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Comforting [w/Thorsten]

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1 Comforting [w/Thorsten] on 26/07/17, 12:38 pm

Job Details:

Job Name: Night Guard
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
The town has enlisted the help of experienced fighters to help protect the citizens against a group of bandits who have been raiding the town at night. Stand guard at one of the border openings and await the attack. Once the bandits are spotted, engage them and defeat several of the lower ranked goons. The leader may be among their ranks, and his defeat will bring a bigger reward.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: The bandit leader is dressed in fine clothes and leather armor. He wields a sword that deals C-tier damage and a bow that deals C-tier damage. In his arsenal, he also has some bombs.
♦Bomb!: The bandit leader throws one of his bombs 5m in front of him at an enemy before backpedaling 5m. The bomb explodes, dealing C-tier damage to any foe within 5m of it.
♦Ranged Attack: The bandit leader concentrates as he aims an arrow at an opponent. He then releases the arrow, hitting a vital point in his opponent's body and dealing B-tier up to 10m away.
♦Viper Strike: The bandit leader desperately uses his sword, attacking his enemy and dealing C-tier damage before retreating and putting distance between him and his foe.

Enemy Name: Goons x5
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Men dressed in dark robes and masks, they wield daggers that deal C-tier damage.
♦Shank: The goon sneaks up behind an enemy and shanks them with his dagger, dealing C-tier damage.
♦Flying Daggers: The goon throws two of his daggers at a foe, each dagger dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of C-tier damage.
♦Close Combat: The goon gets into the face of an opponent and rapidly attacks them with their dagger. They strike them multiple times, most of their attacks missing due to their momentum. Those that land end up dealing a total of C-tier damage.

Aseo dismissed one of the servants in his chambers. Rolling over to the arm rest in his room, he thought about the other day to himself. ‘ A young white haired boy. Not entirely having white hair.. No a blue streak or highlight. Tch.. This won’t do. I must find his boy. Hmph… Things are troublesome. ‘ Aseo, thought to himself. Tapping his index finger against his right cheek. His door swinging open as a servant held a silver platter. ” Young Master. Here’s your breakfast even though you hadn’t called for it. We’re concerned you’re not eating enough since you’ve came back. Lately you’ve been containing yourself up here, or either leaving without much of a word. Young Master, please say something to us if your troubled. “ He said. One of the many concerned servants. Aseo lightly turned his head to having their eyes meet. ” I need you to find the whereabout on a young boy with white hair, and a blue streak or highlight. It’s of urgent notice that you hold withhold any resources in finding him. “ Aseo, said. Speaking in a commanding demeanor. Throwing his left hand in the sky pointing for him to exit. ” I must prepare. If you locate the young boy, send a request to bring him here. Anything less, and I’ll have the heads of anyone who denied my request. “ throwing his hands together. Using strength magic in a basic form to slam the doors and keep them shut.

Standing up from the chair, Aseo placed his head in his hands once more. His head throbbing in pain. He couldn’t soothe the headache. So the next best thing was slamming his fist down against the wood. Using just enough force to not break it entirely, but shatter part of it. ” Yating… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I should’ve been able to save you. Not just ease your pain. I’m such a horrible friend. NO! I can’t be a friend, if I’M THE ONE WHO HELPED THE EXPLOSION.” Aseo, yelled. It just echoing against the walls in his chamber. Knocking came at the door, but Aseo didn’t hear it. ” Young Master, You okay!! Please Answer us. “ A couple servants, yelled while banging against the door. Unknowingly to Aseo. Swiping his hands across the desk to knock the items, and objects off. Tossing his cane down to the ground, and launching the syringes right behind it. Frustrated with how he couldn’t even conserve his strength long enough to defeat his only opponent. He is a horrible magician. Third rate spell casting in its finest form. He couldn’t compare himself to any of the others. Aseo, freaking out and having a horrible attitude. Tearing up his room. ” UGH! Why must I be so incompetent. Life was so much easier on the farm, with… I can’t even remember his name. My real adoptive father… No! No! NO! NO! NO! “ Aseo, screamed. His tantrum and built up anger happening all at the same time now. Hopefully the one servant he went to find the young boy from the other is having a better chance than what all the other servants are having to hear on the other side of a shut door.

