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Build it and They Will Come[Job]

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1Build it and They Will Come[Job] Empty Build it and They Will Come[Job] on 21/08/18, 05:11 pm


Job Details:
Job Name: Build It And They Will Come
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Reward: 7k Huang | 100xp
Job Prerequisites: Zion
Job Overview:
Zion decides that the discrimination against Goi or non-magicians held by some in Magnostadt holds no ground after spending some time with Skull Kid, Ja'ro, and other goi he could call friends. He decides to make the grounds into an outpost for non-magicians entering or leaving the great plains. Perhaps some day it can even be a place for magicians and non-magicians to come together in harmony. The plans are set for an Inn, a Stable, and a Bazaar. Zion seeks out magicians and plainsfolk alike to help him make his vision a reality.

After troubling Noir to help him create a wall, Zion felt guilty asking much more of her. So when it came time to construct the small outpost that would be built on the estate grounds, Zion resolved to find help elsewhere. Since the outpost was meant to be a gsthering place for magicians and goi alike ideally groups of both could be rallied for the cause. Seeking to find manpower drawn by a dream of peaceful co-existence, Zion first traveled to the academy.

Knowing of the predjudice against non-magicians fostered by some of the older academy teachers, Zion was sure that convincing magicians to help would be harder than the plainsfolk. Eager to take care of the hard part first, the young doll began to approach a few 3rd Kodor using his status as a 2nd Kodor. Zion didn't give these junior classmen a hard time and instead simply spoke to them over the course of a few days. Since it was reckless to make it public knowledge he was looking for like minded people to make a goi gathering hub just beyond magno's borders, Zion used this time to gauge how his fellow students felt about the non-magicians.

Eventually, three young magicians from foreign countries not yet fully convinced in magician supriority views joined Zion on a trip out into the great plains. Officially they were hunting down rare insects to research different principles of rukh. But the real purpose of the four academy magicians trip was to visit a few tribal groups near Zion's home. Upon taking control of the estate Zion had helped a few tribes deal with problems such as wolf attacks and snake infestations. Through those connections he was able to ensure the wary students had any fears or doubts wiped away when feasts and celebration were how they were welcomed.

During the week long trip they only visited two tribes for three days each. At each tribe, Zion spoke to the chief about his plan and asked if there were any members of the tribe who would be willing to help. The first chieftain sternly denied Zion's request. The second was, however, more open to the idea. He too had fears. Fears that the magicians with a hatred for goi would target his people for being involved. But after much urging by Zion and his classmates, whom had fallen for some of the tribal women, the old man eventually relented to allow only volunteers to leave. There were only half a dozen tribesfolk interested in the idea of the outpost and all of them were young, but Zion felt it was enough.


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Zion included there were barely ten people to stand together behind a mutual ideal of peaceful acceptance, or so things seemed. Led by the young doll, the group would eventually arrive within the walls of the Koval Estate where mostly empty space awaited their efforts to be transformed. The process of convincing these people to join Zion had included informing them on what he planned to build. But now that they were actually there it was important to discuss a more concrete plan. After some discussion it was decided that the inn would be built near the edge of the garden allowing it to take up that corner and serve as a barrier between the peaceful garden and any noise, scents, or crowds from the market and stables.

Initially Zion had thought that the simple structure he made with Stranger’s help could act as a base design for the structure of the inn but the others present quickly shot that idea down. The magicians in particular insisted that they make the building stand out so that nobody looks down on the outpost as being shabby. As the suggestion was made Zion began to feel uneasy...there were tensions between the tribes folk as they felt somewhat ashamed that their peoples constructions weren’t good enough. The young magicians had picked up on this and tried to make their words soft save for one bad apple who let it go to his head. Hoping to move on, Zion quickly agreed that since they had magicians present they should take advantage of it. They were all 2nd Kodor and between the four of them they had every magic type available to aid in the construction.

Seeds were grown into thick trunks which bent and branched out forming a skeletal frame for every room and even all the furniture in the in complete with springy moss cushions and beds. Claw was dug up and flown to the site were it was mixed, formed and hardened as a thick reinforcement for the walls. They heated sand into stained glass which adorned the buildings windows and used cutting winds or high pressure water jets to sculpt immaculate designs into the exterior. The plainsfolk were only in the way of the construction, so Zion sent them on a more important task. They began hunting game and wild herbs to be dried and preserved as food. The pelts and bones left over were used for decoration and each room was given a touch of their cultural influence in ways that would make someone from the great plains find some familiarity in such a strange and different place.

Once the inn was constructed, most of the intricate work was finished. Through magic they quickly erected a stable where horses could be kept and wagons stored. Once that area was fenced off, tents and stalls were set up where a marketplace could be established. But just as they were raising the final tent an argument broke out. One of the three magicians Zion brought with him had let his ego go to his head while his other head steered his intentions. He fancied one of the girls from the tribe and had gotten tired of her shy evasiveness. As the final work only needed a few hands he had stood aside and courted the young woman a bit forcefully. When another man from the tribe stood up for the shy girl the magician lost his cool.

“Shut up! You think you have a right to treat me like this? If it weren’t for us you would all still be stuck rolling around in your tents sleeping on the ground!”

Everyone stopped and turned to focus on the drama that played out as the tribesman retorted angrily, “So now you reveal your true colors! You are just like those racists in the city, you only want our people to mingle so you can steal our women!?” He pointed an accusatory finger at the young magician who instantly became furious. He only did all this to rebel against his father whom specifically hated goi. To be compared to that old man was truly breaking his bottom line. Seeing that things were about to get out of control, Zion rushed forward to step between them. After some pleading both young men agreed to walk away and cool their heads, but after the words that were said a split formed between the group.

The next morning, the magician that had started the conflict left as had half the plainsfolk. Other than Zion, only two magicians and three humans remained. It was a bit depressing to have already lost almost half their number, but it was enough people to work the facilities. Unfortunately everyone seemed to want Zion to make the final decisions regarding everything from what sort of meals to serve at the inn, which kind of booze should be stocked, and how much to charge a nights stay for a horse in the stable. It quickly became more than the inexperienced magician could handle. Zion was gonna need some more help if he wanted to maintain the estate and still find time for magic studies.



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