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Beings of unnatural causes. [Job/Ganbo]

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Job Name:[/b] The Bandit experiments[Repeatable]
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview:  Something wrong happened; there has been some forbidden experiments with life magic, actual creatures, and human beings! This mage has created a chimera, somewhat of an abomination with a various amount of genes and let it loose on the citizens of Reim. Defeat the monstrous beasts. After defeating them, investigate this organization! You should find a letter in the pants of the poor mutated bandits if you search the body, the person who hired them  had a list of a meeting place, which could be where the experiment took place. You will be paid for your services to the king and the people of Reim

Enemy Name: Chimera x 2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Abilities: They deal passive damage equivalent to their tier. They are 5 meters in size.
~Worm Whip - One of the worms that cover the body of the monster extends to 10 meters long and whips to deal B-tier damage.
~Flesh Block - The monster grows extra flesh to block up to B-tier damage
~Heightened Senses - Having the genes of different animals, this monster contains a heightened survival instinct that can detect any kind of supplementary ability that disrupts its 5 senses which are B-tier or lower.
~Tough Skin – D-tier damage is subtracted from all damage done to this creature.
~Screech - The beast screams as loud as it possibly can, causing deafness for 2 posts and sending a 20 meter shockwave that blows that pushes an opponent up to 20 meters away. There is prior warning to when it’s about to scream, as the monster takes a deep breath.
Beings of unnatural causes. [Job/Ganbo] The-Wicked-Worm-Beast

The duo was heading to one of the local bar's they often went to, it was a nice night to go out with some of the friends they had made while going to the bar so often. With the added help of the recent fame boost from the last Colosseum battle, more and more people were starting to notice who they were.  It was True that even though they were becoming well known, some had a change of heart with the killing of another from battle, others thought that's how they should all be, Death battles as in the days of old. Knuckle was a firm believer in removing enemies while they are weak because then they shall never grow strong enough to kill you. A lesson he had taught to his slavers when he had gained enough power to kill them all earning his freedom.  

The people on the streets were whispering as they walked by, likely about the match, even if you weren't in the area to enjoy it it was in the papers.   As Knuckles began to sigh and look over to his partner in crime, blood, and battle, he was interrupted his actions as screams echoed throughout the air around them, at first he assumed it was because of them, though as he turned his body he saw a woman being ripped in half by a giant worm humanoid. It was disgusting looking, forcing Knux to show his disgust with his facial expression. Giving a light backhand to Ganbo's shoulder he chuckled.  "Oh man, I thought she was screaming because of us for a second there. What a relief!"

Returning his attention to the problem at hand, Knuckles reached for his sword drawing from his shield which was fastened to his back. The Draw was so quick he doubted anyone would have even seen it besides a blurred motion.  entering his aggressive posture, he waited to see what the creature would do at this point.

WC 336

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Right in front of him, the reason for his night ruined. There was some large beast that ripped a woman apart, and not in the way Ganbo would pay for. He saw Knuckles response instantly as he was at the ready, Ganbo felt the same but figured he'd go on the offensive defense. Taking a defensive posture, Ganbo would plant both of his feet on the ground. As his skin began to harden and darken his veins purple hue would become amplified.This would happen to both his arms and his right leg. Ganbo legs would bend as he broke into a sprint to do a leaping punch. Sadly Ganbo missed the monster breathing in deeply, as he was trying to close the distance fast. As a result right when he reached a striking distance. The monster let out a horrible roar sending Ganbo flying back twenty meters, he was able to block the brunt of the damage with his hardened limbs. The impact of the wall he hit he felt on his back.

As he got back to his feet he observed the position of where the monster was last. There was dust around the area that had been lifted up from the sonic attack. He was curious on how Knuckles had responded to the attack and he would look his way, before taking a defensive stance. He didn't want to let on too much early, he hated monsters. That was the negative about fighting inhuman creatures something lost in translation. The surrounding had changed in the couple seconds of battle, you could see citizens running down the street. Off in the distance more screaming could be heard, there was probably more than one monster. Ganbo wondered what the guards were doing about the situation. Then again they're probably looking for us so they can pay us to handle it. He wondered who he'd be able to complain too about a monster, and possibly cash in on a reward. Take it easy there, slugger you haven't even hurt the thing yet.

