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The Font of Life Pt. 1 [Training]

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1 The Font of Life Pt. 1 [Training] on 20/02/17, 06:06 am

Fruit of the Boom!
   Tier: C
   Class: Magician
   Type: Offensive
   Range: Medium
   Requirements/Drawbacks: Must slam staff to ground, and lift up with mild force
   Scaling: Projectile +
   Sustain: 0
   Cool Down: 2 posts
   Cost: 20 | 10

       Utilizing the power of life rukh, Aoife knocks her staff onto the ground, causing two 10cm fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, etc.) to erupt from the ground and lob toward targets up to 7.5m away, bursting into acid on contact to harm the enemy/enemies for C tier damage.

Bloc Avec Carotte
   Tier: C
   Class: Magician
   Type: Defensive
   Range: Short
   Requirements/Drawbacks: Must spin staff in circular motion
   Scaling: AoE
   Sustain: 0
   Cool Down: 2 posts
   Cost: 20 | 10

       Aoife spins her staff in front of her, conjuring a 1m in radius large carrot with life magic to block incoming attacks up to C tier damage.

"INFURIATING!" She boomed, disturbing the fellow students, professors, and even a few stray mice wandering the building. Seeing as though she always felt she was naturally gifted at magic, especially considering it was her specialty--life magic! Still, it was unfortunate that despite her natural talent and heritage as a magician, she could only do so much without the tutelage of the gifted professors at Magnostadt Academy. She kept to her books, fiddling with many types of commands and ideas until she hit a wall, mentally, and slammed her face against the library table, physically. She groaned, burying her face in her book as she rubbed her temples, trying to think of something, anything, until she heard a voice behind her.

"Hard at work I see?" A voice asked, causing Aoife to pick her head up from the book and see who it was. She didn't recognize the man, but he seemed trustworthy. Perhaps familiar? She couldn't place a name to the face, though, and in the old Aoife way, she introduced herself to the mysterious stranger.

"Wah? Ah? Hi! I...ah haha my name is Aoife. Aoife are?" The young girl asked, stumbling to find her words after being caught off guard by the stranger. Her voice trailed off, a little taken aback by the man's appearance. He looked like a professor but she could never be sure.

"It seems like you're studying new magic...I could help, if you like?" She was puzzled that this man was more than willing to help her out. She assumed he must have been a student, and enamored with her at that. Aoife knew she was fetching, but not enough to warrant a mysterious suitor trying to pick her up. In any case, Aoife allowed the man to sit next to her and offer any 'advice' he might have in helping her learn new magic. They deliberated for a bit, explaining that she'd like to expand her use of life magic because she felt a little inferior in that department. He explained all sorts of nuances and intricacies of magic, fully immersed in the material the two were studying. He soon left after teaching her what she needed to know, leaving Aoife stunned and a little upset she didn't ask this friendly stranger for his name, or any other sort of information she could've learned about this fellow. Regardless, with her new knowledge, she decided to test the wonderful application of it out in her room, where a small garden hung in the balcony outside her bedroom.

" he said to draw inspiration from your life...well...I do weirdly enjoy fruits and vegetables. Maybe I could go from there..." Aoife said aloud, musing the possible combinations she could do to whip up some new and never before seen magical ability. When no inspiration came to mind, she grabbed an apple from her room and decided to chomp into it, looking out the balcony to the wonderful view of the city around. Lost in awe, she dropped the apple, watching it plummet to the ground, immediately splatting in a red and mushy explosion on the ground below. Eureka! That was it! That was the inspiration she needed! Thank heavens for clumsiness! Excited to start this new venture, Aoife quickly prepared a patch of fresh soil outside in the garden, and focused intently on the rukh, making sure her commands were precise and accurate. With her staff brought gracefully above her head, she swung it down to the ground, hearing the clanked "thud" of the staff on the ground, before she aggressively thrust the staff back in the air, culminating in the final touches of her spell before unleashing the new Fruit of the Boom! sending two apples barreling through the air onto the ground in front, immediately exploding into their base form. She did it! If only she could thank the mysterious stranger for all his help.

