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Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job]

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1Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 08/01/18, 04:43 pm

Job Detail:

Job Name: Taming the wilderness
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Western Front
Job Rewards: 200 XP / 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The villagers that lives in the western front are worry about their safety because suddenly some beasts decided to enter their small village. They said that something like this never happened before and now they are seeking help to some warriors that are willing to get rid of the beasts. Go get the job in the City Hall’s job board and head to the western front soon to confront the beasts!
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Horned beast (x4)
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Horned beast has a huge horn on the head that is very strong, the horn is 40cm long and the beast itself is 2m long. They attack by using their horn and enormous strength.
Trample ~ Horned beast dashed towards the enemy up to 15m away before trampling them to deal A-tier damage.
Earthquake ~ The beasts used their strong leg to stomp on the ground and create a small sized earthquake to make anyone who is within 5m fall to the ground and can’t maintain their balance for 1 post
Charge ~ The beast charges forwards looking to impale a target on its horn for B-tier piercing damage. The beast can charge up to 7m away in a straight line.

Strucken of boredom. Long, and tireless months of travel, and they still wasn’t quite there yet. ‘ Was sea faster than land? Would we be going through such parts of this waste land? Such a barren, and sorry looking place. pttf’ In his thoughts, but not too much into them. Getting quite tiresome on a lonely road of scrap metals. The wheels turning crushing the metals beneath it. Taavetti, couldn’t get comfortable as he was. Laying down along a cuisine pillow roughly the same length of the teen. Lavish living. His mother didn’t spare any expenses with the modifications to the carriage.

As for him however no request were really made. On the outside of this carriage wasn’t any heliohapt resembles, nothing out the ordinary. More one looked at it, it looked to be nothing, but a plain wooden carriage that road through the western front late at night. In the night wasn’t the best to be in The Western Front ain’t no one explain the difference between Heliohapt, and Reim society. There hasn’t been news from either countries in months since the civil war broke from Kou. As most things did they trailed on. Exactly what the Carriage did until coming to a stop.
Why did it stop? What could be the means of this. That was what, he planned to find out. “ All night long… ughhhhhh” He moaned from the inside. Startling not just the driver holding the reins, but the horses as they were frightened of the young boy. Kicking open the door swinging round into the carriage itself. “ Sir, we have made emergency stop here in a village on the outskirts of Reim. We’ll be here for few hours. “ The driver, slight tremble in his voice as if he was worried about a reaction. “ The sun raising soon. Go to a tavern. We’ll stay there for there. Explain the delay now. ” Not trying to sound commanding, but he was. Taavetti, disliked that about himself. It was him, and he couldn’t changed that. Stepping back into the carriage. They departed off to the Tavern found in this small village.

Yggdrasil’s Tavern. ’ An odd name for establishments, but nonetheless no questioning. Making his way in through the doors, with the driver behind him. “ Sir, apparently wild beast have found themselves to attack small villages like these. “ The driver said, heading over to the counter.  “ If that is true. Why hasn’t someone from the city came to eradicate these wild animals? Useless people here in this country. ” He said. Loud, and proud. Some of the men looked at the gold around the man’s body, than the tattoo’s. Slim, and roughly cut in muscles was Taavetti, and he wasn’t scared of showing his skin.

The driver returning to him now with keys. They have gotten dirty looks, and a few words thrown at them. Nothing really phasing him, possibly the driver, but they took seats at a round table. Sitting on barrels, as Taavetti raised his hand with two fingers up. Few seconds later, a man came with two tankards of mead. “ Let us drink, as we’ve close to starting our journey together. ” Raising the cups, clicking them together as they started drinking.

