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Father's Training [Ability Training/Solo]

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A cry of "Harder!" was heard as a nearby man leaned on his cane. Jingyi once more kicked the dummy in front of her. The woman's feet were bare, and she lacked her usual sword and armor. She wouldn't need it for this part as she trained with her father.

She was ordered to keep her leg in the air as it was, and in reward, her knee was gently smacked before her foot was lowered by her father's cane. Her posture was wrong, and according to him, she would only get herself killed out on the battlefield if she tried kicking like that.

Jingyi took a deep breath as her leg was lowered, her feet shifting into the proper stance as she eyed the dummy. It was hard for her to swallow that she was having such trouble kicking a straw puppet, but her father strived for perfection, to make sure that she would be safe when she fought. And for that, Jingyi appreciated his thoughtfulness, no matter how rough his love could be sometimes.

Nodding to herself, Jingyi offered a small smile before swinging her leg forwards, her foot hitting the dummy square in its chest and knocking it back.

Jingyi heard a small barrage of clapping before she was called over by her mother to take a break to help her weave. As long as she was here, she may as well spend her time equally between both parents.

A couple of days have passed since then, and Jingyi had finally managed to get her kick down. But now she just had a wooden sword to practice the step and strike. Sure, it was annoying, but Jingyi supposed that it would come in handy to get all the actions down before using an actual sword.

At her father's call, Jingyi took a step forwards, her sword swinging up and jabbing the dummy in the shoulder. The woman flinched as she was scolded; don't swing it, thrust it! Aiming could come later.

Jingyi took a deep breath and stepped back to her original position. Her grip tightened on the handle of the wooden sword before she quickly took a step forwards and thrust out the weapon. Only the attack completely missed the dummy. Oops.

She heard a sigh before being told, "Again!" This time she had to hit it, but she had to make sure that she did it properly. Jingyi returned back to her spot, her feet spreading apart instance before she stepped forwards. Her sword smoothly was stabbed forwards, the wood knocking against the dummy's chest and pushing it down.

With a proud smile, Jingyi wiped her forehead before glancing at her dad. She was almost there, and soon she would move onto another skill. Only when this one was over.

A whole week had passed since the beginning of her training, and Jingyi was glad to say that she had finally gotten her move down.

Raising Grasscutter, Jingyi was all too aware that her family was watching. She would present all of her moves, to show them how far she has gotten in such little time since she had left home almost an entire year earlier.

Taking a deep breath, Jingyi started to weave and bob towards her enemy, a dummy once more. She moved almost like a blur, the only thing standing out being the red tassel that caught the spectator's eyes. In a sudden strike, Jingyi lunged forwards, her sword slashing downwards in a diagonal arc.

Before her mother could clap, Jingyi nimbly moved three meters back before shifting into position. Grasscutter was held to the side but not for long for the warrior leaped down, the sword's rings clanging as the blade was raised backward before coming down in an earthly arc.

If Jingyi stopped to look at her family, she would see almost impressed looks on her brothers' faces, but she didn't. Instead, she fluidly fell back into the Mamushi Stance before lunging forwards once more. Her blow almost knocked down the dummy, but she was careful to quickly grab it and pull it back up.

"Almost there," Jingyi thought to herself as she slipped into Cutting Grass' stance before swinging her sword twice as the ability went. Finally, Jingyi bent her knees before sweeping her leg out. The kick caught the dummy in the chest, her foe tilting back dangerously. Before it could fall down, Jingyi took a graceful step forwards, her sword following the movement and thrusting out. Bam! The dummy fell over, conquered by her collection of moves.

Ability Trained:

Close Kick
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Requirements/Drawbacks: Steady footing and wide space.
Range: Close
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina

    The user swings their leg out and kicks an opponent away from them, the kick dealing D-tier damage. Then they quickly put their foot down while stepping forwards and thrusting their sword, dealing D-Tier damage once more.

WC: 500+/500


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