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Father's Training [Ability Training/Solo]

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Jingyi turned on her heel before trying to lunge forwards, her fist swinging out to punch the straw dummy that was to be her foe.

But she had overstepped, jumping forwards farther than she had to go in reality. Her fist sailed past the dummy's body and Jingyi crashed into the thing, knocking it to the ground.

She heard a cry of "Again!", so Jingyi just wiped her forehead before climbing to her feet. She pulled up the dummy before stepping back to her original spot. She shifted into her fighting form and turned so her side was facing the opponent.

Jingyi took a deep breath before whirling around as she did the first time. But unlike before she took only a single step forward, successfully completing the first steps of Hitoshirenu Kyoda, but her fist barely grazed the dummy's shoulder.

Thankfully, Jingyi caught herself before she and the dummy went crashing to the ground, the both of them tilting dangerously before the woman took a step back.

From behind her, she heard her father cry, telling her that it was time to take a break before they continue.

Jingyi simply nodded her head, the back of her hand wiping her forehead before crossing the courtyard to where her father sat.

Several days has passed since her first day of training to learn how to properly use the move. Jingyi was frustrated to be sure- her father continuously drilled her with simple exercises before they got to the meat of the training, and by the time she finally got one part or another down to the best of her abilities the towel was thrown in by her father.

Hopefully, I can actually try to do the complete move, Jingyi thought to herself with a shake of her head before looking at the dummy in front of her.

It was time to be focusing, not questioning her father's training method, she told herself before turning so her side faced the dummy.

Jingyi closed her eyes and took a breath before pivoting on her heel and stepping forwards, her left hand swinging out in a powerful punch, her fist connecting with the dummy and knocking it towards the ground.

Just as she was to draw her sword, she heard a cry from her father to stop. With a heavy sigh, Jingyi dropped Grasscutter's hilt so it slid back into its sheath.

Jingyi turned to her father, preparing to stroll over and ask why she can't continue her father instructed for her to do it once more.

Jingyi went through the beginning seconds of the attack, but just as her fist was about to connect the warrior misstepped and almost crashed to the ground.

"Again," her father barked, which Jingyi complied to. It would seem that she wasn't entirely ready for the next step.

Two days and a night have passed, and Jingyi was finally allowed to advance and fulfill her move. Her father had given the warrior the seal of approval to use in battle, but her mother had her doubts.

So that's how Jingyi found herself facing a dummy, prepared to show off her technique to her mother in hopes that it would quell her mother's worries.

Taking a deep breath, Jingyi stood a foot away from her opponent before whirling around. She was careful not to overstep as she moved closer, and her fist flew forwards. The punch connected with the dummy, causing it to tip over and fall towards the ground. Before her "foe" touched the ground, Jingyi expertly drew her sword and slashed her sword downward, cutting through it and leaving it in shambles at her feet. She had finally gotten down Hitoshirenu Kyoda.

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