WC: 341
Stamina: 185
Skills Used:

Skin Hardening
Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to have both feet planted on the ground, and can't move from that spot until skin is hardened.
Scaling: Defense
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 stamina

  • The user concentrates on their skin and hardens it on 3 limb locations creating a B rank shield on those limbs.  
  • The skin once hardened is darker than the usual skin color and the veins appear purple in that location.
  • Lasts for 3 posts then the skin becomes normal again.

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As Ganbo was sent hurling back, Knuckles took this time to move in. Cocking his right arm back he'd heave his sword with all his might attempting to dismantle the worm beast's head from its body. Of course, the creature grew extra limb like features blocking the attack. As his blade pushed through the flesh he was struck with a whipping motion. The worm creature had grown a 10-meter long whip and struck Knuckles with it. His feet touched down to the ground allowing him to bounce back with minimum effort ready to go in once more. Knuckles ran towards the wall 2 meters away from him and took a leaping stride pushing his legs off the wall he was able to send himself over top the creature. Now with its back towards him, Knuckles slashed at the back of its legs bringing it down to their level. As his blade ripped through the legs a screech of pain fled from the monster. Odd colored blood dripped from his short sword as he lifted his shield in a defensive posture waiting for a counter, or if this worm creature would regrow a limb or something. During this time he'd look over to Ganbo to see how he was doing, Knuckles was doing pretty good himself minus the spilt skin from where the whip had made contact. This creature had managed to piss Knuckles off rather quick, quicker than anyone he had fought to date. By now the streets were clear and only Knuckles and Ganbo remained with the beast. Trying to make sure he was going to survive this entire thing he began to sidestep around the creature.

WC 286+336=622

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As the dust cleared from the battle, Ganbo could see Knuckles confrontation with the monster. He started edging close to the battle, he wouldn't want to interrupt but if there was an opening he could take it. After Knuckles had delt a blow to its leg Ganbo saw his opening, while the monster started to formulate its next attack against Knuckles, Ganbo would charge forward and throw two punches to the monsters face, they connected. As his fist connected with the monsters face for his 1,2 jab he could feel the odd skin. It was harder than what he was expecting but he put enough force into his jabs that the monster was dead on the ground. He had some bruises and scratches from the scream and wall crash. Knuckles had been hit as well but they both look like they could take a couple more. "What the fuck do you think that was? Either way lets take a part of its body I better be getting paid for this shit, he ruined my shirt!." As he waited for Knuckles to saw off some proof of the monster they just defeated Ganbo remembered the screams he heard earlier.

Listening, now that the battle was over Ganbo could hear a city in panic. You could hear battle raging across it so there was probably some kind of monster invasion possibly, that was when the screams of a boy hit Ganbo's ear. It wasn't the fact that he was a child, the sound of his voice was reminiscent of his own as a child. So as he started to run towards the sound, not even turning to see if Knuckles was following it was purely emotional. Arriving at the scene he saw another monster that was tearing apart a man as a woman's remains laid close by. The child had his back against a building crying while screaming. As Ganbo entered the area the monster sensed him, his arm shot out like a whip towards him. Barely blocking with his arms his skin shield broke, Ganbo would jump back creating a distance of 6 meters from the creature. His anger starting to surface Ganbo, already knew how he wanted to fight.Shaking his arms out vigorously they started to grow until they were 8 meters in length each, while his arms weren't as long as the monster at this distance it shouldn't make a large difference. As they squared off elongated arms in tow, the monster let out a battle cry. Their arms were smacking off each other both in equal strength. The sounds of their flesh pounding on each other echoed across the street, as the boys sniffling started to quiet.

