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Build build [job/solo]

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant

Job Details:
Job Name: Builders Needed!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50xp /3,000 Huang
Job Pre-Requisites: N/A
Job Overview: A few weeks ago several of our fellow citizens huts burned down. We are in need of people to help rebuild them. All we need you to do is go gather some timber to use and help actually build the place. You will need to build five huts that can fit a family of four. Once all these huts are built you will be rewarded.

“…it’s not a pleasant view, eh, Kuroro?” The woman spoke to the man while seeing several burned hut in front of them as they sat on the tall cedar tree. The man only nod upon hearing his childhood friend’s words, his face showed this kind of worried look towards the burned hut. There was nothing they could do to prevent the fire, but at least they could help to build it up even though they would end up having a lot of task to do. Well, the long haired woman didn’t really mind it as she could use it to waste her time because she really got nothing to do beside from rampaging in front of her father’s tomb.

“Lilithia! Kuroro!”

They could hear someone called their name and after that, Lilithia adjusted her own body and jumped off of the tree. She perfectly landed to the snowy ground safely and looked at the woman who called her name, as if asking about why she called her name. The woman smiled at her and explained that all of the villagers needed to build huts, and each person needs to build five huts that could fit a family of four. Just when Lilithia wanted to ask for more details, she could hear a very loud thump behind her and only looked back at her fallen friend with a annoyed glare. “Pardon his stupid act. So I just need to help built five huts? On it.” Then she left, leaving her childhood friend who was now whimpering in pain after landed pretty hard on the snowy ground.

She would start to gather some timber and another thing that she needed to build the hut, it would take around two days for her to gather all the things she needed before she could start to build the place. On the next day, she would start to build it. At first, she was struggling to build it, but after having several kind elder teaching her how to build it properly, she managed to build one in around five days. Well, it looked pretty good for her as it looked like a strong hut too, so she could just hope that this one would be more durable. She continued to four more huts and spent around 3 weeks to finish it all as she needed to check all the huts and gave some finishing touch on it. With a tired body and relieved sigh, the blue haired man walked around, looking for Kuroro to see how his work going and was amused by it. Never in her own experience to see how useless could that man be now that a month has passed and he only managed to build a…random looking hut. She definitely did it better then him, but then again, it was hilarious to see that Kuroro was not able to do it properly. “At least I finished my task…” She murmured to herself, chuckling a little bit before decided to leave the area and went back home to get some rest.

WC: 509


Build build [job/solo] MzH8gu

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