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Goi Studies

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1 Goi Studies on 10/12/15, 06:46 am

[quote="Solomon's Proxy"]Job Name: Goi Studies
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostatd Academy
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Magnostatd Student
Job Overview: Learn about Goi cultures and customs around the world. This will result in us better understanding our non magic counterparts that may directly or indirectly result in a more efficient co-existence. This class is for those that was born within Magnostadt and doesn't have any first hand experience on the world outside the city or for those that just want to learn more about our non-magic friends.
    A Professor of this specific field is in need of help from the student body. An excursion to various tribes across the plains was planned but the student assistant scheduled to travel with him was currently indisposed. He urgently needed a replacement to help him study the tribes for their customs and how they live without the help of magic.
    The travel itinerary only consists of traveling to three of the major tribes of the plains. The research will last for at least three days. He promised the student that will be able to help him will receive high marks in extra curricular activities and a small monetary reward from his own pocket.

The light of the sun is just starting to break through the mountains over the horizon painting the dark bluish sky with its golden rays, its radiance spreading over the sleepy plains still wet from its midnight slumber. Aisha smiles peacefully basking in this magnificent sight breathing in the cool crisp winter wind soaring through the sky aboard a magical cloth. Her sense of joy and excitement for the coming days cannot be described by mere words. A blue haired man sitting besides her looks at her with delight and asked her.

"Is this your first time riding a magic carpet?"

    This is Professor Lyon he is one of Aisha's favorite professors. He is the foremost expert on Goi culture and relations in the Academy. Other female students might like him because of his tall frame and strong physique from his Imuchakk heritage as well as a kind demeanor that's irresistible to the opposite sex and enviable to others, but Aisha admires him because of his care and interest towards non-magic people, the same belief she holds dear to her heart. Aisha turns towards him to answer his question but her eyes lingered downward, as she glanced momentarily she saw the professor's white robe being blown by the passing wind pressing against his well built body sculpting every contour underneath. She cannot lie to herself, maybe she also like him because of that but that's beside the point. A squeal almost came out of her but she managed to hold it in thanks to her training, she closed her eyes and breathes deeply to calm herself before answering.

"No" She smiles. "I am just excited to meet the people of the tribes."

    That was not a lie, she was indeed excited to see the people of the plains. To see how they live and how they survive, to learn more about them to better help them in the future.

Magoi/Stamina: 150/150
Word Count: 413/500


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