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Casual Thread- Reim

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1Casual Thread- Reim Empty Casual Thread- Reim on 28/06/16, 06:18 pm


Just looking for peopel to rp some casuals with my fanalis since it's too much of a pain to search in the cbox. you can leave ideas below or just say that you're interested and ill come up with something.

Thanks ~

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2Casual Thread- Reim Empty Re: Casual Thread- Reim on 28/06/16, 10:25 pm

Im sorry, but you are posting this at the wrong thread. We have a thread specifically reserved for people that want to have RP partner here. So I will move this thread there

Also, seeing the archive, it seems you want to have some thread with people in Reim?
If Im correct then some of us are there, my alt, Lilithia would be happy to start a thread with you. There is Jumanah too there and some more people. you can see who else here ^^


Casual Thread- Reim GONhvwv
Casual Thread- Reim Pbucket
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