a whisper and smell scents that are normally scentless.


Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] CrChE3t

Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault


This was considered the easy part, walking through the woods at night in order to find the proving grounds of where those horses were located. Due to the fact that they only had a bit of night to work with, Lagi and his fellow dark hand member started to work fast for the sake of saving time and finding the rest of them.

"Huh? I think I see some of the tracks ahead, looks fresh."

The combination of his professional and enhanced senses could leave some individuals dumbfounded at how quickly and skillfully he can discern any sort of track or situation of the sort. This was something that Lagi used to his advantage as he led the way, somewhat thankful at the way that he trained his dark hand companions in the old ways of how the unity corps handled their stealth operations. Some might say that everything of what Requiem Jynx was supposed to represent was nothing more than a mixed breed of everything that happened in his life, whether good or bad.  Even now, he was using it further explore more prospects and opportunities.

"Stop walking........... I'm picking up a smell of some kind. Yes, it smells like them, a bit of a group that should be sleeping in this area. "

Lagi moved up with his vampire C tier flight ability, rising up in order to get a full view of the sleeping horses. After getting a few meters of flight, about 26 meters in general, orie would appear behind him in order to start charging electrical magoi energy around her and her beast tamer. At the same time, a small cube would start to far as she took aim at the sleeping horses.

"Should give us a bit of time to round them up and have them paralyzed for the time being. At the same time, we should add an extra sedative for them and wrap them up."

The sedative that Lagi had in mind was something that the beasts exposed to it a bit docile, but they responded pretty well to physical suggestions, like being tied around a rope and made to walk. With the right amount, Lagi could keep them like that for about 48 hours until it would be too dangerous to give them any more, at that point of rounding them up to put them at the makeshift stables back at the small base of operations that they set up while being in Kou, the taming procedures would begin.

"Speaking of which..."

With the dark hand members finally exiting the 25-meter radius, it was now time for Lagi to paralyze the horses and get on with his day.

"Now! "

With Orie firing down the cube  of lightning energy and using full paralyzing, the small 1-meter cube , once it hit the forest floor and explode into an array of electrical energy within a 25 meter diameter, paralyzing the entire group of horses and waking them up from their slumber, only for them to shockingly notice that all of their limbs had ceased to function in the way they expected.

"This is for the best, I'd rather not damage the property. "

Flying down in order to check on the horses, he wondered if there was any sort of horse that had damaged hooves or anything of the sort.

"Sedate them and round them up, preferably the healthy ones. If you aren't sure, wait till I get over there. "


Name: Full Paralyzing
Tier: [A-Tier]
Class: Beast Tamer (Orie)
Element: Lightning
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie appears behind Lagi and holds out her hand to fire the blast.
Scaling: Cripple- for 10 more Magoi, this ability paralyzing effect is increased by 1 post.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 20 MagoiDescription:

    Orie can fire out one small 1 meter cube of Lightning magic that's formed and travels as far as 40 meters. The cubes explode, firing off  a immense electrical charge from 25 meters from where it lands, makes contact with, or at will. this charge causes full body paralyze  for 4 posts. If sustained, Orie can fire it again. Being hit by this move one again resets the paralysis post count.

[*]Has C-tier flight equivalent to a magician's C-tier flight spell, maneuvering easily through the air, in vampire lord form users wings allow them to propel them faster to A-tier flight speeds.

WC 1130/1500

magoi 380/400


Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] CrChE3t

Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault


With the horses being paralyzed for quite some time, the dark hand members of Lagi's sect worked pretty well in establishing the drug mix in order to make them docile enough to come along and follow them back to their hideaway. As for the horses that seemed pretty sick and injured, Lagi decided to take care of them by not killing them, but performing emergency first aid on the horses that could be healed pretty quickly.

"Damn predators, so many of them in the jade dragon mountains...."

Lagi cursed under his breath as he continued to work on these creatures, but made sure that they were good enough to walk above all else. Anything else that he had to take care of involving the health of these beings, it would have to be handled at camp

After returning, Lagi could finally assess the beasts and their breaking point, knowing just what needed to be done in order for the horses to get used to their newfound situation.

"No food and water for three days, then we break them one at a time with experienced riders. Once the horses start to realize that we are in charge of the food and water, they will come around. "

Lagi's tactic was fear in order to instil an undeniable command, which worked with his method. He seemed to be a bit of a rough-handed beast tamer, but that was only so that he could get a handle on the beasts and have them listen to him. Not only did this make the beasts easier to tame, but it made it easier for Lagi to steer them out of trouble.

With the beasts being broken after three days and Lagi setting up the regimen, he started to work on their diet, while at the same time, thinking that he went a bit overboard with the starvation. He needed to replenish their nutrients pretty quick, so Lagi was already back in the drug den in order to utilize his herbalism and alchemy. Having a few herbs already on the table, Lagi started to work on a few new drugs that would help assist the horses. As a matter of fact, it wasn't just drugs that he was concocting, it was also healthy vitamins that would give the horses the daily dose of healthy nutrients in order to grow and maintain their strength.

"These horse pills might just sell a killing, but right now, I should just focus on nursing these horses back to health. "


Breaking Point: Having grown up around Beast Tamers and their beasts, Lagi has had extensive experience in Beast Taming. Having seen the breaking point of so many beasts, with that being the El Nagi clan's preferred method of taming, Lagi is able to determine where and how to bring a beast to its Breaking Point in order to gain dominance over it with fear (Lagi is unable to gain Dominance over another Dominance user's beast, but he is able to determine how much more punishment it could take from a fight).
Undeniable Command: Having instilled respect through fear, the Beast Master is able to give commands to the beast it has 'broken in'. As the beast fears the Beast Master to such a degree, it believes that any command given by its 'master' is less likely to harm it than disobeying its 'master'. They will, therefore, occasionally perform tasks that may otherwise be considered suicidal. Depending on how long this beast as been broken in will cause the complexity of the commands to be broken down (A creature just broken in might only be able to follow basic commands, such as 'follow', 'defend', or 'attack', whereas a creature that has been with the Beast Master for some time would be able to be trained various 'tricks'). The sole exception to following the command would be in the event that the opposition is another PC, or some Staff-Ran NPCs.

Herbalism: the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially as a form to discover other herbs and study them. Ever since the El nagi clan started using special herbs for the beasts , such as the herbs with the scent to ward off animals, Lagi’s knowledge of herbalism increased as he started to look more into it with professional value. This gives Lagi the ability to identify specific herbs and plants, as well as the common uses and properties. With this knowledge, he is also able to locate their natural areas of their growth for collection.

Alchemy: With these herbs, Lagi is able to combine them and create drugs and toxins of varying capabilities. These drugs and toxin types will vary upon staff approval. Lagi is able to sell these items to others. The tier of drug/toxin indicates the level of effectiveness.

WC 1500/1500


Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] CrChE3t

Round Them Up [Lagi/Solo/ B-Rank] LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault

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