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Rebuilding, Reliving, Reviving [job/private]

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Building a Shelter:
Job Name:Building a Shelter
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: To ensure that neutral civilians don’t get involved in the civil war, some people have decided to build shelters, just in case. Help with the construction of the shelters but in the middle of the progress, you will encounter several street fighters who already choose sides making fun of the neutrals. They will pick a fight with you, beat them up so they wouldn’t go near the shelter anymore.
Enemy Name: Street Fighters (x4)
Rank: D-tier
Needed damage to take down: D-tier
Description: Street fighters all have bulky body and is using random weapon such as steel rod, fist and even chain. The weapon is capable to deal D-tier damage if it hits someone
Sloppy Punch ~ Street fighters use their fist to punch their target and deal D-tier damage
Painful Steel ~ Using the steel rod, they will lift it up and hit someone hard with it to deal D-tier damage
Wiggling Chain ~ Street fighters will use their 2m long chain, spinning it around to hit their target and deal C-tier damage

Kou was incredibly different from Reim. The people, the buildings, the flora and fauna, the air even smelled different. Caelus had only just arrived, but already the culture shock was getting to him. "I feel like such a fish out of water..." he mumbled to himself. He wasn't wearing his armor, and his sword was wrapped and hanging from a string across his back, but he was still clothed in what was unmistakably Reim style garb. It attracted stares from several people, and garnered more than a few sour faces. He walked along a stone road that lead into a small town just past the port. People were rushing in every direction, and with such an apparent randomness, Caelus started to compare them to bees. It wasn't until he hit the center of town that he was struck with the memory of why he decided to come in the first place.

Burnt homes. Children crying. The scent of death was overwhelming. These people were at war, and the signs were everywhere. "Where is the help?" Caelus thought out loud. His answer came from an elderly woman who had stepped beside him without his notice.

"Hmmm. I ask myself that question often. But strong, young boys like yourself are in rare supply these days. They are off, fighting in the war. They leave the old and the children the duty of rebuilding what they have destroyed. All in the name of kings and emperors." She sighed, but did not look up to meet Caelus' gaze.

"That's terrible..." Caelus said. His thoughts drifted towards his own experience years earlier, during the rebuild of Remano. It was an all too familiar scene, and a feeling he would rather avoid. "I'd like to help, if there's anything i can do."

As if on cue, the woman pointed to a spot where several older men had gathered, along with a few boys too young for the draft. "They are building temporary homes for those who have lost theirs. If you want to help, start there. Ask for the Kohai." She said. She then used her walking stick to rap at his heels until he started moving. Caelus couldn't help but feel a little duped.

After meeting with the men and helping lift many of the larger logs into place, Caelus began to feel somewhat better. The people were strong willed, and refused to let a bad situation redefine them. It was a humbling experience, building these shelters, and gave Caelus a slightly more relaxed view of the empire's citizens.

The group was about halfway to being finished, when a crash and a yell caused everyone to stop. Four men stood over the lead carpenter, having just knocked him and his work to the ground. One turned and kicked over a pile of stacked logs, sending some rolling down the hill. The one in front, a bald man weilding an iron chain stepped forward and started yelling. "Goodness! I could swear that Gao Yuan Zu's army just came through, but the ants are trying to rebuild the hill without his say so?"

Another stepped next to him and cracked his knuckles. "I think the big man would appreciate it if we swept up the mess for him. Wouldn't you say, Kats-"

Caelus practically flew the twenty meters to the man, and introduced his fist to the man's face. The man went tumbling backward, only coming to a stop when met by a tree trunk. The three other men jumped at Caelus. The first swung his chain at his head, but Caelus caught it and pulled. The man fell forward, directly into Caelus' rising knee. The second swung at his ribs, but was knocked flat by Caelus' faster elbow to the jaw. And the third tried to kick him, but ended up going head over heels. Over head. Over heels. Thrown into the same tree as the first.

"IF YOU LAY ONE FINGER ON THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE'S HOMES, I'LL TEAR THEM OFF! NOW LEAVE!" The men scrambled, nearly trampling each other in their attempt to flee. Caelus took a deep breath. He walked back to the group of builders, to pats on the back and the occasional hug from one of the younger children. In his mind, it was the same as when he was younger, just after the attack. And no matter what feelings he had towards Kou, he wasn't going to let his tragedy repeat itself.

Magoi: 130/130
Stamina: 190/190

~WC: 765/500~


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