Word Count: 550/1,500


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2 Re: Comforting [w/Thorsten] on 28/07/17, 02:14 am

Item's Brought:

Name: Drasil
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Yo-Yo
Material: Fiber Wire/Tool Steel Alloy
Appearance: The yo-yo is extremely durable and heavy, Drasil weighing 50 kilograms, and has a 55.3 mm diameter base. It is constructed with an tool steel metal alloy. Drasil has a Star of David, design on the face of each side. Connected by a 10 m long fiber wire to an armband for better mobility.

Name: Igaut
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Throwing Spike
Material: Black Iron,Leather Pouch
Appearance: The throwing spikes reside inside the leather pouch. The pouch itself is finely crafted together, and with straps to secure it.
Ammunition Material: Black Iron
Ammunition Appearance: The actual item is 15.24 cm, in length. About 1.36 kg in weight. The color comes from the components making up the item, giving its steel black iron look.

” Here you go, Sweety. Be safe out there, the streets aren’t for the children anymore. “ the frail woman said. ” I’ll be sure to keep an eye out, Ma’am. Take care. “ Thorsten, said in reply. Grabbing his pouch of candy. Turning on his heels from the wooden countertop, and rushing out into the crowd streets. Standing in front of the shop, Thorsten held the bag down at stomach length. Pulling on the draw strings to opening the bag to see exactly what the lady gave him, he made a sour face. ” Old bag, gave me hard rock candy, and few chocolate. Fuck! “ Releasing his tension on the drawstrings. Bag resealing once more. Some of the people on the street turned to glance. Immediately he felt their gaze. Thorsten curving his brow to make a face at them made him lose focus on his pouch. In a matter of seconds. A group of kids appeared. At glance it was five at most, than further looking it grew to fifthteen. ” What is this? So many kids by themselves? No guidance.  No lead. No support. Sad. “ Thorsten, said as they passed him. Shrugging his shoulders and turning to walk the opposite directions. He noticed something. ” My bag! Oh no.. Oh no.. Oh no! “ Entering a panic. Swishing around looking over his body, he finally turned to the group of kids running. They weren’t excellent thieves, but they were thieves.  

Pointing his hand, Thorsten thought to shout. Before it dawn upon him he could catch them. They had gotten further ahead of him as he stalled. Kicking up dirt as he took off. Thorsten, started to rush after the group of kids. ” Stop, Thieves! “ He shouted, being how convenient the situation was. Him being an assassin, while those children were thieving to survive. However they didn’t have the skills necessary to be top notch. Leaving behind such a clear trail to tail. Thorsten passed few alleyways, or local stands on the side of the cobble road chasing behind them. Once in awhile one of the fifteenth kids looked over their little shoulders.  One knocking over some random barrels. They rolling down the street as Thorsten ran through two, before kicking the last one towards the kids. Other citizens just watching as this transpired. ” Stop those damn children. Ugh! Useless shits for brains. “ Thorsten, sounding like Hakon when he’s upset with the crew. The hurling barrel splattering right behind the children. It’s frame looking like it exploded from the inside, Thorsten just hopping over it and gaining. A carriage was coming in the distance, and the kids were far enough ahead to beat it. Thorsten, had to book it before they escape, or take the chance of getting hit by the carriage. Some onlookers eyes begin to widen noticing the catch scene. ” STOP! YOU! LITTLE! FUCKS! “ A few gasps heard from the crowd. The kids had passed before the carriage going by. Daring as, Thorsten is. He rushed on and took the doors off the hinges. ” Looks to be the wrong door? “ The white haired boy said. The man inside looked shook.

