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Goi Studies [ Job | Solo ]

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1 Goi Studies [ Job | Solo ] on 08/06/17, 02:22 am

Job Details:
Job Name: Goi Studies
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt Academy
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magnostatd Student
Job Overview: Learn about Goi cultures and customs around the world. This will result in us better understanding our non magic counterparts that may directly or indirectly result in a more efficient co-existence. This class is for those that was born within Magnostadt and doesn't have any first hand experience on the world outside the city or for those that just want to learn more about our non-magic friends.
   A Professor of this specific field is in need of help from the student body. An excursion to various tribes across the plains was planned but the student assistant scheduled to travel with him was currently indisposed. He urgently needed a replacement to help him study the tribes for their customs and how they live without the help of magic.
   The travel itinerary only consists of traveling to three of the major tribes of the plains. The research will last for at least three days. He promised the student that will be able to help him will receive high marks in extra curricular activities and a small monetary reward from his own pocket.

xxxxxx There had been a spot to volunteer for a trip to some of the nearby villages. It didn't seem like a rough task and it was certainly an excuse to get out of class. So, Setekh took it upon himself to take the role as last minute as it was. He was chosen almost right away being one of the only students in his class that wasn't born in Magnostadt. It would allow him to help the students better if they needed any help. Though, he was sure it would be an easy going trip into the plains.

xxxxxx The group set out of the city. Most of the students carried way too much luggage. At least, that's what Setekh thought. All he brought was a change of clothes and a comb for his hair. He was used to living small and limited despite the luxuries he had in the academy. As long as he had somewhere to crash, a bit of food, and water, he was fine. The teacher insisted they walk as it would be apart of their academy training. Setekh was dreading the hike but being outside for once was nice.

xxxxxx Night soon followed upon reaching the first village. Setekh had hoped to have a bit of fun while he was there. But most of the women were married and the men gave judging stares as if to ward him off. The first night was rough without someone to scratch his itch but sleep came easier to him. In some way, the experience felt familiar. In the morning, they departed for the next destination. The villagers were nice enough to send them off with rations for the long road ahead.

xxxxxx It was a shock that they didn't get lost by now. Setekh was already at a loss as to where they were. The second village was even kinder than the last. The elder seemed to remember the teacher and let them stay in his hut for the night. Luckily for Setekh, he managed to score but was later scolded in the morning by his teacher. Apologizing for it was embarrassing but he felt better about it after a few hours had passed. Before they left, he spent some time with the girl he slept with and gave her a cheesy bouquet of flowers he picked from one of the gardens.

xxxxxx The last village was the same as the first. Not overly friendly nor were they cruel. A few pretty women were interested in him but he decided against lying with them after the scolding yesterday. He spent the night talking with them instead though grew increasingly uncomfortable as they began to get too hands on for his liking. Sleep came easy to him as the exhaustion. The village was nice enough to lend them horses on the ride home. Though, they were also escorted.

xxxxxx Setekh was the only one who could ride a horse other than the villagers. The students seemed to be nervous. Which, in turn, made the horses anxious. Some even took off on their own. It was amusing while it lasted. When they returned to the academy, he received his compensation for helping and went straight to his room. His roommate wasn't there so it was a good time to sleep.

Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )


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