Talking: White
Thoughts: A shade of Purple

Word Count: 555/1,500 | Stamina: 120/120

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2Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 18/01/18, 02:46 pm

Fuck, here I am again at a bar listening to humans drivel on about their problems. Knuckles better get hear soon their rum leaves much to be desired. Ganbo had on his uniform but he had a large tattered brown cloak over it he didn't enjoy being on the outskirts of Reim in a visible uniform. Everyone would start yapping about their problems, and it wasn't always good pay. Not like I'm in it for the people mostly the money, Knuckles and the brotherhood. "Hey hurry up with that shitty rum barkeep, what you should do is find out where Reim gets theres if you want to up your business. Maybe get a brothel or a harem somewhere this town is a bore you know." As his drink got brought to him he'd sit back and relax at a table in the northwest corner of the bar. His back to the wall he'd watch as the entrance opened to let in some more people. He didn't particularly pay any of them any mind. No one looked his way, so he wouldn't look theirs , that was when he heard a man talking about the beasts. It made him chuckle, since that was exactly what he was doing out here. Ganbo was a man of action not words, the villagers would know that the beasts were gone when he brought their pelts back into this bar to sell. Their were a couple of villagers with liquid courage who threw insults at the man and his driver. Ganbo hated these men more than the noble, they'd speak up in the nice comfort of a bar then pay someone like him to do their work. Begging all the while to pay him less like he cared about their livelihood, when they could train themselves to solve the problem. Why these people even enjoyed their lives was a mystery to him all they seemed to do was complain about it.

Still he had no reason to answer a man even less a man who looked like he was from Heliohapt. Or even worse if he wasn't a Heliohaptian he was someone who revered their culture as he wore their clothing. If there was any region he despised it was that one, it was a good thing that he had a cloak on. Memories of slavery don't ever fade and Ganbo's own tattoo was a constant reminder every time he looked down. Last time a Heliohapt man commented on his slave tattoo on his chest Ganbo had beat him down until his fists had skull fragments embedded into them. He wondered when Knuckles would arrive, he might need some help if the whelp acted any more arrogantly. From the gold, Ganbo assumed he was some well off noble. Just like the nobility, but I got a nice gig now protecting assholes like that so I guess this'll be a good test in temper control. Ganbo would start twiddling a Reim coin in his hand to keep his hands occupied.  After finishing his drink he'd walk over to the bar and set his glass down before walking back to his chair. Man with my luck our gig will be protecting this asshole. If it is Knuckles better have a good explanation or a lot of money.

OOC: italics are thoughts, purple is me talking



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3Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 18/01/18, 05:21 pm

About ten minutes after the white-haired male and his drive enter, Knuckles came through the door wearing a shit-eating grin, he was happy he was going to kill some shit. Pausing for a moment he searched the bar for Ganbo, only to find a large man in a larger brown cloak, had to the man he was looking for. Knuckles walked passed the man and his driver and went directly to Ganbo, a black cloak with no hood rested over his shoulder hiding his full uniform minus his boost. Within his cloak rested his blade, a bronze sword crafted in Reim and his wooden shield which had kept him from dying a few times. Like his weapons most people were just tools that could be used to kill or save and depending on who was paying Knuckles was a very sharpen tool. As his grin faded he lifted a finger "Your best whiskey keeper, and it better not smell like horse piss. " Knuckles looked over at Ganbo and chuckled. He could tell something was eating at him a bit, enough where Ganbo's body language suggested he got here right on time before something bad went off and a who village would be killed. Lifting a brow he searched the bar to see the reasoning to this or if there were just some shitty drinks here. His emerald hues passed over the white-haired male and then back to him doing a double take. "Ah Taavetti! Stange seeing you way out here, did you want to get into some action this time or what? Unlike Ganbo, Knuckles wasn't a slave from Heliohapt, he was likely a product of it but was born into slavery and sold at a young age to a traveling slaver who fought his slaves and sex trafficked them. His hate wasn't for a country that thrived on slavery or the people in it, but from those who partook which might have been a large portation of that country but still, his hate was for those who were the salvers. He wasn't entirely sure if Tavetti was even a slave owner or approved of it, he had only met the man once, and for a short time. Knuckles waved the man over to join him, it seemed he was dressed more glamorous this time around or that Knuckles didn't even notice last time. Either way, things were either going to get really fun or fun and bloody. Either way, this went Knuckles wouldn't give a shit, his alliance was to Ganbo only and nothing else. By this time either Taavetti joined them or he didn't.