” You.. You have white hair and a turquoise streak. You may be the one I was sent to look for. Young Boy. Come with me. It’s of urgent matters that you do. “ the man said. Thorsten, dazed from running through the doors. Crowds forming from the street as some made gasps, others whispering to their neighbor. ” gah…” soft groans he could muster out from his breath at the moment. The aftershock sort of hitting now after his little joke. The man didn’t seem to care. ” Are you, or are you not the boy. My Master request your audience now. You seem to be the child from his last job. Now come! If you are. “ He sort of not giving him a choice. Thorsten, looked up from the floorboards with broken pieces of the wood lying in between his legs, and some of his lap. Pushing them away, Thorsten stood. ” It is that bastard, Asehi? The one with a family full of pricks? If so, I think I’ll pass. I got candy to steal back from children. “ Thorsten, said. The man jaw fell almost. Jumbling of words almost came from his mouth. ” If you come, I’ll pay you a solemn fee. I promise we can arrange getting you any type of candy you want back at the mansion. Consider it in these few seconds. “ The man desperate to not return empty handed. Taking a couple of seconds, Thorsten lightly shrugged. ” If I don’t see any sort of sight of candy after being inside within the hour. I will find you. And I will slowly gut you with my fingers. Hahaha Just playin. “ He said with a smile. ” I’ll use my blade. “ He said, leaking some killing intent into the message. Thorsten, lead him and this man into an awkward carriage ride away from the scene they had caused.

” This way please, down this hall. To your right. You won’t miss the room, or the other servants standing out front. “ The man seemed to looked worried. Rushing to the off in what looked to be the kitchen. Thorsten only chuckled as his threat seemed to had its effect and toll. Hmmm Asehi, must be loaded. Why did he take such a request the other day then? Hmmm Thorsten, said outloud what he thought. Passing through the large halls. Filled from head to toe with decorations, paintings, and clay art. Looked like they were preparing for a festival, or ball. Thorsten, gave no mind as he approached the door to the room. Placing his hand against the wood, and knocking gentle. Thorsten turned knob with his left hand while knocking and entered, even though Aseo had used strength magic to hold it back. ” What’s my favorite color? YELLOW. “ Thorsten, using a odd greeting. As he slammed the door behind himself leaving the servants to clatter against it. Only thing Thorsten say at the time was Asehi’s tantrum. ” Much be going through a difficult time, I’ll flop like a fish and bounce. “ Thorsten, said. Waiting to see what Asehi reaction.

Word Count: 1,086/1,500


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3 Re: Comforting [w/Thorsten] on 06/08/17, 10:25 pm

Giving to Thorsten:

Name: Tsuyuake Hime
Tier: A
Type: Greatbow
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: An ebony greatbow with ornate brass decorations etched into it. It is roughly 2 meters in length and takes a lot of power to draw. There is a magic circle embedded into the front of the weapon.

  • The Final Touch - Feeding magoi into the weapon will cause the magic circle to emit a purple-black smoke and glow. The bow will envelop or create a black arrow with strength magic that deals A tier piercing damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain

Ammunition Material: Iron
Ammunition Appearance: The basic ammunition for this weapon are large iron spear-like arrows that measure up to 91 centimeters in length.

Items Brought:

Name: Ebenezer
Tier: C-Tier
Material: Wood, Silver, Gold.
Appearance: A long staff that doubles as a cane/walking stick. It also has a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. Inside the larger area where the white and gray meet, there are small gold-colored gears. Handle is 10 In ( 25.4 cm ) ending at the wood. The wood is 70 cm long totaling the whole staff to be 95.4 cm.

