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Reed and the Dragonelles [Job]

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1Reed and the Dragonelles [Job] Empty Reed and the Dragonelles [Job] on 14/02/17, 10:12 pm

Job Details:
Job Name: Magic Gone Wrong I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the East side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Dragonelle x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: These small green creatures are just under 1 meter tall and can fly at 10m/s.
Abilities: These creatures do not do damage, instead they simply fly around and make a nuisance of themselves by knocking things over and landing on people.

Reed stepped into the east side of the city, clutching the unnecessarily detailed and artfully made pamphlet describing the details of the job posting to get rid of the abundance of life magic constructs plaguing the city. He looked up, and around, carefully scanned the area, attempting to see or hear any disturbances that may be occurring in the environment.

"This is stupid," He muttered, walking forward and carefully checking behind every nook and cranny possible to find. He found himself in an alleyway in between two houses. There was slight hustle and bustle in the streets, so he figured the creatures would've found themselves to be hiding from humans and, well, other life. Examining a few barrels in the alleyway, Reed went over to one where he found there was suspicious activity and found himself bent over, hunched to see what exactly was going on behind the barrel when suddenly--CLUNK! A pot(?) of all things fell from the sky and knocked him on the head. He immediately jumped up in rage, waving his fist in the air as he darted his head around to look for who the culprit of this heinous prank was.

"WHO DID THAT! WHO IS OUT THERE! WHAT COULD YOU P O S S I B L Y BE DOING THROWING POTS ON PEOPLE?" He yelled, his voice booming through the east side of the city. He drew a few frightened and puzzled looks from onlookers, but their judging leers did not phase Reed. After a few minutes of yelling at air, he heard the most distinct "squeak" coming from the direction of the top of the building he was by. It was then he saw a little green creature, a dragonelle, laughing at him from the rooftop.

"Little shit! That hurt! I'll end you you know! Forza!" A violent buzzing sound hissed from Reed's Legato, and shot forward at the poor unsuspecting dragonelle. It was ripped to shreds by the sheer force of his ability, and in its wake left matted together leaves blowing in the wind. Well, that was one down and three to go, so I guess it was high time he exterminated these little buggers. Seeing as though these trickster beasts like dropping things from a height advantage, Reed propelled himself onto a pile of boxes conveniently placed by a house, and hoisted himself up on one of the roofs with minimal to extreme effort, depending on if you want the real story or a very embellished tale of Reed's physically prowess. When he finally made it onto the roof, his view of the city of Magnostadt was awesome, though he did spot the location of the other three dragonelles not far from his position. He backed up to the edge of the house he was standing on currently, and with uncharacteristic athleticism and extremely good luck, Reed sprinted across the house, leaping gallantly onto the adjacent house where a dragonelle was taking residence.

"Got you, pest! I'll vibrate you to death! Rondo!" Reed quipped, the battlecry leaving much to be desired, as his wand and the sound rukh surrounding it merged together effortlessly, creating a sort of musical sword, and sliced the poor dragonelle in half, leaving behind nothing but matted together leaves and soil in its wake. Two down, two to go. It seems the other dragonelles caught onto his hunt, as they were nowhere to be found now that he's openly slain their kin. Clutching his wand, he leapt to another house, this time with much less effort and much more finesse, to find nothing there as well. Reed was growing impatient, and it was starting to get late at that. Perhaps it was providence, or perhaps it was just pure luck, but there they were, both dragonelles, peeking out from their perch on the very house he was standing on. They move quickly, but not as quickly as he thought for them to resort to hiding. He felt a marginal amount of pity for these creatures, before rushing toward them, bringing his musical sword own against the creation, cleaving one of them in two. The other dragonelle decided it was this time he would escape and make a run for it. Not hesitating at all, Reed whipped around to the fleeing monster, and with all the grace and elegance of a talented magician, twirled his wand around, conducting the sound rukh to beautifully hum around him.

"I apologize...Cadenza!" Reed shouted, sending the music missile forward and obliterating the remaining dragonelle. Night fell by now and it seems like the day got particularly ahead of him. He decided it was time to call it a night, stopping off at the job board along the way to confirm he's completed the mission.

"That was an odd, odd experience."He said, climbing down from the house, struggling to not fall multiple times.

Word Count: 821/500
Magoi: 120/160

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must wave wand in stabbing motion
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10

   Reed waves his wand up and then forward, using sound rukh to propel a sharp burst of sound 15cm in diameter up to 7m forward, causing D-tier damage.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must wave wand, use wand as proxy "sword".
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10

   Reed harnesses the power of sound rukh to rapidly vibrate the rukh a 1m diameter around the wand, turning it into a quasi-sword capable of dealing D tier damage for 1 post.

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must wave wand/conduct the spell.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20

   Reed uses his wand to conduct and manipulate the sound rukh around him, forming a 10cm missile of sound that fires off up to 15m away from him for C-tier damage.


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Reed and the Dragonelles [Job] MlM2sTf

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