WC 453

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4Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 19/01/18, 11:50 am

Taavetti, and his driver sat in the middle of the bar directly in front of the door. Rather the only entrance to this run down place. Looking around, while chugging down his mead finding a large cloaked figure. In heliohapt he, or she would be either a shady merchant, slave trader, weapons trafficker, and many more things, but for certain one couldn’t tell the man's motives until hearing his voice. Quite a foul way to treat the barkeep in this arse of a place. “ Aye driver, yer name? What’s yer name. ” Taavetti, asked. Slamming his tankarded down as many came in, and many exited the round, rounded bar. “ Uh… My name is Giro Orei. I’m not originally from Heliohapt, but I have connections there. “ The driver said, and left him nodding his head as he listened. “ Than where you from? “ In reply to the driver, but by that time a familiar head of red had walked in, and with his green emerald like eyes came towards him.

“ Sir? “ The driver had taken notice with his questionable tone. Staring down Taavetti, as the teen relaxed. “ Ahhh, Giro. I’ll be over here, you can tend to whatever you’d like while we’re here. Gamble? Women? Anything. Enjoy yourself while on this journey. ” Taavetti, would dismiss his driver while getting his key to the room. Being invited to a bar, and than actually meeting up in one was ironic.  Walking over to Knuckles, and reaching his hand out to take hold of his forearm greeting his barely acquainted friend. “ I’ll partake in some action. As long as it won’t be too bothersome… I’m rather lazy. ” He’d give a reply to Knuckles. Feeling quite weird meeting him here, but it looked like he knew the large man, or woman. “ Taavetti, and you are? “ He’d say to the Ganbo, while looking over to Knuckles, and than back given how dialogue goes, he would shake hands with Ganbo.

Word Count: 891/1.5k

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5Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 19/01/18, 01:48 pm

Just my luck, it is who we're working with. Oh well Knuckles is proabably just trying to test my patience over that stunt I pulled with the red haired girl the other day. Good thing slavery and entertainment has taught me the most important lesson. Fake it until you make it baby! Ganbo would  move his hood so his face was visible, and smile at Taavetti while extending his arm."Ganbo, and a friend of Knuckles is a friend of mine. So are we ready to stop these beasts, and get paid. Ganbo was ready to go, this bar bored him and the drinks weren't good either. After introducing himself he'd tear off his cloak to reveal his Unity Corp uniform, walking over to the bar he'd hand it to the bar keeper. "I'll be back for this, make sure that it doesn't get any alcohol on it or I'll be making a new cloak out of your clothes. After he'd walk back up to Knuckles and Taavetti, he'd follow them whenever they started to leave. At least he'd have his tongue to try and stay further back this time, his goal was to not mess up his uniform on this job. He had been receiving more complaints than usual from the tailor, he knew if he went back anytime soon she might quit. That would be truely unfortunate since he enjoyed his uniform and how she had custom fitted it. Normally he didn't even wear a shirt just his lucky vest, but since receiving his uniform it had quickly replaced it. The only time he wore his vest now was walking into the coliseum, then he'd put it in his waiting room locker.

Remember, not everyone from Heliohapt is a slaver, just pretend this guy is a guard or maybe a warrior. I know he has a driver but that doesn't necessarily mean he's rich or royalty. The outskirts of Reim, had one benefit for Ganbo and that was the cold. While he was raised in the heat he never particularly liked it he just grew accustomed to it. Out on the outskirts the cold mixed with the wind chill was a welcome feeling. He'd felt more like an Imuchakk, his skin was made for much colder weather so he could of been naked out here smiling.