Ove | Asehi

Aseo was posted up in his room. Creating large amount of ruckus. No one could stop him. Aseo, fling his arms around in frustration. ” Fuck… T-This bow? What am I supposed to do with it. Ugh… It’s annoying to have this as a token.. No a pitiful memory. I am pitiful. A bow… A.. Single bow pissing me off. Agh… “ Aseo, yelling. Eyes locked on the shards of the bow. Aseo, shouldn’t have taken the shards. He didn’t earn them. He didn’t even survive for them. Literally barely survived. It was the most painful memory besides the scar on his chest. Aseo, stomping now. ” Damn. Damn. D a m n! D A M N ! I T ! A L L ! “ His lungs most likely in pain. Aseo, been fuming for about two hours now. Many servants have left the door alone. Aseo, placing strength magic to reinforce it. Keeping anyone from entering unless by some chance they could break it easily. Aseo, hadn’t known anyone besides possibly, Tenma who could break down the door. ” I must get rid of this bow. It proves too much trouble for me… I caused a suicide explosion… Killed both slides.. With my help...than took out Sun Liang…” Aseo, said softly. Stepping back. Cold sweat dripping down from his brow, as he stumbled. The damage had lingered. Aseo, couldn’t get over the mental issues due to Sun Liang. Main focus of all his rage. ” That bow needs to leave… I’m going to throw it off on that bow. Than I’ll rid him of his country, but blaming my mission report on him. Blaming him to be the ranger… HAhaha! “ Aseo, said to himself. Such a devious plan, and the white haired boy wouldn’t know what hit him. Aseo, was clenching his fist at the thought of turning this boy into public enemy, but Aseo had to think about himself for now on. ‘ Don’t do this, ay. Listen to yer’self, yer sinking further and further into fear. You’re acting like a common villain. ‘ A voice from a previous time spoke to him. ” You don’t know about this fear, and hate. You’re just a fragment of my past… Just like this scar on my chest… Just like this bow once I pass it off to that boy! “ Aseo, yelled. Arguing with himself? Weird is a understatement. ‘ If you were stronger… You would be living back on the farm. Free of burdens, with Aoife, and Montague. Yes, the Montague, you’re doing this all for. Have you forgot? A s e o. More like M o r d e c a i a h. ‘ The voice in his head said. It really trying to piss Aseo off. ”You’re just a trapped soul! A PIECE OF ME LONG FORGOTTEN! Don’t dare speak of the name of my FATHER! “ with that Aseo, had gotten mad. The voice had did its part. Simply laughter was echoing through his head. Aseo, was pissed. Anger? Fear? Sadness? None of those was on his face anymore. Letting the most basic of his magic go out from him. The temperature changing, and sound increasing through the house tenfold, plants raising outside the window making it look dark outside, and the gravity inside the increasing, but not affecting Aseo. If anyone was to bust in now it would be bad.

” Much be going through a difficult time, I’ll flop like a fish and bounce.” Thorsten, said. The boy had been founded and brought like asked. Aseo, was in the middle of throwing the wildest tantrum. ” DIDN’T I TELL Y’ALL TO LEAVE ME BE! “ Turning ready to face the only to find the door slamming back. A white haired child standing their addressing him by Asehi, and nothing else. ” Ahh.. Sorry.. Sorry. I’ve been having war flashbacks… but I’ve called you here for something. You look young. So maybe taking up this hobby would suit you. So… Child! Take these. “ Aseo, said. If the boy would step forward, Aseo would pull out the shards and hand them to Thorsten. If he didn’t, Aseo would just point at the chest and expect him to look in it. ” I don’t know you personally, but those shards hold nothing for me. So I request for you to be found and take them off my hands. They’ll be of use to you if you decide to uncover their power “ Aseo, said. Moving to the window. Using his magic to move the plants that had grown out the way. That’s when he noticed right outside his home, bandits had roamed the streets and they had begun causing trouble. A fine dressed man was encircled by dark dressed shorter men. They seemed to be his lackeys if you further examined them. ” Um.. white hair boy. You don’t mind assisting me? By the way, don’t call me Asehi… It’s Mor- Aseo.. Asehi..” Aseo, said. Opening his window. Ebenezer, in his hand, readying to just wipe the floor with the people. Aseo, whom been out of it lately took his gaze at the goons. ” Boy, Take on their leader. I don’t care enough to do it myself, i’ll kill his lackeys. “ Aseo, said. Landing on the stone path. “ Aye boss, lets slaughter this noble! “ One goon said. Thinking it would be simple. “ ” Enjoy yourself, huehueeuheuhe “ The boss, said. Aseo, only looked on. To make things simple. All five of the goons came towards Aseo. They came in for Close Combat . But, Aseo had clicked his cane against the ground. Allowing them to get close enough for him to release a flora tornado thrashing through the goons. ” That takes care of them. Now Boy, take care of their leader. “ Aseo, said. Looking out from the tornado swirling around him, as the bodies of the goons dropped lifeless in a pool of blood. “ You damn, brat! I’ll kill you! ” The boss, said. Preparing to engage Aseo, but hopefully before the encounter Thorsten, would be there. Aseo, just waited for what happens next.

