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Stretching your legs. (OPEN/CASUAL)

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1 Stretching your legs. (OPEN/CASUAL) on 12/01/17, 07:44 pm


These kinds of days always made Dukran feel at ease. Gentle winds, clear skies and an overall pleasant atmosphere to the city. Taking in a deep breath of the crisp air, he stretched his arms upwards before before carrying on the walk.

"The market might be good to visit? There's bound to be something or someone interesting in there." Dukran only hated one thing about his off days, there was nothing to do. Boredom irked him more than he liked to admit.

Already a good way into the market, he spotted an interesting stall with one or two potential customers. The stall was nothign special, it only sold what seemed to be small trinkets and decorative items, puzzles and the like. Dukran had always taken a fascination to these things, so he made his way over.

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