WC: 449 + 341 = 790
Stamina: 155 (10 extra for range)
Skills Used:

Arms of the River
Tier: C
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary  
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to prepare his arms for the transformation loosening them up for the joints to move and for his arms to extend out. He does this by shaking both arms violently as they start to grow loosening himself out while extending his arms.
Scaling: Range
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

  • Using his knowledge of his own body's physiology Ganbo stretches his joints out and extends his arms creating new joints until both his arms are 3 meters long and capable of being used like whips. Ganbo can use his arms to cause his basic attacks to do C rank damage. After 2 post his arms and joints return to normal size.
  • Last for 2 post

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WAM BAM and THANK YOU, MA'AM, Ganbo had put the one-two combo on that worm beast killing where it stood.  Following Gnabo to the next incoming of screams, he wondered just how many of these things were left around out there.  As they came to the scene Knuckles watched Ganbo charge in, Knuckles moved over to the boy Placing his shield in front of him. "Its okay now, we're gonna stop that thing, just stay behind my shield and don't look from it till I come get you okay?" It was at this time Gnabo was doing serious damage trading blows with the Worm monster, they were beating on each other like a gay orgy.  Knuckles dashed off to aid his partner, leaping from a wooden crate Knuckles hurled over the Worm monster, the two's whip-like arms narrowly passing Knuckles as he hovered over the battle.  Once over the worm monster and starting his descent to the ground, Knuckles took a deep breath before letting out a furious roar, the roar was so intense that the worm monster seemed to halt it acts for a second, allowing Ganbo to put the finishing move in. The male's frame came falling to the roadway where he would land on his feet completing his flip. Seeing what he assumed was Ganbo's finishing blow he walks over to the monster to give it a proper dead check.  The streets weren't quiet at this time, weeping from many as their loved ones were torn apart in front of them, or just the sheer sight of something like this upon the street had caused issues for them mentally.  Knuckles already knew monsters were real, but he never knew they were real in this sense.

Looking over the Worm beast's body he noticed a white paper sticking out from the right pocket of the beast.  Reading it over there were a couple of addresses listed on the paper, with them an offer to make some good money. Knuckles handed over to Ganbo to see if he wished to look at it. "I'm always looking to line my pockets, why don't we go see what they got to offer?" Knuckles asked as he walked back over to the kid and snatched his shield with a smile from the boy. Patting him on the head Knuckles sheathed his sword but wore his shield on his arm. There was no telling if more of these were out there or not.

WC: 430+622=1052

Fanalis Roar
Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

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After Knuckles helped destroy the monster he searched through its pockets. Up until this point Ganbo hadn't even recognized the articles as clothing he just thought it was weird parts of the creatures body. It had a thorough list of different meeting points, Ganbo interest was piqued as well. "Well I don't hear much more screaming, I say we head to the constabulary and see if we get any rewards for this." As Ganbo started to walk tin that direction. The city was an entirely different view from usual. The monster's effect on the citizens were visible as many were hiding behind closed windows. You could see eyes peeking out stabbing Ganbo and Knuckles like daggers. Then again they were covered in dirt and blood they probably didn't look the best for wear. The streets had blood flowing at random intervals places where you could see where the bodies were. Some were still laid a strewn not yet discovered by family or no one too recognize. Whoever did this caused some damage that's for sure. I wonder if this has anything to do with the slavery ending in the city. While they were walking Ganbo would look at Knuckles and begin talking. "Crazy right bro, I ain't never seen monsters like this in person. What do you think is the cause, you've always been more intuitive on these kind of things. Man this city is a trip, I wonder if every capital is like this. Ganbo would listen to Knuckles answers and responding when he could.

Talking and walking always proved effective at reaching a destination relatively quickly. So it was with a grim face that Ganbo looked up at the familiar office. You could see a line stretching out from it, worried citizens to injured, the variety really shone through in tragedy in Reim. As the citizens moved out of the way of Knuckles and Ganbo, as they entered the building the constable smiled. "Please, tell me you boys bringing me some good news. Like you killed exactly two monsters in this district. That would really make my day a lot better. So do you have some news like that?" Ganbo would chuckle a bit then he'd let Knuckles answer. He didn't care to take the credit plus he had the proof so it made more sense. The staff seemed to be pretty busy, you could see the urgency of the situation. Examining it this close, Ganbo could tell this was an unexpected predicament. No one really seemed to be on the same page and even the communications seemed a little more sporadic.

