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The Marcus Farm

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Farmer Marcus

Farmer Marcus

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Farmer Marcus

Farmer Marcus

The Marcus Farm VHfxJhH
Name: "Farmer" Marcus
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Human
Tier: D
Class: Beast Tamer
Age + Birthdate: 23, 08/13
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Gruff, honest and straightforward. Farmer Marcus is the type of man who wouldn't hesitate to tell off a nobleman for not understanding the glorious occupation known as farming. He strives to be a good, hardworking man who can be relied upon by his farming associates. He knows the hardships of war, having lived through more than one, and has only just begun to take over a plot of land of his own. Farmer Marcus never directly participated in either of the recent wars, however there were many farmers he knew, including himself, who were affected by them.

Farmer Marcus tends to not care much about politics, however two wars ago he became somewhat interested when a young man took over the throne - Lagi El Nagi. This young emperor's interest in agriculture and desire to help develop Reim's farming scene had always left a strong impression upon the farmer. Farmer Marcus naturally couldn't help but appreciate such a hard-working man who held qualities of the common folk, and kept their interests at heart.

As for his approach to his love life, Farmer Marcus is the type of man who passively waits for the right one. He has a critical eye towards who he would like to raise children with, and the expectation is there in his heart that those children will take on farming, too, as they grow old.

Crops - They are his livelihood, and something he knew of from a young age. They've always fascinated him - how to till the earth, how to plant the seeds and care for them, until they ultimately grew.

Hard work - Farmer Marcus' passion is his work, and by extension the amount of effort put into work is always appealing to Marcus. Hard, honest work and hard, honest workers have the quickest way of earning Marcus' respect.

Nobles - Nobles have always been held in disdain by Marcus due to the general lack of understanding or care for the hard working class families. Marcus has only watched in disgust as nobles wrestle for political power while claiming it is for the betterment of people like him. In reality, Marcus believes he understands the truth behind the matter.

Soft hands - The hands of the 'dainty' folk who never knew a day of hard work in their life. This is generally an easy way of earning Marcus' disregard, unless they operate a business or line of work that is critical to the working man.

Aspirations: Farmer Marcus aspires to become a pillar of the farmer's community. He knows his road will be long and hard, however the work he has to put in will be well worth it. Marcus plans to work on simple crops at first, expanding his operations to a winery, with his own grapes being grown, and those very same grapes growing on land purchased from his initial hard work.

Marcus knows a bigger farm will take more work hands to handle the load, but he is prepared to mentor and raise these farmhands alongside him. Maybe one day they, too, will start out their own farms and he will raise more professionals in his field.

Farmer Marcus fears the poor crop seasons. A farmer's crops are his livelihood - not only does a poor crop season hinder him because there is less to sell, but there is also less to stock up on for the winter. And even then, there are the taxes from the country to keep in mind as well!

Farmer Marcus also fears the idea of sharing ownership of his farm. He has heard stories of nobles who buy up 'shares' of land and start imposing on the farmers suggestions that ruin crop rotations.

Nobleman swerve crop farmer
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
2.3 meters
97 kg
Farmer Marcus is a tall, well-built man. While his muscles do not bulge, it is clear that he is no stranger to hard work. He wears the simple cloth of a farmer, with a hat to help keep his face shaded while he works hard throughout the day. His footwear is made for functionality, ensuring he can easily move through rough or slippery terrain.

Farmer Marcus has a large amount of pride in his work, and walks with his back straight and his face in a neutral position. Upon his face is a beard just as brown as the short-cut hair on the top of his head. The beard is maintained in the style of a circle beard, and Marcus takes care to ensure it's well trimmed.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Features:
Farmer Marcus, as surprising as it may be, was born from a family of farmers. His parents were already in their forties when he was born, and recently passed away, leaving the farm to him. It was a life Marcus knew he was destined to follow, having learned the trade from his father ever since he was old enough to pick up a hoe.

Early mornings were a daily routine for him, waking up before the sun was out and feeding the animals. Long before the day even begun he was already surveying the ground, keeping an eye out for any anomalies and making sure no pests got into the crops. In truth, he was still a child and did not know the ins and outs of farming. The farmhands made sure, however, to teach him the various tricks of the trade. Explanations of crop rotations, how to use tools in order to harvest the different grains in the field, and even how to take care of the animals on the farm.