Word Count: 1,593 / 1,500
Magoi: 290/320

Ability Used:

Tūkstantis Vytimo
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Magician [Ice]
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Tapping the bottom of his cane against the ground
Scaling: AoE - The area of effect may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Magoi ; 15 Sustain

    Using Ice magic, Mordecaiah summons forth a 1 meter flora themed vortex of ice petals from the ground, which can be controlled up to 10 meters away from the user. Dealing B-Tier damage to anyone caught within the dancing ice petals, leaving frostbite on limbs for numbing effects afterwards for 1 post.


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4 Re: Comforting [w/Thorsten] on 02/09/17, 05:09 pm

Thorsten, had all the confidence and swagger when he walked into Aseo’s room. Now that was gone. Aseo had asked many questions, given him shards, and jumped out the window. Everything happening so quickly, only thing in his actual grasp is those shards. For Thorsten, also those shards held no sufficient reason to be in his possession. Tossing them aside to the bed. Thorsten, didn't care what, Aseo had told him. He wasn't about to accept something he had no previous affiliation to, and surely wasn't going to figure out it's ‘unknown power’. Besides the point of those shards, where was the staff and guards? Why was he the only one actually leaping to face unknow bandits.

This would also prove to be the first time his eyes seen a magician battle. Thorsten, hadn't known Aseo to be a magician until now. He thought of him as another assassin at the time, but now it's entirely different. Fascinating to find out he’s one with elements or sorts. Thorsten, not really educated about what they actually do, but he knows most of them commonly from magnostadt. Some things he just didn’t know, or hasn’t obtained the information to know. Maybe helping Aseo, in the long run won’t affect him in any sort of way. “ Aseh.. Aseo, sure I’ll assist. I’ve been meaning to try out my new gear. “ Thorsten, said.

Coming to that resolve, Thorsten put his cheery smile on his face. Sliding down his arm was a single yo-yo. It’s recoiling wire clicking as it rolled down to his right hand. Thorsten, clutched it firmly. Stepping in the windows frame. Following behind Aseo’s lead hopping down about 15 ft. The height wasn’t much at all. Taking the recoil through his skinny legs and ankles. A little unbalancement. Thorsten, just chuckled and bounced forward. “ Special delivery? No.. That doesn’t make sense. Yo-yo surprise! “ Thorsten, said. Using the bounce for a running start. Now he moved in for action, as did the large ‘boss man’ also.  Thorsten, noticed he carried a bow, and a sword. Combo-Wumbo he was. However that didn’t matter as they both came to engage. Swing his sword down viper strike happened, but Thorsten wasn’t going to let that happen. One shot, and one shot was on his mind. Doing a simple dodge to avoid the sword, Thorsten stepped behind him. Blocking him from trying to retreat back. He would send a basic kick dealing a painful kick to the boss back. As he hunched over from the damage, Thorsten quickly stepped to the front of him. “ I heard brat. So I thought I’d show you how goofy we brats are. “ Thorsten, jumped around him. Patting his head as he passed around to anger him. Toying with his prey. Not taking him serious made the boss mad. He would begin to swing his sword reckless, but Thorsten avoided taking damage, not much to say for some of his clothing caught by the sharpness of the blade.

Looking off to the side, it seemed Aseo was just waiting for him to finish. Thorsten, sent out a basic punch to the forehead’s temple. Hard enough to knock him out, hopefully not too hard in where he died from impact. “ Aseo, I’m going to take my leave now. Thanks for um.. I guess finding me, but don’t put those shards on me. They were probably given to you for a reason… anyways see you! “ Thorsten, moved off from the scene waving and saying that. Leaving Aseo to have like a little chance to say something that would catch his ears before he completely left, but besides that Thorsten would be returning to his caravan.

Word Count: 1,500+/++++


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