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Secret [ Job / Reed ]

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1 Secret [ Job / Reed ] on 04/04/17, 10:32 pm

Job Name: Secret
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: [ 100 XP ] || [ 7,000 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: Unknown
Job Overview: The stronger thugs know where Lapis is! But instead of fighting, they run. Chase after them and get the information from them.
[ 3x ] Key Thug:
Enemy Name: Key Thug
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: A stronger enemy than the thugs from before. The Key Thug still uses fists.

  • [ Round-Snap ] The thug performs a combination of a roundhouse and a front snap kick. Which goes first is interchangeable and depends on the situation. Together, they deal B-Tier damage.

  • [ Flurry ] The thug punches four times in a rapid succession, dealing B-Tier damage all together.


- [ Leo De Dei Montem De Dei ] -

[ magoi: 300 ]
[ stamina: 130 ]


He really hated violence. He hated the jobs he took so much because they involved violence. The harm of others... How could he even think of committing? An act of violence equaled one proclaiming his superiority to the other. And who was he to show such utter disrespect to others? Who was he to elevate himself in his own mind? ...He was no one. He could not. He had no right to. And he would be fooling himself if he thought otherwise. After all, who was he but a hermit and a former slave? He could not boast of much. Other than perhaps being Schwartz protege, which, by the way, was not really something he could boast of. To be honest, the name followed him around like a curse. He never could escape its insistent grasp. Schwartz found new jobs for him to carry out pretty much every day. He also had this amazing talent to know exactly where Ariel went. Actually, that was probably Schwartz's clairvoyance magic.

"Well that was easy, eh, Ariel? Now that that's settled, where exactly is this person you're looking for?"

He glared at Reed. Mentally, he renamed his previous enemies Reed #1, Reed #2, and Reed #3. He stressed and punctured irritably, "If I knew I wouldn't have asked you to help me. We're pretty much wandering aimlessly."

He tilted his head to the side. He let a sigh escape his lips. Incoherent whispers reached his ears. A healthy sense of curiosity and caution prompted him to point his wand in the direction of the noise. Instantly, he was bombarded with loud and angry sounds. He grimaced. He forced his concentration scope to one specific conversation, the closest one. Closely, he was able to piece a conversation together. Three people associated with the thugs they had just fought. They conversed in whispers of how their underlings must have taken care of whomever by then. So what was taking them so long? One suggested they check. The other two agreed to the proposal. He cut the transmission of sound waves short and glanced back at Reed.

"It seems there are more," he warned.


verbum comitem
[ ccclviii // m ]
word count [ 358 // 1000 ]


Planetary Aligner:

Name: Planetary Aligner
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Wand
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A 50 cm long, 15 cm wide wand. The design is that of a solitary, blue orb that looks like it's distorting gravitational waves in the shape of a spiral.

  • Planet Juggling -The user feeds magoi into the wand and says "orbit". The ground around the user then starts shifting and warping, eventually shaping into 4 spheres that vary in size between .5 meters and 1 meter. The spheres then orbit around the user at a leisurely pace. If the user decisively points the wand at a target, one or more of the spheres will fling itself towards that target up to 20 meters away. The number of spheres flung depends on the user's will. Each sphere is capable of dealing C-tier damage upon impact, even when orbiting the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Abilit(y/ies) Used:
Gezunt Sholyekh:

Gezunt Sholyekh
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must concentrate on one general direction (north, north-east, west, etc.) point their staff/stave/wand towards that direction. While performing this spell, the user is vulnerable to sneak attacks.
Scaling: Every 10 magoi invested allows the user to increase their range of hearing by 5m.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10 magoi + 10 magoi per sustainment

    By using sound magic, the user can generate sound that have the ability to change their wavelengths in accordance to the wavelengths of speech. When the wavelengths return to its source, the user can then hear whatever was being said.

    • The user can hear up to 7m.
    • The user can only focus onto one conversation or speech a time.
    • Straining to hear more than the limit/scaled range can result in a slight pain of the ear.
    • Any interfering sound waves being created by a C-Tier Magician or higher can cancel the spell.
    • The sound waves cannot go through precious metal.


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2 Re: Secret [ Job / Reed ] on 20/06/17, 10:11 pm

More? Reed couldn’t be bothered to have to deal with more miscreants to tend to, but unfortunately his partner’s mission ended up being a touch more difficult than originally anticipated. Still, it was refreshing to see Ariel exhibit emotion beyond the normal trend of what he usually displays: annoyance, stoicism, more annoyance, and a slight tinge of frustration, usually because Reed is doing something or another to influence said frustration.

I’m not exactly a fan of staying here to get rid of these guys--we have no idea how strong they are...don’t you think we should pull back?” The thought was immediately dispelled from Reed’s head as quickly as it appeared. In theory, it sounded, well, sound, but of course Reed couldn’t tell that to Ariel, especially given his particular uptick in irritability. Instead, Reed once again drew his wand and stood beside his companion, there with him to defend him from neer-do-wells and other scourges of society.

Taking a cue from his ally, he walked toward direction of the noise. Despite Ariel’s obvious skill in magic, Reed was trained as a swordsman in his youth, and would thus be a bit sturdier and take a blunt strike or two. Regardless of how tough their borgs were, at least Reed had the physical edge of having a little bit better of a naturally fit physique.

Hey Ariel, I...I don’t really see anything here? Are you sure there are more guys around? I don’t really see anything…” Reed mentioned, wandering further in. Not wanting to be too reckless, if only not to introduce more irritants to Ariel’s day. “Also! You still haven’t told me what you’re looking for! If we’re going to slagging spells back and forth whipping bad guys’ asses, I’d like to know at least what you’re so focused on finding…

If by providence, or maybe the work of Ariel, a thug came from the shadows and landed a solid blow right to Reed’s side. Wasn’t worth it to put up the borg, that’s for sure, but he surely regretted not doing so as his hip stung with pain.

What the hell do you eat, ogre!? Is your fist made of freaking metal!?” Reed yelled, wielding his wand quickly enough. Still, the enemy was too close to fling a spell at and tried to scare off the assailant and, his pride hurting a bit, had no other choice but to submit to a higher power.

A-Ariel! A little help?
magoi ( 260 / 260 )stamina ( 085 / 085 )
word count ( 409 / 1000 )ooc ( I'm back / Baby! )


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Trait Points x4

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