Word Count: 657/500

It had been a few days since Aoife was invariably touched by the magical muse. She looked all over for her mysterious friend, the handsome (?) stranger that offered sage advice before disappearing into the ether. How funny it was that she was so smitten with a person that did not exist. A concept always foreign to Aoife as she never considered herself someone to pine for romantic partners. In fact, in her head, she was always the one who was approached, she was the pined for beauty. This level of conceit comes with a fair amount of personal experience, however. She was used to being the talk of the town--the real girl about the block that all the neighborhood boys spoke about as some talented ingenue. It would be inappropriate to break that fantasy for Aoife now, but back home...she was decidedly that popular. Instead, she filled her time with studies, any ways to "inspire" her to create new magic. She felt she needed to update her repertoire, considering she was lacking in that department. All of the normal spells that came with learning magic seemed so pedestrian, so dull, so very un-Aoife, that she had almost an insatiable thirst for being original.

"I don't a child I made trees grow for the starving, I created plants from my imagination, and yet...I can't think of a stupid command to give the rukh to create new magic. Unbelievable! What kind of humanitarian am I? I can't save the world on conviction alone. I need results! I need progress! I need to figure out how to WORK THIS DAMN SYSTEM!" Aoife yelled, slamming a book on the table in the library, receiving several angry glances from fellow students. It was then that the mysterious stranger decided to pay Aoife a visit yet again, this time being a lot less stalker-ish than before.

"Ah! Aoife! I see you're at it again...although the book should probably be open and in front of you instead of on the floor" The main said, grabbing the book and placing it on the table. He pulled out a seat next to Aoife, and sat down next to her. His sitting stance was even intriguing, where his legs were spread apart, an almost inviting pose, and his eyes so kind. "Oh! I have yet to introduce myself--I'm a sort of professor here, well, aspiring professor. I do teach students just a very small amount. My name is Caleb, too, as I forget to mention that as well," Aoife was lost in his words. She snapped herself back into reality very quickly, only to stumble over her words a bit before blushing very intently. She felt embarrassed for being so coy, but he was a professor, an educator! Nothing could happen there.

"Ah! Ah...haha, um, sorry I've just been trying to develop a new spell. It appears whatever inspiration I had quickly went away as soon as it happened," Aoife explained. The man only nodded in agreement and quickly grabbed her hand, whisking her away to leave the library. "Wait, what, what are you doing? I still need my books!"

"You need a break! A great part of any teaching curriculum is to allow for some fun, so we'll do just that. Besides, maybe you'll get inspired along the way?" Aoife was NOT pleased, but her attitude changed after a day spent sightseeing, going around the town to window shop, and even taking part in some lively conversation in the city. The day came to a halt in the town square, where Caleb paused and looked around, an almost sinister expression in his face. Aoife wondered what was wrong, but his expression faded, and this time he turned to Aoife with the enthusiasm of a new-found plan. "Think fast!" Whoosh! A shard of ice sped right toward Aoife. No! What was going on! She panicked and thwacked her staff out in front, knocking the ice out of the air. Before she was able to yell at Caleb, he sent multiple ice shards at her, causing her to duck in terror. Infuriating! Rude! This man was a serial killer! She boiled hot with rage, pregnant with fury, until something in her body clicked, and she felt the inspiration flow through her. With this barrage of icicles flinging toward her, Aoife confidently held out her staff, spinning it in a circular motion, until a large, tender carrot grew from the ground, blocking the incoming ice shards from hitting her.

"I call it Bloc Avec Carotte and YOU SUCK!" Caleb only laughed, walking away back to his whatever-he-lives-in as Aoife stood there, absolutely furious at the lack of care. With nowhere to channel her anger, she stomped to her room, still pleasantly surprised with her newfound spell she created.

Word Count: 806/500


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