WC: 387 + 549 = 936


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6Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 19/01/18, 05:29 pm

It seemed it was a trio then,  while Ganbo removed his cloak Knuckles left his one, it wouldn't want to risk being exposing his uniform to beast shit.  When everyone was ready Knuckles would lead the way to where the latest attack was, that was why he was so late, he was gathering info on the attacks from the village people, they seemed to tell anyone about it, likely the most exciting thing that's happened here in a long time. It was about a ten-minute walk, he said nothing and would only speak if spoken to, the information he had gather said it was about four larger beast, they were pretty strong, as the entered the area of the last attack the evidence showed this to be true, stone walls were broken they likely came close to rivaling his own strength. He knew Ganbo would be able to handle himself, but he wasn't sure about the third member. In any case, Knuckles would be ready drawing his sword and place his shield on his arm this would be a signal for the others to do the same.  It was good timing as sounds of roars and screams came from the east, the very side that the walls had been broken from.  The area around them was damaged homes, littered with beast footprints, and human blood.  This was likely an assurance of the movement of the beast into the wooded area, them searching out for their own land.  Heading to the sounds of the scrams and roars he'd be careful not to leave Ganbo and Taavetii behind.   Finding the source, of the roars were two beasts 2 meters in length with horns on the front of their heads, they were decent sized horns and he knew this was going to be fun.  Slapping his sword on his shield he gathered their attention.  He was sure at this point Ganbo was either going to harden his skin or makes some bone blades, whichever Knuckles was ready, spreading his legs should width apart he took in a deep breath, and let out a massive roar at both beast, it would hurt their ears drums all the same as a humanoid.  This would give everyone time to prep or move in to attack like Knuckles was, darting off at his blurring speeds most common folk would not even notice he had moved until the sound of his sword striking the horn of the beast was heard, already he had covered a 5-meter distance in a few seconds.  Swinign his right arm back he stepped forward with his left leg and brought his blade down, the beast rose its horn clashing with Knuckles, The beasts used their strong leg to stomp on the ground and create a small sized earthquake to make anyone who is within 5m fall to the ground and can’t maintain their balance. Lucky for Knuckles he had greater than normal balance and could walk on a thin wire no bigger than 2 cm if need be.  Yet even with the shacking of the ground he couldn't really move but was able to remain standing.

WC 986
Stamina  330/330

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7Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 24/01/18, 09:42 pm

It was a silence between the three after they left the bar. He hadn’t known what to say, nor would he make a face towards the two as he walked beside them. Taavetti, wasn’t one to talk unless spoken to. Since it looked like Knuckles wasn’t, and possibly Ganbo? He didn’t know, or could tell. If, Ganbo gives dialogue beforehand, Taavetti would try to get in a word or two before reaching the town of screams, and broken homes. Such a devastated area around him, and he had only been in town for a short while. Maybe hanging with Knuckles, and Ganbo a little bit more would he be able to find his brother faster, and quicker than his thought out plan.

Not worrying about that too much finding himself faced with four beast now, and knuckles readied with a shield, and short sword. A gladiator looking style. Fasticated by the weapons, he almost forgot about the beast reading to kill.  Standing back for the now, he’d wait to watch and see there skills. I mean they would probably want to see if he could handle himself, but Taavetti, wasn’t going to act first until a beast attacks him, or comes for him.

Word Count: 1,094/1.5k

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8Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 25/01/18, 09:35 pm

They walked, tracking the beast, Ganbo was still more in his mind and before he knew it they were preparing for battle. He would see Knuckles start to prepare his scream, Ganbo would also open his mouth, a tongue shot out invested with extra stamina it would stretch out to 11 meters though he would only need about 6 to slap the beast. It would recoil back, not quite taken out but definitely in pain. The beast would charge straight at Ganbo as it neared him he would side step out of the way while slamming it with a hammer fist straight on its head. It would fall on the ground unconscious but before it did in its last move it would stomp the ground. This would cause anyone within 5 meters of Ganbo to fall on the ground. Including himself, as he hit the deck, he would pick up a rock. He'd stay on the ground but aim his rock as a projectile at his nearest target charging his stamina up. It's time to unveil the power of an Imuchakk, though this one takes me a little bit to charge. I'm sure they can handle themselves for a little bit. I'll just continue to feign weakness on the ground.