Of these, he took especially well towards learning to care for animals. Several years went by, and by then he felt fairly knowledgeable. His mother had already passed away and his father was nearing the last of his life... It was then that a war suddenly broke out. The war was between Kou and Reim, with what seemed to be a strange twist. At the end of it there seemed to have been some sort of cease-fire.

News came out shortly after, and his father died when he learned of the previous Emperor's death. It turned out, however, that the Kou Emperor's leading general managed to be killed as well. In the end, a more common person managed to find his way to the throne; King Lagi El Nagi.

Marcus had an inkling of the El Nagi clan, who seemed well-off as a group of beast tamers. His respect for them, however, wasn't very high considering how closely tied into politics they seemed. This doubled when he learned that Lagi was the King.

The next few months Marcus began to struggle. A few farmhands left, and the slaves that used to help work the field had been freed. His farm, which he had inherited from his father, would soon go under; all of these things were the fault of the new King. Though Marcus disdained Lagi, he did his best to continue his efforts at the farm.

Just a few weeks later he was surprised and shocked by new developments. Some strange men visited his farm with fantastical animals. They increased milk production, replaced his donkeys with new beasts of burden for his farming tools. He had to take out a loan to pay for the beasts, but seeing how effective they were he knew that it was an investment he had to make. Additionally, these people sold the beasts at an incredible rate. It was then that he learned these people were from the El Nagi clan, and were breeding and training animals specifically for the different work lives of people in construction and in agriculture - the places hit the worst by the ban to slavery.

Marcus felt a hint of pride and respect for King Lagi. It was then that he found a small fox on his farm, yipping and running in circles. Using the beast taming skills he learned from the El Nagi clan, Marcus tamed the little creature and it became his trusty sidekick. Only after having heard a toddler from town call it a 'kitty' did he realize that he had not named the beast. Shortening down the misnomer, Farmer Marcus called the young fox 'Kit.'

Some more time passed, and Marcus had finally paid off his debt. His farm, while not excessively successful, was now able to operate without a loss. He grew closer to this beast companion of his as it grew up on his farm. Kit seemed to be of some sort of special breed, or perhaps mutated, as it now had three tails.

It was then that a new war between Kou and Reim began. This time, it was worse. The Emperor of Kou came, and after a long and bloody war the result was for King Lagi to seemingly be removed from his throne.

There was only so much a farmer could be interested in politics, and once again they disgusted him, only proving that he was right to ignore it in the first place.

Role-Play Sample:
Marcus tilled upon the ground, running his hoe against the rough dirt and turning it, breaking up portions that were too hard to be used. A new addition of land was added under his ownership, and he wanted to be the first to break ground. After tilling a small section of the area for the first half hour, he called out for the beast of burden, which carried the plow he brought to bear upon his land. With this new space available to him, Marcus was able to immediately prepare himself for a three-field system, which would allow him to rotate his crops and make sure the ground was not denied the nutrients necessary to continue to grow his crops.

Marcus wiped the sweat off of his forehead, looking out in the distance only to see a neighboring farmer ride up his way on horseback with a basket in tow. "Hey, neighbor! How are things over there?" Marcus temporarily stopped the plow, allowing the beasts that were moving it to rest while he caught up with his neighbor. He knew the man must have had some reason for coming out all this distance.

"Farmer Marcus! I was hoping you might have a spare sickle! Do you?" The neighbor, Capranicus, seemed out of sorts. "One of the damn neighbor's boys thought it would be fun and games to steal my sickle and try to use it to chop down a tree. Thing isn't made for all of that... The missus says you're welcome to a shepherds pie, if you'd be willing to lend it..?" Capranicus winked towards Marcus, both knowing how well the Mrs. cooked.

"Well, I'll have to say you've got me sold. While I go grab that sickle, stick with Kit here and keep this plow driving!" Marcus turned his back from Capranicus, planning on returning with the sickle shortly after...

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Farmer Marcus

Farmer Marcus


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Farmer Marcus

Farmer Marcus

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Farmer Marcus

Farmer Marcus




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