WC: 434+ 790 = 1224

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"Neither have I if  I had to guess I'd say someone got their hands on some magic. That or some really odd shit is happening in our area. " Knuckles was generally confused about the whole thing, he was just happy he was able to stop those things. Knuckles might not have wanted to be a hero per say, he simply wanted to protect a certain type of people by all means, but even he wouldn't stoop to innocents getting hurt for no reason.  "You can call them what you want but they are taken care of, also found this in the pockets of one of them." Knuckles handed the paper over to the man behind the desk. "Whatever is going on pops, I think it's got something to do with this. I call it a gut instinct, you can call it whatever.

The man read over the paper, looking up to them both he took a deep breath before running his hand over his eyes rubbing the ends of his nose and tear ducts. "Well, I'm glad you boys stay around. Thanks to you we got some peace, for now, we will check on these address you gave us. Here's for your troubles." Handing them each a sack of money he got up from his desk rushing off with the sheet of address, they were going to spearhead these addresses and see if they could find the man who created these things. If Knuckles was promised a check he knew he'd go no problem, which made him think, this is what the military would likely respond to.  Getting a paycheck for something like this would be nice, though he was already getting paid to do it.  In any case, he and Ganbo got paid for based on some worm beast, now they could go shower this blood off.

WC: 326+1052=1378

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After receiving their rewards Ganbo looked around the office. Over the course of their time in Reim many of the officers in there had stopped by at the bars they frequented. All of them had slowly grown to accept the two vagabonds, men, coliseum fighters whatever moniker or label they'd been given. As a result when they were walking out of the office they received a round of applause from the officers. It was one of the first time Ganbo experienced such gratitude, even when they freed slaves they were often to disgusted by their methods to be completely thankful. Good thing I don't do this for the praise and thanks, otherwise this be the first time I'd be happy. It's still a pretty good feeling though better cherish it, I'm sure we'll be on the other side of the news again in no time. There were a couple media outlets that didn't feel the way the men in the precinct did. Going as far to call them murderous monsters, because of their display at the arena not to mention some of the body counts they leave in their jobs. For the most part he found it to be humorous, he believed  that it took someone from a life of privilege and safety to question functional methods.

As they walked out of the building Ganbo would give Knuckles a friendly punch."Man I wonder what this constabulary is going to do without us once we are in the military. Maybe we'll end up here again anyways, in any case I hope they figure out where those wild ass monsters are from. I mean its one thing to deal with slavers, but actual monsters I thought that'd be a coliseum only thing. This city got something freaky going on I just hope we don't get caught in all of it. Man this is like the fourth shirt that's been ruined I wonder if they give us a budget for that in the military."At his last sentence he'd gesture to his gross clothes. They were already on their way to his bed and breakfast since it was the first stop. As he walked into the buildings the looks he received were part horror part relief. The stories had already spread around town, Ganbo moving past multiple rumor mongers begging for his attention and answers. He'd turn to Knuckles before he left, "Hey I'll catch you tomorrow, good shit like always bro". Walking into his room the struggle to get his clothes off and into the shower helped remind him of his bruises. He'd let the water run down him for some time before passing out on his bed.

WC:445 + 1224 = 1669
Stamina: 155

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That did raise the question as to who was going to handle the harder jobs around here once they were part of the military, though they'd likely have some time to hand the really serious things if needed. There were others who could likely rise up to fill the gap. They likely had people who filled the gap before Ganbo and Knuckles arrived in time. Still. it was going to take some getting used to not coming here for some extra coin. Feeling the punch from Ganbo, Knuckles smiled as he waved off to him. "Be safe brother, the next road we take will bring us goof fortune or death." Walking off on those words might of been a bad choice but it was true, he was felt they were strong enough to start climbing the ladder to achieve their goals. Knuckles was ready to move his life forward and enter the spot light, he had broken through his quiet stage and was able to engage in conversation when needed, he had the chance to lead and follow, adapt with the flow, they would do well in the military. He saw them moving up quickly even though they'd be the same type of people as them. Battle hardened survivors, it would be a change of pace. No matter what people thought of Knuckles in his eyes he was a righteous man doing what needed to be done to save the world from slavers, not making it illegal, but making it a death sentence.

Stamina: 250/250


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