He'd smile as he readied his throw, he could easily switch targets if neccessary but otherwise he was aiming at one of the beasts that were closer to Knuckles. He hoped that the other man could handle himself he didn't plan on saving anyone today. He was here for a quick buck not foreign relations, he wondered how Knuckles had met this guy anyways. He seemed a bit to passive for his usual taste in companionship. Maybe he's getting bored of being a violent Fanalis, who knows I probably should be paying more attention to the battle. He'd observe the field to see if anything new had developed. There were a total of 3 beasts left including the one that Knuckles was currently involved with. The odds were definitely on their side, and Ganbo had managed to only get his uniform covered in some dirt. Something he could wash out by himself, so at the moment he was achieving all of his goals.

WC: 373 + 936 = 1309
Stamina: 195
skills used:

First Harpoon
Tier: A
Specialization: Imuchakk Racial
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium(5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: For every tier the user is below A-tier, add one post charge up time required before use. Stance must be held while charging and if broken, the charging time resets.
Scaling: Range
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40

Tongue Lash
Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must be capable of opening mouth.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30

  • The user shoots their tongue up to 1 meter at an enemy causing B rank blunt damage.


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9Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 26/01/18, 04:36 pm

After gaining proper control to attack he'd slash twice at the beast ripping it's flesh open causing blood to flee from the wounds made, with a roar the beast fell to the ground unable to function under the pressure of the attacks. Knuckles looked over to see Ganbo had dispatched one of the beasts as well, he also noticed Taavitee standing there, either confused on what to do, shocked by Knuckles and Ganbo's action or a coward.  he never saw the man fight, the last time they had met he had no fighting to do so perhaps he misjudged the man entirely?  With two beast remaining Knuckles twirled his blade in his hands before placing it in his sheath in the center of his shield, he then placed the shield on the small of his back and went to work, one of the beasts was charging right at him stabbing its horn into Knuckles. With pure anger   Knuckles cocked his right fist back and sent it into the head of the beast who was still impaling him, his fist went through it's skin and into it's skull killing it on impact, it's body went limp forcing Knuckles to pull the beast from his own body before hurling it towards the last living beast, only his throw was off. "Fucking piece of a shit beast I'm going to make you a memory your entire fucking species!" He grabbed at the hole his chest and took a knee, he could still fight but his uniform was destroyed as well as a hole in his cloak from the attack.  He wasn't sure what the fuck happened or what would happen only that he was enjoying himself, this would be shown by a smile being worn rather than his normally resting angry looking face. 

WC 315+986=1301
Stamina: 320/330

Skill used:
 Rage punch

Tier: D
Type: Offensive 
Requirements/Drawbacks:Must have taken atleast D rank of damage from a source outside of the user. Must be in an aggresive stance or posture.
Sustain: 0
Cost: 10(20 if Sustained )

Giving into his anger, the user pulls back his arm while twisting his torroso to the rear, in a furious action both his torso and arm swing forward together senidng the fist into a amazingly raged filled motion.   

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10Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 27/01/18, 02:53 pm

Falling to the ground from the pervious earthquake created by the boar he would find his bottom to the ground. It wasn’t a rough fall, but it didn’t take long for him to stand back up with little discomfort. Watching Ganbo as he attacked it was his first time seeing another body manipulator, and it had him speculating multiple thoughts. ‘ So this large man was a body manipulator. It’d be nice to share experience with him later. He could maybe teach me something in later days. ’ Taavetti thought. Right now wasn’t the ideal moment to think too much unless it was for combat. He also didn’t have the time to make himself look like a coward, or unresponsive.

Stepping forward, and taking a hard sniff. To Ganbo, and Knuckles, it might look like he just had a cold. That wasn’t the case. One of him, and one last beast. From taavetti, to the beast it was about 8 meters away, but with him stepping forward and going passed Ganbo, he would decrease the distance as he neared Knuckles who was closed. The last boar had charged forward at him, and knuckles since he had thrown the other dead one at it. Taking another hard snuffle from his nose increasing the amount of damage, upchucking a ball of saliva, and stomach acid at the charging boar. Covering it in A-tier Acids leaving the boar to release a loud shrieking noise as it burned veered from its charge.

And that’s the last of them. So Ganbo, and Knuckles, what’s next? Turning this in? “ Taavetti, would asked. Wiping away from the spit on his chin, flinging it to the side. Turning around to face them, as Ganbo sat down, and Knuckles held his wound. It looked like it turned out well so far, as Knuckles wound wasn’t dire, and Ganbo was just relaxing with what look like a rock in his hand.

Word Count: 1.4k/1.5k
Ability Used:

Caustic Loogie
Tier: D-tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Tavetti is required to suck the mucous from his nostrils, then hock a loogie with it.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina | 5 Sustain

    Taavetti upchucks an ball of saliva mix his stomach acids, spitting it forward 5 meters. The saliva upon contact with anything, bursts as if it was a bubble scattering across surfaces delivering D-tier acidic burns.

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11Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 28/01/18, 01:27 am

With the stone in his hand charged up to do immense damage, Ganbo would cancel it out. Not wanting to waste his energy on destroying a piece of town or accidentally causing some collateral damage. As the other man asked if that was it, yeah that was pretty fast I wonder what took that guy so long to do something. In any case as they finished Ganbo would carefully rip the beasts  horn from each body taking care to not get anything on his uniform he had managed to not ruin it for once. Afterwards he'd fist bump Knuckles and offer a handshake to the other man. "It was nice working with you, Knuckles I'll catch you back at Reim I heard there's some orders from Higher I'm going to go check it out. Ganbo would walk over to Knuckles and hand him the horns. He knew that Knuckles would make sure he got his cut, he had to still head back to the bar to retrieve his clothes. He didn't want to delay the others on their business. He also wanted another drink before he headed back to Reim even if it was disgusting compared to what he was use too.

Walking back into the bar he'd greet the bartender who would answer back politely and nervously. Ganbo would collect his cloak from the man wrapping it around his body while ordering a glass of rum. He'd go sit in the corner and finish the drink in less than 30 minutes. Then he'd start his walk back to Reim so he could receive the new orders he had heard about.

WC: 271 + 1309 = 1580
Stamina: 195


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12Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 28/01/18, 11:29 am

Everything had gone smooth enough for his liking, standing on his feet he returned the fist Bump from Ganbo and collected the horns from him. Removing his cloak he made makeshift bag to hold them all.  Knuckles looked over to Taavetti giving him a head nod. While Ganbo went get the order back in Reim Knuckles would go turn in the horns and collect their share of the Monday he wasn't sure how long Taavetti would be around but knuckles would have to let him know he could count on him in the future if he needed any help. After collecting their payment he gave Taavetti his part and offered a handshake before handing off to the nearest medical center to get his wounds healed up.   Once everything was good the man headed back home to Reim, he hoped to see the white-haired man once more, but for now, he needed to pick up his order from the blacksmith, and his order from the black market he had found something he thought he would enjoy.  He hoped that Ganbo and him showing their uniforms even on the outskirts would make them well known throughout the region, later he would need everyone throughout Reim to know his name, so that he could  activate his plan, he wasn't ready for what he had planned yet he wasn't strong enough, after all, he hadn't even beaten most of the Coliseum warriors yet.  Knuckles would be looking forward to the day he beat them all.  

WC 257+1301=1558
Stamina 320/330

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13Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles II/Ganbo I [Job] on 28/01/18, 02:46 pm

Giving Knuckles, and Ganbo both their individual handshakes before departure, Taavetti would find himself heading back to the same location as Ganbo, but arriving a little while after had he just left. Knuckles, gave him his share of the profits, but he didn’t need it as much so he stashed it with the rest of his other michellous items. Pulling the key off his hip, and inserting it into the room door. Opening it up to find Gero sleeping already. It was a long trip after all, and it had only been a few days since they’ve been there. ‘ He must be tired from all the driving he did, Shoot I wouldn’t blame him though. Getting us here in remarkable time, couldn’t have done it without him. ‘ Taavetti, thought. Getting in his own bed and retiring just as well.

Word Count: 1.5k/1.5k -EXIT-

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